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"What Does Your Soul Want" 1/10/2021 Rev. Mark Stuefloten (text)

What Does Your Soul Want? Joel Goldsmith, in his book Consciousness in Transition, said that Jesus came to free the captives, to free the people in bondage of their own wrong thinking. Jesus came with the divine idea of spiritual freedom. Freedom, he hoped, that by setting them free in their consciousness from slavery to person and thing, they would be free in fact. Jesus knew that each one of us is a free soul. He knew that the only thing that keeps us from experiencing the truth of our being is our failure to realize it. It is our failure to accept our divinity that keeps us in bondage. All substance is spirit, eternal and changeless in essence. The outward form may seem to change, but the inner form, which is God’s thought, remains eternally the same. Your soul, the true you, remains changeless, sometimes called “the observer.” Looking into a mirror I see myself. Sometimes I see my dad looking back at me. My body has changed, yet I feel the same as I have always felt. I am the same guy I have always been. A good practice after you meditate is to rest for a few minutes and contemplate your true nature. What is it like to be an eternal being having a human experience? What changes might you make knowing that this life is a brief learning experience? We own nothing. We are all temporarily leasing space here, pitching tents in a physical realm of time and space. All is spirit. Your body is spirit, even though it ages and dies. In truth the body is playing it’s role. Jesus knew and demonstrated that truth. Jesus raised the dead and when he ascend into heaven he took his body with him. I did not begin at conception, nor do I end at the time of my physical death. Knowing that, I consider what is it that I can do now that I will be meaningful to me on the other side? What our soul most wants is to cooperate with Our Lord God, to awaken us to the awareness of God’s presence in our life, in our being. Our soul wants to dance with Joy in praise of the Christ, the Christ in you, your hope and glory. Rev Roy Eugene Davis had some suggestions regarding optimism: 1) First, make a positive choice to be optimistic in spite of existing conditions. 2) Cheerfulness and optimism enable us to be receptive to new possibilities. 3) Optimism energizes mind and body, and strengthens our immune system. 4) We do not need a reason to be optimistic. Decide to be optimistic and happy. 5) Don’t let your joy be controlled by others or by conditions in your life.

Prayer I thank you God for the knowledge and awareness of your presence in my life. I thank you God for all you have given me. I thank you God for all the planned and unplanned good in my life. I willing open my door to my neighbor, giving freely to meet their needs. I know Lord that all I have is yours and all will return to you. That is true of me. All is mine to use and to share, for I know the divine river is always flowing in and out of my life, never leaving me empty. I now release any thought of lack or limitation, sickness or death, for I am Spirit, free and eternal. And so it is!

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