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Reading & Meditation (Peace) by Rev. Christine Emmerling 6/4/2023

Reading & Meditation (Peace) by Rev. Christine 6/4/2023

Today I’m sharing from the Divine Science Federation International Daily Study volume 2, titled Be Ye Transformed by Elsie MacKay.

“In this place will I give peace.” Haggai Ch 2:9.

What is the peace that God gives? One thing is certain – it is not static but alive. To taste this peace is to be so firmly grounded in faith that “in this place,” in this moment, you yourself are peace. You do not feel it as something happening to you; you give life to this quality by being “peace.” Just as God has given you the breath of life, He now gives you the breath of peace. The peace of God is transmitted to you and through you by the deep convictions that flourish in you heart. Obviously, peace is not dependent on world conditions, experiences, or possessions, but on the openness of your heart toward God.

Father, we open our hearts to you and let the infinite lines of faith be established. Along these lines we commune with you. We let go of the feelings that have led only to unrest. Anxiety is forgotten as we realize that the peace of God is alive throughout the whole universe. Like the air we breathe, peace is ours as we consent to its perfect action through us. We are peace, at one with all good. Thank you Father.

The Father speaks within:

Your consciousness is now open to receive that which has always been at hand and within. Peace is the very essence of all my creation. The lines of faith will always lead you to this realization. Keep these lines open. Give your attention to that which endures. Follow the Christ Light.

Meditation - Peace

We shall now move into a meditation on Peace. Let us turn inward to our holy temple. Bring our attention to our breath breathing in deeply and exhale slowly as we bring our attention to our heart. We quiet and still our thoughts as we listen and take these words in.

“Peace, I leave with you. My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives, I give to you...” From John 14:27.

God Creator is here and everywhere. This Divine Presence is with me always - within me and all around me. This is the presence of love - the presence of joy - the presence of peace. I now open my heart to this Infinite Spirit of God. The Christ within speaks, “I am with you always. I am the peace you seek, the true peace that is here this very moment. My peace I give to you.” With an open heart I now receive this all-loving peace.

I am peace... Peace... Peace... (Repeat)

I am peaceful. Every aspect of my being is an extension of peace. My every thought, feeling and action is expressing peace. Every molecule, atom and cell of my body is at peace. My breathing is relaxed. My muscles are relaxed. My mind is calm. I am serene. My entire being is regenerating in this deep abiding peace. Let us go deeper into the silence...

Let us take a moment to let the joy of gratitude fill our hearts. Thank you, Divine Presence, for this all-embracing peace. This peace shall fill every moment of this day. So it is, Amen.

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