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Our Divine Program by Rev. Christine Emmerling 6/25/2023

“Our Divine Program” Rev. Dr. Christine 6/25/2023

Today I’m talking about Our Divine Program. Its about our Divine inheritance right down to the code of our DNA. I’ll be sharing from the Bible and how science research is confirming our divine nature.

The Bible gives us some clues within its use of symbolism which gives deeper meanings for our soul’s unfoldment; for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. In the Book of Genesis we have the story of the seven days of creation, and in it we are told that God spoke the word, a vibration from which the heavens, the earth and all life was formed. Then we are told that mankind was made in the image and likeness of God, and all that God created was good and very good.

In the book of Psalms 82:6 we are told, “you are gods.” This is also repeated in John 10:34. The New Testament also tells us in John 10:30 “I and the Father are One,” Eph 4:6, “One God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in us all,” 1 Cor 8:6 “But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him.”

Jesus said that we must be born again, which was his way of saying that we must have new understanding of who and what we are, and to live this new way. A shift in consciousness from a world of physical substance or dead matter, to knowing that all is Spirit in its various degrees of vibration. Basically all is of God, and is God in action. When we think upon how powerful we really are; and how we have only begun to understand our true potential as a spirit being, or as I like to say “a godling in the making.” It is reassuring to know our true heritage and what that means for us in this lifetime and beyond.

The following is from an article by Rupert Sheldrake, one of the world’s most innovative biologists, revolutionized scientific thinking with his vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory or Morpho-genetic Energy Field. Our genes reside in this morphic field, and it plays an important role in the activation of our DNA. This morphic field is a field of energy containing frequencies of information or resonance. All living species, human beings, animals and plants, have a consciousness and therefore a morphic field that consists of atoms and exists at a particular threshold of vibration. Illness occurs when these atoms comprising the human body vibrate at unhealthy frequencies.

The Morphogentic Energy Field evolves, organizes, structures and resonates. It is influenced by vibrational frequencies generated by our environment, perception, meditation, intention and prayer, all of which influence the process of DNA activation.

When our morphic energy field resonates with lower vibrations associated with fear or conflict, the signals are picked up and passed through the cell membrane. The cells then prepare to “fight or flight.” This DNA activation response represents a genetic wisdom designed to protect us from bodily harm and puts our physical emotional health in a state of alert. In this scenario, our consciousness is focused on fear, instead of love.

Transcending our fears by shifting our consciousness to one of trust, harmony and love opens us up to all possibilities. These higher frequencies support our DNA activation in creating profound healing to our body-mind.

There is a vibrational pattern attached to each belief we hold. By releasing limiting beliefs that are ego based and choosing high frequency beliefs that are of Heart Consciousness, we create frequencies that affect our bodies, our DNA, and enhance our ability to create a reality we choose to live within. What is really amazing is we can easily create an illness or enjoy vitality just by becoming aware of our environments, perceptions, beliefs, thoughts and intentions.

As human beings we actually choose our experiences by the way we resonate or vibrate as an energy field. Our perceptions and thoughts translate into vibrational frequencies. Energy follows thought – shaping our reality. It is that simple and profound. The Buddha declared years ago: “We are formed and molded by our thoughts.”

The practice of conscious intention, combined with an energy field that is responsive by nature, can expand our gateways of awareness so we can experience our fullest expression as limitless beings. To be powerful our “intent” must be deeply, personally and sincerely engaged, where pure sincerity of heart is felt and expressed in the act of devotion. Our consciously formed beliefs, thoughts, prayers and intentions have a much stronger affect on our lives than our genes do. (The end)

Then we have the book Love Without End; Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green. Jesus says: “Only the heart’s simplicity can comprehend infinity and connect heaven with earth in a meaningful way. From a center of equilibrium, much like the hub of a wheel, the heart unfolds its awareness in seven concentric rings of understanding. Each succeeding dimension of intelligence builds upon and completes the one or ones coming before.

When I use the word intelligence, do not confuse it with the dry detachment of mental reasoning. True intelligence is merely certainty and understanding, which bring both clarity and passion to life.

Another way of saying the same thing is that within the Sacred Heart are seven passions: Unity, Love, Life, Respect, Honesty, Justice, and Kindness, which bring understanding and focus to living. Together they generate compassion which is the soul’s true knowing.”

The following is a brief statement for each of the seven dimensions of heart intelligence:

1. The first is Unity. This is the primary awareness that there is but one God, one power, which is the unifying force in all of life. Through respect for unity, one comes to understand the patterns of cause and effect that permeate all of existence.

2. The second is Love. Love is the power of the universe. Therefore, your greatest defense in life is to protect, honor, and respect love in its many forms. When you maintain this principle with clarity, your life purposes will come into view.

3. The third is Life. Life is love in action. It is the hope of life to have meaningful experience, happiness, fulfillment, and continuity. Follow life, serve the living, and fulfill your love by following the pathways that life is revealing to you.

4. The fourth is respect. Respect begins with respect for God, respect for yourself, respect for your brothers, and for all life forms. Respect begins with knowing that you and your Creator have a covenant, that in that covenant are all the answers and resources you need to make your life work. Then you extend that right to others.

5. The fifth dimension of heart intelligence is Honesty. The practice of honesty will reveal the power of innocent perception. Without honesty, there is no such thing as higher intelligence. Contemplation on honesty will open the chambers of your heart and opportunities in life which have been hidden from you.

6. The sixth dimension of heart intelligence is Justice. Justice is the intelligence of exchange and balance. When balance is maintained, health prevails. This is true in all things, from a healthy person to a healthy planet. Through practicing balance and fair exchange, you will develop wisdom in your discourses with life and with others.

7. The seventh dimension of heart intelligence is Kindness. Kindness is not just an act of charity to the young, vulnerable, or the needy. It is the will of God for everyone. Your goodness is strengthened through kindness. Through acts of kindness your own abundance increases, for you have multiplied the ways in which your giving may be returned to you.

Next is the book, The God Code: The Secret of our Past, the Promise of our Future by Gregg Braden. Braden united the wisdom of our past with the science of today to reveal the message that has lived within each of us from the day of our origin. The key to this discovery was in recognizing the link between the numbers assigned to each letter of the ancient Hebrew alphabet more than 4,000 years ago and the numbers that we assign to the modern elements of life today.

Giving the same consideration to both the ancient and modern ways of describing life, the scientific values (atomic mass) representing the four elements of DNA - hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, or fire, air, water, and fire. The name of man equates to hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon. God’s name is of all invisible gases, and then in the body of man we have the invisible gases plus carbon, which gives us form, also known as earth. The four basic elements of all life are fire, air, water, and earth.

These may be matched to their precise counterparts in the Hebrew alphabet. In doing so, the first layer of the message within our cells becomes a brief sequence of the Hebrew letters YHVH, which translates in English to “God / Eternal Within the Body.” This is also true of the ancient Arabic alphabet, and may apply to many other ancient languages as well.

God’s spoken word is coded within the building blocks of our DNA. The secret to revealing such a code is that we must first recognize the universal ties that unite us with our world, and perhaps most important, with one another. In doing so, we may find that our past has been the catalyst, patiently leading us to the most ancient source of knowledge in existence; the library within each of us that has held our secrets from the first day of our existence.

Then we have Dr. Deepak Chopra, who promotes the use of toning sound in self-healing. He says “The body is the scripture of nature. Sounds are made into molecules, and become the flesh.” In the traditional Ayurvedic of healing, the toning of letters of the alphabet can affect different parts of the body. Some sounds release the hormone called “endorphin.” When endorphin is released into the body we can feel happy, relaxed and is a natural pain reliever.

Chopra, recommends beginning with vowels as in “Ahaa, Eee, Eye, OOO, Uuu.” He refers to vowel sounds as non localized, meaning they may be directed to different areas of the body. While consonants are localized sounds of information — dedicated to a specific area of the body. He says to try all the vowel sounds out and pick the one that resonates best with you as your primordial sound.

For today as an example, I’ve selected us to use the sound of “Ahaa.” Take a deep breath and on the exhale release making the “Ahaa” sound. Now we will direct the “Ahaa” sound to a location in the body where there is a need for healing or strengthening. Breathe in and on exhale tone “Ahaa.” Repeat 3 times, and as you do pay attention to any sensations.

Next we’ll try a consonant sound for the heart, which is “Ma.” Directing our focus on the heart, breath in and on exhale chant “Ma.” Repeat 3 times while paying attention to any sensations.

Chopra tells us that after having practiced this method for sometime that we can use our imagination for the toning of sounds and directing to the desired region of the body. This technique can be practiced anywhere.

In closing let’s affirm: The Omnipresence of God is the light and life giving expression as my soul and body.

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