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"Reading & Meditation Wholly Oneness" Rev. Christine 6/13/21 (Text)

Reading & Meditation 6/13/2021

Today’s reading is from Malinda Cramer’s book “Divine Science and Healing.”

“In Divine Science we want to express Being in all our ways, in our dealings with each other; this is essential that we may know the outer to be as the inner, the body to be as the Spirit, and enjoy the health of wholeness...

The body of man constitutes a member of visibility. It is composed of members and organs working harmoniously together, and is a living demonstration of the eternal nature of man. It is the out-showing of the Creative Idea, or Soul of things. Whatever exists as an expression does so by virtue of there being an active Expressor. The mathematical application of the time-honored axiom, “The whole is equal to the sum of all its parts,” is equally applicable in Divine Science, Being is equal to all action and result.

The Trinity, or Law of Expression, reveals the body to be Spirit Expressed; it is embraced in Spirit, just as the branch is in the vine.

One is All, unity is always the right starting-point, the basis from which to work. It is a rock foundation never to be forgotten. In Truth man knows there is nothing outside of God; nothing lives apart from Him. Let us see the Source of all living forms in one living Cause, whether they are visible or invisible to the natural eye. The expression of the One Expressor comprises the whole universe. The universe is all that is formed or made visible; it is a harmonious whole. Omnipresent Spirit has one purpose; that purpose is to express itself as the universe of visible things.

Let us affirm:

I am unlimited Being. I am unlimited action.

I am unlimited in the result of my action.

My body is Spirit-Substance in the form of limitless Idea.

My eyes are open to Truth. They behold the perfect law of liberty.

My Divine Nature is the law that I express in all my ways.

I acknowledge the Good in all my ways.

My paths are paths of peace.” Meditation Wholly Oneness

We will now move into meditation. I invite us to get comfortable, relax, and close our eyes going inward. Now begin with some slow deep breathing. Acknowledge every breath as the life and breath of God, the Holy Sacred breath that lives our whole being.

God Omnipresent, God everywhere present is both visible and invisible. God invisible is Spirit unmanifest. God visible is Spirit expressing as form, and is the Spirit-Substance of all visible creation. As within, so without.

My mind, body and soul are wholly of God. (Repeat)

All of creation, Spirit-Substance, is wholly of God. There is only Oneness of all life; all visible form, and all that is invisible is of God. Therefore every living creature whether it flies, swims, crawls, walks is wholly of God. Even the inanimate is wholly of God. One creation just as Divine as the other. The same Spirit is expressing everyone, everything, everywhere. Infinite Spirit; Divine Intelligence; all Powerful Love; Joyously creating and expressing the dance of creation. (Silence)

Thank you God for these moments in silent communion. Let us bring our attention back to our breath, our body, and stretch a little. And open our eyes.

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