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Releasing Ceremony by Rev. Mark Stuefloten 12/27/2020 (text)

Releasing Ceremony by Rev. Mark Stuefloten 12/27/2020

Today the universe is inviting you to release and be free of the people, things, conditions, situations and circumstances that are no longer beneficial in your life. You are invited to accept the uninvited memories just as they are, and then declare them good lessons learned, releasing the negative or disturbing emotions around them. Not in regret or anger, but letting them go in peace and forgiveness for yourself and anyone influenced by these negative, painful emotions.

We must learn to let go, to release what is no longer essential to our new visions, dreams and desires. By letting go and releasing we clear space for the new to take hold in our hearts and minds.

Before any new dreams desires or goals can be ours to have, we must first own them in consciousness.

If we are holding on to old dreams, visions or goals, our attention is scattered and our new dreams, desires and goals cannot take root. Jesus said “Neither do men poor new wine into old wine skins.” Matthew 9:17. The old and new ideas mixed together do not get the attention they need to be fully realized. You must be clear about what you want to put your attention on and then clear away what is no longer supportive, releasing it.

By clearing out, making space in consciousness, our attention is focused and clear on what we are intending to bring about. Consciousness is unlimited and free. Consciousness is taking shape, responding and creating according to our thoughts, words and actions.

Whatever you are paying attention to the most is what will take the strongest and deepest root in your consciousness. If you are focusing on what you want, then you will be having positive life enhancing experiences.

I am a big believer in keeping a journal. Writing your thoughts down on paper is getting thoughts out, clearing your mind for new dreams. It is important to review your life often to see where your attention is, how you are spending your time, and who you are spending it with. After reviewing your journal ask yourself “I am I getting the results I desire?”

“Am I putting my attention on the things I want to accomplish?” If you are still hanging on to old plans that have not yet launched, ask yourself “What is there about this vision that holds me in endless orbit?”

Ask yourself “Is this dream that I have been trying to accomplish possible for me, or is it just a pipe dream or a fantasy?” Pray about what needs to be let go, and what is still possible for you.

Releasing Ceremony

Now take a piece of paper and pen or pencil in hand.

Close your eyes, go within, and clearly see in your mind’s eye all your relationships, visions, desires and dreams you’ve focused on, tried to accomplish or accomplished.

Ask yourself “Which ones of these relationships, desires, visions or dreams no longer benefit me or support my new dreams, visions, and desires?”

Which ideas of who I am, and what I am about are like old clothes that are no longer are my style? What ideas do I have that do not reflect who I am now, that I want or need to discard?

When you clearly see what is to be let go of, given up, released, you can write it down

Now take that paper in hand and tear it up. Release it and feel that newly freed space expanding more and more, giving birth to new space, ready for new growth, new ideas, dreams desires and visions to take root and manifest in your life.

Breathe and release. Let go, letting the Light flood in.

Feel free to repeat this process any time you feel the need to release the old and make room for the new.

Happy New Year!

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