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Reading & Meditation - Strength by Rev. Christine 7/18/21 (text)

Reading & Meditation (strength) by Rev. Christine 7/18/21

Today I’m sharing a reading written by Nona Brooks from the Divine Science Daily Studies volume 2.

“In quietness and confidence I realize eternal strength. I meditate upon this statement until I feel mental peace and bodily freedom. Every anxious thought must be banished. This is the lesson I must learn above all others. Every thought that is not in accord with the omnipresence of God must be dropped into the bottomless pit of nothingness.

This method clears my mentality and I now understand the meaning of Paul’s statement, ‘The things of the Spirit of God...are spiritually discerned.’ (1 Corinthians 2:14) I may claim this power of the Spirit because the Spirit dwells in me and thinks through me. As I faithfully practice living in conscious unity with the Spirit, I feel that my health is an abiding reality. The Spirit assures me that I can act with confidence. In every experience I feel at one with God-presence.

I realize that every contact in my world is a part of the divine order. I expect loving companionship to manifest. I expect adequate supply to meet my needs. I myself am the living truth; my body is whole, strong, and powerful. Courage, patience, and freedom are expressing through me. My mind, my body, and all my affairs are in tune with the invisible Reality.”

Meditation on Strength

We shall now prepare for meditation. I invite us to get comfortable, relax, and close our eyes as we tune out the outer world and all of its distractions. Let us take in some good deep breaths with full exhales as we go quietly inward...

“In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength” from Isaiah 30:15.

The Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, God being everywhere present is right here and now. My entire being is of God. Every inspired idea and thought is of God. I live in a whole, holy, intelligent universe of all powerful sacred love.

This sacred love is my power, and is my strength. Repeat

God as strength, empowers all life. This inner strength directs and empowers to make right decisions. It is the motivation to get out of bed, for the tiny seed to sprout, and for the planets to spin around the sun. It is the motivation of all life to move forward, to unfold and to evolve. In quietness and confidence I realize eternal strength. Let us move into the silence...

I give thanks that God’s strength is now my inner strength. Thank you God, Infinite Spirit for these moments in silent communion, and for all that has been received. I am so blessed. Amen. Let us now bring our attention back. You may want to stretch a little.

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