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Reading & Meditation (healing) Rev. Christine Emmerling 1/24/2021

Reading & Meditation (healing)

by Rev. Christine 1/24/2021

Today I’m sharing from the book “Divine Science and Healing” by Malinda Cramer, 1902, excerpts are from the chapter titled “About Healing.”

Go into the mount, as it were, of infinite consciousness, and know that Good is All, that absolute and unqualified unity is Truth; then mentally forgive yourself for having had ill-will against persons, things or conditions. Give up all antipathy, dislike and resistance, and let your true light shine, and the true love of your nature flow out and embrace every living creature, and every living thing.

If you have been inclined to be critical and to feel unkindly, check that disposition by speaking kindly and lovingly, in the silence, to all you have formerly criticized. Do not indulge harsh words with any one or against any thing. Let nothing rule in your heart but the Love, which is God, and which binds all together as one harmonious family. “He who loveth, knoweth God.”

The Omnipresence of Goodness should never be denied, but should be regarded as a positive Presence, ever present, and expressing itself in us unto all good results. It is essential that we acknowledge this All Powerful Presence as the All Powerful Actor who is producing perfectly good results. When the mote is out of our own eye, we no longer indulge self-condemnation; it is not a good thing to indulge. It is good to be liberal and just always in our dealing with each other. If you have felt melancholy, sing, and speak to all with whom you have dealings in a cheerful tone.

If you remember that anyone has aught against you, be reconciled to him in absolute unity, by knowing the absolute Oneness of Life, Substance, Intelligence and Power; that in his essential nature he is just as you are. Affirm that “I do not believe in limitations; I do not believe in false environment; the only environment there is, is the Omnipresence of Good. I now affirm that the true sacrifice is the offering unto God the whole of his creation, without fault. I have now demonstrated the Truth that All is Good.”

This understood and applied will heal any undesirable condition.

Meditation on Health

As we now move into meditation; I invite you to close your eyes; begin with good deep breathing; and take your focus inward... As I speak to take these words within you.

The Omnipresence; God the All, the One and everywhere Presence. One is All. One is unity. All is Good. This All is good. This All is unity. This All is one. God is all of Being, creative action and creation. “I and my Father are one.” I am heir of God and am in possession of my inheritance.

“That which is begotten of Spirit is Spirit.” God is Spirit. My body is of God, therefore, it is Spirit Substance. “My body is the temple of God.” It is a holy temple. It is composed of living substance; indestructible substance; intelligent substance. My body is a perfect result of a perfect cause. It responds when truth is spoken of it or when the attributes of Holy Spirit are applied to it.

Mentally, emotionally, bodily and spiritually I abound in good health. Repeat 3x

God as health, is my health now. This invisible Spirit Substance of God is my life. Every breath is the life of God. Every heartbeat is the life of God. Every part of my body is the life of God; every organ functions perfectly and there is a sense of harmony throughout. I enjoy good health. We shall move into the silence...

Let us give thanks for this realized truth. Amen!

I invite you to bring your attention back to your breath. Now to your body, wiggle you fingers and toes, and stretch a little. Open your eyes and bring your full attention back.

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