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In God We Trust by Rev. Christine Emmerling DD, 7/7/2024

Last Wednesday our country’s Independence Day, July 4th. At this time of year, I generally speak about freedom, and today I shall be speaking on the true freedom of “In God We Trust.” Trusting in anything but God, shall prove we are on shaky ground at best. Even our physical money has these all-important words imprinted on it.

The following is a parable in Matt. 25:14-30 paraphrased: The master of the house prior to leaving on a journey gave to his three servants coins called talents to care for him; to the first he gave 5 talents, to another 2, and the third one; to each according to their ability.

The servant that received 5 talents traded them and made 5 more. Likewise, the second servant traded gained 2 more. But the third servant went and buried his talent. When the master returned from his journey the 1st servant was happy to show that he doubled his wealth, and his master was overjoyed and gave him more to watch over. The 2nd servant showed that he doubled his master’s wealth, and was appointed over much more. The 3rd servant, said I was afraid, and hid your talent in the ground; and here it is. The master scolded him for not at least letting it earn interest. The master then took the one talent and gave it to the one with 10. For to him who has, it shall be given, and it shall increase to him; but he who has not, even that which he has shall be taken away from him. This parable is about how God gives to each of us gifts to develop, and in faith to increase and make good use. There is the saying “Use it or lose it.”

Its really the same about tithing. People will hold back on tithing because of the fear of not having enough to give. But, in truth where did the money come from that they have today? People may say the printing presses, your employer, your bank account, retirement funds, stock market, savings. That may be the physical representation, but behind the physical form, is the divine idea, the God Idea of money for exchange of energy.

In some cases the exchange may be in physical labor, or energy, for payment. Other times the exchange is mental labor, or energy, for payment. We can see the law working more easily when it is based on this invisible faith. The idea of money is such a wonderful demonstration of faith. A coin, paper bills, or debit cards, can represent so much to us. It can be our house payment, our food for the week, the clothes we wear, the car we drive, or that dream vacation.

I have a piece of paper, as a promissory note backed by our government, and I can go anywhere and exchange it for my needs. The person that receives this note can then use it for their needs, and so on and on. A single note travels the world, because of people’s faith in its representation of its backer.

Behind, the seal of our government’s promise, is our faith. Some people have greater faith than others. Just like some people have more money than others. Some hold tight to their money out of fear of not having more, or enough to meet their needs. While others will appear to squander, others give away generously, or make investments in a particular person, idea, or business.

If we were just trusting a person, product or business, we would be finding our self losing a lot. Whenever we put our trust in the outer physical world we will sooner or later find disappointment. Our faith in a person, is really that inner quality within them, their soul and spirit. It is in God we trust - that God essence of who they are. For we are trusting their integrity. Some people have more of this shining forth than others. And, that is why they seem to attract more than others.

Jesus the Christ had a real knowing, and in such, he could pull the gold coin right out of the fish’s mouth. Where are you putting your trust, at what level is your faith? Many people will say, I believe in God as my prosperity, but then are looking at their bank accounts being empty and having all kinds of financial problems.

Our bank account may represent our current physical state of prosperity, but we are never limited to the physical state of anything - unless we believe it so. OK God you know my needs, and then listen for guidance in how we can give. What ever we feel a need for, the source of it is already within us. If the outer picture shows not enough, then it means the inner is not realizing and giving enough. The flow is somehow blocked, by a concept or belief in limitation that is holding our thumb in the whole of the dyke of our eternal flow.

When we start to realize that money and all physical objects and everything on the material plain is spirit, its source is divine spirit, and is spirit as substance. The very nature and principle is unlimited spirit. Therefore, we put our trust in God, not in the material appearance or representation, that is only the transitory or temporal form. But, the idea behind it is eternal and unlimited in expression.

Emmet Fox, has written an essay on the Mystery of the American Money that I will share with you today. It’s part of the booklet titled “The Historical Destiny of the United States and the Mystery of the American Money.”

Symbolism is the language of hidden truth. It is a living language that speaks through eternity. Remember the saying, “A picture is worth a 1,000 words.” Our subconscious speaks to us through symbols, and so does our Superconscious reveal to us through the use of symbols. The Bible is filled with symbolism and codes for hidden deeper esoteric meanings - these codes can be revealed through study and contemplation.

Our money, both currency and coin, is printed with many spiritual symbols to remind us of our rights, our freedom, our potential, and the Truth. What better way to make sure that everyone would have the symbols in their everyday life. It’s interesting that the more we use checks, debit and credit cards, and computer transactions the further we are from the symbols of freedom that our country was founded on.

Emmet Fox says, “To understand the true value of money is to be prosperous and to be free; to misunderstand it means impoverishment in some shape or form, and therefore to be in bondage. To make a god of money is to make a slave of oneself. Money correctly understood, is a device enabling us to make a just return to our fellow man for his service while retaining our own freedom.

In the following Emmet Fox explains the symbols for us using a 25 cent piece back in 1933. He speaks of the female figure with a shield. This figure indicates an upstanding and confident bearing soul; it is a figure of poise. She also grasps an olive branch which is the symbol of peace and good-will. Here the soul is armed, not with the sword of war, but with the sword of Spirit which is the Word of God. Over her head is written the word Liberty.

Then we have the slogan “In God We Trust.” We trust in God for our good, not the coin, currency, check book, bank, employer, or government - but In God We Trust. Trusting in spirit, the invisible God substance made manifest as form. We are reminded every time we look, touch, and exchange our money to start from the casual power of God. The money just represents a medium of exchange for God energy.

On the other side of the coin is the cosmic law itself condensed into three words “E Pluribus Unum”; meaning “one out of many” or “Many but one, One but many.”

Next we have the flying eagle which is the symbol of victory. An ancient legend concerning the eagle tells us that he is remarkable among birds. When a severe storm occurs, all other birds do one of two things; either they hide from the storm, or they try to fight it as long as their strength will hold out. The eagle, however, does neither of these things - he soars above the storm.

This is as we practice in prayer treatment - we soar above the appearance to the spiritual consciousness of peace and harmony - to our oneness. All else falls away in the heights of consciousness.

We are reminded that our symbol of an eagle is different from all others; our’s is the bald-headed eagle, and wears no crown. This represents the power of direct contact with the Divine, or as we say, “The practice of the Presence of God.” The top of the head has always been used to signify the faculty of direct contact with God, such as our crown chakra. There being no crown means our own Divinity. Our own Self-realization and true dominion over our own life.

On our paper money we have the Seal of the United States. Here too we have the eagle, and 13 stars. The number 13 spiritually is an expansion of the number 4; meaning a foundation completed and a new beginning, or a new order of things has commenced. It also stands for the Christ Consciousness. We see 13 feathers in the eagle’s wing, 13 arrows in his claw, 13 leaves and 13 fruit on the olive branch, and 13 steps to the pyramid.

Then we have the pyramid with a capstone not yet lowered into place, and above it and within a triangle appears the ancient symbol of the all-seeing eye. This is the “Single Eye” of which Jesus Christ spoke. He said, “When the eye is single the whole body is full of light.” This means that when we individually and on a national level put God first, everything else second, then the whole body, the whole life of that person and nation will be healthy, free and prosperous.

The triangle is the symbol of the human soul and Divine understanding of the principle of creation. The capstone of the pyramid is still unplaced to indicate that man cannot accomplish any real work of himself, but only as the instrument of God by having a Single Eye.

The pyramid is the geometrical form that symbolizes Spirit, as it is taken to be the permanent expression of a living flame - the fire principle. The pyramid also represents stability because of its solid shape and most difficult to overturn.

We have the words “Novus Ordo Seclorum” which means “a new series of ages,” or a new order of things has commenced; and “Annuit Coeptis,” meaning “He (God) has favored our undertakings.”

The group of 13 stars in the aureole and clouds forms a very unconventional crest or device above the eagle, but this again is a repetition of the announcement that the Spiritual Idea is to come out into concrete definite expression in the United States. The clouds of materiality and misunderstanding are here rolling away from Humanity, and the Sun of Truth is shining out.

From now on whenever we hold our money, paper or coin, to take a moment and remember that it is in God we trust today and always.

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