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Reading & Meditation (Light) by Rev. Christine Emmerling DD, 3/24/2024

Reading is from the Divine Science Daily Study by Rev. Dr. Sylvia Eriksson of Australia.

God is Light, and in him is no darkness at all. 1st John 1:5

“I, a living soul, stand before the Lord with the light of His Glory shining through me.” So wrote Nona Brooks in her inspiring book, In the Light of Healing. Her consciousness so filled with the Truth of Being, Nona wrote that we are all living souls, each individual a center of light in the one great Light, the Glory of God shining through us and throughout the entire universe.

We each radiate the Light from our Indwelling God-Presence to the degree that we understand that we are immersed in Divine Mind and all the attributes of God are immediately available to us. Love, Truth, Wisdom, Power, and Goodness are just a few of the infinitude of gifts from God which we can embody and make our own. As our spiritual growth expands our awareness of our own divinity, so we become centers of God-activity in all that we are Spirit-led to do.

Today I turn inward, I embrace my God-given attributes and I shine my Light upon all that is good, true and beautiful. The radiance of Infinite Spirit lights my path as I resolve to become that which God intends me to be. I am uplifted, empowered and strengthened in all my actions, knowing that God is working through me. I dedicate my God-activity to God’s Glory and I give thanks as it shines through.

Meditation - Light

We shall now move into meditation on “Light.” Let us turn inward to our holy temple, breathe deeply and slowly, and quiet our thoughts. As I speak to take these words within.

I am the light of the world. John 8:12. God is Light, infinite all encompassing, everywhere present light. This Divine Presence of Light is all intelligence, all knowledge, all wisdom and understanding. One mind, the mind of God is pure radiant light. I as an expression of God, am also radiant light. Divine intelligence is living and expressing in through and as who I am.

Every aspect of my being is pure light; every atom and cell is a radiating center of light. Every thought is intelligence expressing its light.

I am a center of God’s living light. (Repeat)

I now extend my consciousness to embrace this entire universe of light. Even what I have seen before as darkness is truly a spectrum, a ray of radiant light. Just as all living things has its own colorful rays of light. With eyes that can see beyond the denseness of form, sees the colors of shimmering light. This living energy of life is embodied and is shimmering dancing with life beyond the seeming form. All of mother earth, water, air, rocks, dirt, and including the depths of the earth are all alive radiantly shimmering with light. This light is the light of God, the divine intelligence living in all of creation. And I am one with this very same light and intelligence of God that is of all creation. Let us take this into the silence...

We give thanks for these moments in silence. We are grateful for this truth and in our expanded awareness of At-one-ment. Thank you, Divine Presence. Amen.

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