Who is the Community of Infinite Spirit?

Our Creed Is Love.  
Our Path is Service.  
Our Goal is God Awareness.

About us

Our Vision


We are a light unto the world for individual and global peace, spiritual understanding and abundant life.


Our Mission


Our Mission is to be aware of the Infinite Presence that is All; both invisible and visible.


To live a God inspired and fulfilling life in peace, love and joy.


To teach Universal Principle of "Omnipresence."


To respect all world religions, all people and all life.


To be a supportive spiritual community for the good of all.



About Us:



Our Beliefs

Our universal spiritual teachings and practices offer a practical philosophy for a spiritual and fulfilled life. We provide a rich and diverse blend in the development of consciousness and the unfoldment of spiritual awareness.

Every Sunday we hold services with music, meditation, prayer, and an inspiring message based upon the principles of Divine Science, and universal truth found in world religions and contemporary spiritual teachings. We are a multi-denominational community interested in developing the rich spiritual component of life and community.


Community of Infinite Spirit bases its teachings on Divine Science. We consider Divine Science principles to be universal spiritual Principle central to any religious or spiritual practice. The study of Divine Science, and the application of its principles are a practical philosophy for a spiritual and fulfilled life. 


We are a member of the Divine Science Federation International and International New Thought Alliance. In addition, we are the West Coast Campus for United Divine Science Ministerial School, providing correspondence & local classes in the principles of Divine Science for personal enrichment, as well as Divine Science Practitioner and Ministerial training.

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Our Divine Science Ministers:

Left Rev. Teresa M. Div

Middle: Rev. Mark,

Back: Rev. Sheree,

Right: Rev. Dr. Christine.

Rev. Christine Emmerling, D.D.

Rev. Mark Stuefloten

Rev. Teresa Stuefloten

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Leadership & Practitioners Team


Rev. Christine Emmerling, D.D.

Senior Minister

Rev. Christine is the Sr. Minister of the Community of Infinite Spirit and Educational Director of the West Coast Campus of United Divine Science Ministerial School. She is available for spiritual counseling and prayer, and training in Divine Science. For an appointment: Phone: 831-313-1696 or 408-293-3838 infintiespirit@comcast.net


Rev. Mark Stuefloten

Assistant Minister

Rev. Mark Stuefloten is an ordained Divine Science Minister. Rev. Mark assists in the Sunday Service, teaches Divine Science courses, and is available for spiritual counseling and prayer.   Rev. Mark serves as President of the Board for Community of Infinite Spirit. Call 408-612-1064 mstuefloten@yahoo.com


Rev. Teresa Stuefloten, M.Div.

Assistant Minister

Rev. Teresa is an ordained Divine Science Minister. Rev. Teresa assists in the Sunday Service, Divine Science classes and is available for spiritual counseling and prayer. Call 408-888-4637 teresastuefloten@yahoo.com


Rev. Sheree Garrett

Outreach Minister

Rev. Sheree is an ordained Divine Science Minister. Rev. Sheree assists with outreach, communications, 

marketing as admin. Call 408-293-3838 infinitespirit@comcast.net

Divine Science Licensed Practitioners are:

Albert Pagin, Bobbi Peterson

Board Members Are:

President - Rev. Mark Stuefloten 

Vice President - Cheryl Magill

Secretary - Rev. Teresa Stuefloten M.Div. 

Treasurer - Rev. Sheree Garrett

Ex-officio Member - Rev. Dr. Christine Emmerling