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Reading & Meditation (Bountiful) by Rev. Christine 10/10/21 (text)

Reading & Meditation (Bountiful) by Rev. Christine 10/10/21

Today’s reading is from “Divine Science; New Light Upon Old Truths, to all who seek more light” by Fannie Brooks James (1896).

Although Truth may be Omnipotent, and perfect Love be Omnipresent; though we may “live move, and have our being” in God, the All-Good; though we dwell in the kingdom of heaven, if we are not conscious of these truths, and do not know the wonderful meaning to us, we may go our way, in lack of all things, losing blessedness that is ours.

“Heirs of God, joint heirs with Christ,” we may, through ignorance of this, be slaves of misery and poverty. As Paul declares: “Now the heir, so long as he is a child, (without understanding), differeth nothing from a servant, though he be lord of all.” Gal. 4:1.

Truth must be recognized in order to be realized by us, and to become a power in and through our lives.

It is said that seed have been found in the hands of mummies, which being planted, have burst forth into growth, after having been dormant for centuries. The seed had within it all the Life-principle, waiting development, but the hand that held it was dead.

The Divine Life and Truth begins in the soul as a seed. It may be held in a dead consciousness, but the Truth-seed never dies. It is waiting its opportunity. It is implanted by Divine Hand in ever soul.

One says, “When Jesus said he had finished the work, he had sown the entire field with seed; the seed were small, the harvest is universal.”

We have always recognized the “spark” of Divinity in man; why is it but a spark? Is the Divine so feeble that it must yield the right of possession to another power? No, for there is no other power! It simply means that we have acknowledged the Divine so little that it has seemed but a spark to us.

Now, if we will exalt the Divine in man, lift it up, in all our ways acknowledge him, we shall soon realize the spiritual sense of Jesus’ words: “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.” Truth will fan the “spark” into a great “flame” when we lift up Divinity in all.

“Christ in you, your hope of glory,” Col. 1:27. The Divine in you is your claim upon God, and through It and in It shall you be glorified.


We will now move into meditation. I invite you to get comfortable, close your eyes as you go inward, and begin with some good deep breathing.

As I speak to say these words within for yourself.

Let us acknowledge the Divine Presence that is right here and now, and equally everywhere present. It’s the source and cause of all creation, of all life. This infinite Spirit is bountiful and powerful in every good and loving way.

I embrace this knowledge of truth that is unfolding and living through me now and always. Therefore, through the Christ within me, I am equally one with this Divine Presence, and I share in its infinite bounty of goodness and love.

I am the love and glory of God in expression. (Repeat)

God as bountiful, overflowing love and goodness of every kind, is here now. From the breath I breathe, to all the creativity to cultivate the seeds of divine ideas into full realization and manifestation. To the bringing forth joy into every expression of daily life. I am, as a beautiful flower garden in full bloom sharing its array of vibrant colors with all the world. I am the love and glory of God in fullness of life.

I am ever so grateful for these moments in silence, in communion. Thank you Divine Presence.

Let us now bring our attention back. You may want to stretch a little.

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