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Reading & Meditation (Life) by Rev. Christine Emmerling 6/5/2022 (text)

Reading & Meditation (Life) by Rev. Christine Emmerling 6/5/2022

Today’s reading is from the Divine Science Daily Study by Irwin Gregg, author and past minister of the Divine Science Church of Denver.

Infinite life, boundless good, all-knowing wisdom, God with us here and now—this is the truth that liberates thought and sets us free.

The human misconceptions in the world today, commonly accepted, have resulted in all of [our] problems. In the light of our new spiritual knowledge, these misconceptions present a continual challenge. As Divine Scientists we propose to meet the challenge by rising above the human sense and applying our spiritual knowledge to every negative condition. Jesus promised, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” The powerful action of spiritual truth provides the answer to every problem, individual or worldwide. Our work lies in spiritual re-education. In the face of appearances we remember that God is all-powerful, present [everywhere, and] working always for good.

Only the power that we call God can modify our consciousness. And only the altered consciousness can change human conditions. Through meditation and prayer, and living the truth, we work with God to bring forth the answer.

I am forever one with the omnipresence of God. Through this oneness I receive inspiration and guidance, health and strength.


We shall now move into a guided meditation followed by silence and gratitude. Get comfortable and relax. Let us turn our attention from this visible world, and go inward to our holy temple. As I speak to take these words within to embody them.

I am at-one with this Divine Presence of God, and this Living Omnipresence is singing life through me. It is singing love through me. It is singing guidance and inspiration through me. It is singing wisdom, It is singing knowledge and it is singing understanding through me. It is singing health and strength through me. It is singing joyously through me. Yes, I am the light, the word, the song of God in expression.

I am a beautiful love song of God expressing life. (Repeat)

All of creation is Omnipresence singing life and more life – eternal life. All of our universe is God singing. Every star, planet, cosmic body and everything in between has its own unique song.

Every atom and cell is harmoniously singing together its own love song of God expressing forth as plant life, animal life, human life, and all invisible realms. I am one with this great song of vibrant radiant life - this Omnipresence singing and singing all life.

Silently we listen and just be...

As we begin to bring our attention back we take a few moments to have gratitude. We are grateful for these mindful words of truth. And for these moments knowing our at-one-ment with all of creation. We thank you God for this expanding awareness. Now let us take a few deep breaths, and be fully present.

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