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Reading & Meditation (Faith) by Rev. Christine Emmerling DD, 4/7/2024

Today my reading is from the Studies in Divine Science by C.L. Baum 1909.

We are constantly expressing that which we realize. All of the Life and Health we are expressing is the Life and Health of God. All that we are is really this great Infinite Presence in expression. We must necessarily know these things because we are expressing them in some degree all the time, but the fuller the realization, the higher the degree of expression; and since expression of the attributes of God is our goal, we must earnestly seek realization.

Since Omnipresence is the reality of the universe; the appearances of death and disease that surround us are not reality; but back of them is the reality which can be made so true to the soul that there can never be any doubt of it. Back of all the changing appearance is the unseen Presence, continually moving upon, in, and through the external. The reality of you and me is this Presence, which is Love, Life, Spirit, Substance and Health. This is what we are to realize.

Realization is faith made manifest, and in the degree that we lay hold on truth and make it our own, we realize in concrete form the invisible truth in which we place our faith. To waver is to cast the first shadow on realization, which to believe firmly is to take the first step in realization.

Now, faith is a positive attribute that we are constantly exhibiting in one way or another. We may have faith in good or faith in evil, but faith we surely have. Remembering that we experience that in which we have faith, we see how necessary it becomes to exercise faith in the right direction. Constantly affirm faith in Life, Love, Spirit, and Health if you would realize these attributes of God and of your true self.

Meditation - Faith

We shall now move into meditation on “Faith.” Let us turn inward to our holy temple, breathe deeply and slowly, and quiet our thoughts. As I speak to take these words within.

God is here and now as infinite everywhere present Spirit. This Divine Spirit is love, goodness, wisdom, creator and creation. I now open my mind and heart to this Infinite Divine Presence we call God. This everywhere Presence of God is all life. It is the life of spirit, and every soul, atom, element and cell.

This Living Divine Spirit is expressing me now. (Repeat)

I am realizing my true spiritual nature as loving, joyous, peaceful, intelligent, creative, powerful and whole. Everyday in every way my faith in God is expanding my awareness of who I am. My true self is invisible as God is invisible... My true self is light as God is light... My true self is love as God is love... My true self is all knowing as God is all knowing... My true body is the body of God made manifest – vibrantly radiantly alive both invisible and visible. My Faith in God is my true strength. Let us abide in the silence... (Silence)

We give thanks for these moments in silence. We are grateful for this truth and in our expanded awareness of At-one-ment. Thank you Divine Presence. Amen.

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