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The Power of Yes & No! by Rev. Christine Emmerling DD, 4/28/2024

Today I’m speaking about how to use the words “Yes” and “No” as powerful statements in healing. From Matt. 5:37 Christ Jesus said, “But let your words be yes, yes, and no, no; for anything which adds to these is a deception.” Meaning as we add on to truth we begin to divide and water it down. Such as when we say, “God is All,” and then we begin to describe all its many attributes. These attributes are just aspects of the whole and are not the whole.

Some may go on and on to explain why they are choosing to do something or not do it. These may also be just excuses for not wanting to hurt the other person, or to prevent feeling uncomfortable by being straightforward. It is important to mean what we say, and to follow through once we have agreed to it. Our word is an example of our integrity.

Sometimes we get too caught up in words. Rather than cutting it in the bud or at the root. Here is when it is most useful to saying “No.” There are some schools of thought that teach the mind does not understand and ignores negative words as “no” “not” and “don’t.” Meaning, that instead of hearing “No don’t do that” they hear “Do that.”

I don’t agree with that theory. My experience has been when I say “No or don’t” to a child they understand. Dogs understand as well. They may not want to obey and choose to ignore, yet they do understand. I’m certain adults understand as well.

A baby learns to speak the word “No” long before the word “Yes.” Probably because adults are often saying “No” to them. We in Divine Science and New Thought understand that these words are understood and can be very powerful words when declaring our Truth.

In the teaching of Divine Science there is what we refer to as a Creative Denial. It's not like being in denial, instead it is used to reject the false condition or appearance as a non-truth. It is helpful when we may not truly believe in the truth of what we are saying. So, the creative denial reasons out why the false belief isn’t the truth. We often use the creative denial followed by an affirmation. Such as, “There is no evil power. All power is of God and God is all, therefore all is good.” The creative denial is also included as part of a prayer treatment also known as an affirmative prayer.

Sometimes a firmly stated “NO!” can be very effective. “NO! I am not accepting this condition.” This was a definite rejection - a non-acceptance. It is an instruction to our mind and body to refuse the idea. Then we state what we do accept as in “God has something better for me.”

Saying “No” can be most useful when a doctor is giving a diagnosis and prognosis. Although, you may want to say it silently to yourself. Or voice it after leaving the office. It is also good to just say “Erase or delete that” for when we hear something not of truth. I think of all those TV ads for pharmaceutical medications, and their long list of side effects that can slip into our subconscious mind.

The following are some of my own personal experiences:

There was the time when I was a teenager and had a deep cut in my thumb and was sent to the ER to have stitches. On my way to the ER, I emphatically repeated over and over to myself “No, I will not have stitches, I cannot have stitches, I won’t have stitches.”

When we got to the ER the attendants soaked my thumb to get the blood off. To their surprise there was no cut. They thought it was a practical joke. When we returned home, my parents told me they did a prayer treatment for me. So, while I was rejecting the idea of having stitches, they were affirming the truth of me.

The following happened back in 1995, I was recovering from having fractured my left knee, and it was still somewhat stiff. One evening while teaching a class I remembered something was needed from the Sanctuary storage room that was across the courtyard.

I went quickly to get the item without turning on the lights, and only had the outside lighting shining through the windows. When walking back across the stage I didn’t see that I was close to the edge and slipped off the stage sideways. My ankles turned under on the steps while going down to the floor. While falling I heard my ankles crack.

My first thought was to immediately yell out “NO! NO! I am not going to the hospital again.” Then followed with “I am going to get up and walk.” I rested for a couple of minutes, slowly got myself back up and hobbled to the classroom. I was a bit sore for a couple of days, but that was it.

This next story is about 10 years ago when I got a new primary doctor, and he reported on the fasting glucose blood test, which by normal standards would be pre-diabetic, but he called it diabetes. Immediately I rejected that diagnosis. Because of my strong reaction, he agreed to monitor for a while.

I followed up with my own online research. There was a medication I was taking that could cause blood sugar to rise in women. I proceeded to do my own monitoring which led me to discover that I had what was known as the Dawn Syndrome. This is when blood sugar is highest in the morning and goes back to normal after eating your first meal. My doctor then ordered an AC1 blood glucose test, and he declared that I wasn’t diabetic. Which is still the case.

It was 1885 when Malinda Cramer (founder of Divine Science), after having been ill for some 20 plus years when some friends suggested she go to another doctor she decidedly said “No, I will not see any more doctors.” Her husband quite concerned, asked “then what are you going to do?” Malinda responded, “Get well of course” and she did.

While we don’t think of “NO” as a positive word, it most definitely can be used for good. The more obvious as a positive word is “YES.” I love saying “Yes to life.” Yes is so life affirming. Practice saying “Yes,” or “Yes I will” and “Yes I can.” When we say “Yes” we can feel our chest open, and we can breath deeper. This week in your daily life, I invite you to notice how often you say “Yes” verses “No.”

The Bible tells us that where two or more are in agreement it is done. When we join in consciousness in One Mind, in the Christ Mind, it is done. Therefore, saying “yes” in agreement with another person is affirming and supporting their prayer in fulfillment. And it is done.

It can also be within our own self that we come into agreement. Our conscious mind may say one thing while our subconscious or gut feeling will say something different. When this happens, there is no agreement, and it is not done accordingly. But when our mind is in full agreement, both conscious and subconscious, it is done accordingly.

Yes and No are commands, much like “I am.” Whatever words are put with “I” is a command to our mind and can be acted upon the body. The word “I” itself is our God or Divine identity. When we use a false statement with the “I”, we are telling a lie about our Divine nature. Such as in, “I am sick” “I am tired” or “I am stupid.” Another one is “I have” as in “I have a cold.” In doing so, we are claiming and owning that situation for our self. Instead, we need to understand that this is just an experience. Experiences come and go, they are temporary. I recommend saying something like, “Although, I am feeling sick, this experience didn’t come to stay, but to pass quickly.” In this statement there is no owning it.

Now for the words “No I can’t”, let’s say it together “No I can’t”, can you feel it in your body? How does it feel? Now say “Yes I can.” How does that feel? If you muscle test, you will see that the positive statement strengthens your body while the negative statement weakens the body.

I’ve used “I can do it!” as a chant when learning to walk again and challenged in other ways. I found it most helpful in enabling me, giving me the strength to keep going regardless of pain or how tired I may feel.

I’ve had my share of opportunities to put these teachings to the test. We recommend that all people put these teachings to the test. By putting them to the test we prove for our self, and then we own them, and they become part of our consciousness and way of life. Start small, and then go for the bigger things in life. If you don’t think you can, then start repeating “Yes, I can!” “Yes! I can do it!” and then “Yes, I can do it, and I do it now!”

\The following are creative denials with affirmations from Malinda Cramer’s work of 1895

“Basic Statements and Health Treatment of Truth”:

There is no matter; all that is, is Spirit.

There is no fear; for God is all-pervading Love.

There is no fear, anxious care or doubt within me; for I dwell in Love, and Love dwells in me.

There is no death, error, or ignorance within me; for “I am” Spirit, and Spirit is Life, Truth and Wisdom.

There is no doubt, fear or weakness within me; for Spirit is Knowledge, Love and Faith.

There is no evil, disease, or sense of dissatisfaction within me; for Spirit is Goodness, Ease and Satisfaction.

I know not failure; for God is Its own success.

Then Cramer follows with this treatment:

“I, Love, fear not, doubt not, resist not. Because Love is without fear. I know not fear. I am complete and perfect in God love. I am Life, Intelligence, and Power. I now realize that I am all for which I have asked. I am in the Holy of Holies; self-illumined. I demonstrate perfect health, peace and satisfaction. I am at rest in my thoughts. I am clean in thought and pure in heart. I see God as All in All, and I have no life or selfhood apart from God. I am satisfied and happy. Now is the accepted time; now is God’s law fulfilled. I have entered into God’s rest.”

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