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New Discoveries Under Your Feet by Rev. Mark Stuefloten 1/15/23

New Discoveries Under Your Feet by Rev. Mark Stuefloten 1/15/23

A lot of our life is directed by the questions we ask ourselves. Every morning I get up, do the just-got-up routine, and then I sit for meditation. I start with a thank you to the universe for another day, and I ask a question, “How can I be of service today?”

If I have other questions, I’ll ask them at the end of my meditation. I have learned through the years that there is great wealth in leaving some things to the unknown. Having mystery in your life is great fuel for creative imagining. Roy Eugene Davis, in his book on Creative Imagining, said that, “Creative imagining is imagining what is possible for you.”

I have done art work of all my life and I have imagined many times what it would be like to be a famous artist. Later in life I imagined what it would be like to be a full-time working artist. I am now making my living as a full-time artist, writer, and speaker. I have creative talents and skills, so it was possible for me to work full time doing creative work. It was not always possible. It sometimes takes time for situations and circumstances to happen before what we imagined can manifest. A ministry path opened up a place for me where I can use all of my skills.

As a minister, I have the opportunity to use my creative energies in everything I do. Mr. Davis, in his book on Creative Imaginings, tells us that, “Whatever you can vividly imagine and believe to be possible for you, and is in accord with the laws of nature, can be expressed or experienced. Imagine and anticipate your highest good, and either create ideal circumstances, or attract them into your life.”

It’s important that we don't push ourselves or stress out when trying to manifest our needs and desires. Meditate on them; visualize how it will be when your goals are achieved. Keep a journal and write down your desires, then watch and wait with the expectation that you will express or experience life as you imagine.

Mr. Rogers said, “Imagining sometimes may be the first step in making it happen. But it takes the real time and real efforts of real people to learn things, make things, turn thoughts into deeds, or visions into inventions.”

That is why Creative Imagining says to imagine what is possible for you. I would get a lot doubtful stares from people who have heard me sing if I declared I am going to get a recording contract from Capitol Records, and I am going to be the lead singer with a rock band next week. That is fantasy.

I used to do gag cartoons and send them into magazines. I imagined how it would be like to be a published cartoonist. I visualized in my mind’s eye seeing myself in many magazines, doing interviews on television, and living well in the public eye. It was possible for me.

A lot more is possible for you than you may imagine because you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are a co-creator with the Infinite. Imagine and pray affirmatively, with the expectation of living life at your highest good. It will be heard and the universe will move accordingly, and in some way your needs and desires will manifest. You will create them or they will be attracted to you.

There is a success principle: “When you do more than you’re paid to do, you will eventually be paid more for what you do.” Zig Ziglar

In Jesus’ time, the Roman solders occupied his country. The Roman solders could make a person carry their back packs for one mile, Jesus said whoever tells you to carry their bags a mile, carry them two miles

The universe matches our efforts. I can tell you why I never achieved the level of success I imagined and visualized in some careers. It was because when opportunity knocked, I did not give enough of myself. I held back. I only opened the door wide enough for success to get its foot in.

I can also tell you why I did succeed in other things I imagined and visualized. It was because I not only opened the door wide to opportunity, I also carried in it’s bags. I willing, lovingly, gave, gave, gave. I was all in.

Imagine what is possible for you,

Whatever you can vividly imagine and believe to be real, if it can be manifested in accord with the laws of nature, it can be expressed or experienced. Imagine and anticipate your highest good, and either create ideal circumstances, or attract them into your life.

Re-discovering, or discovering the good under your feet:

Take an inventory of all of the people in your life, and the pets you have. Take an inventory of all the items, stuff, and junk you have: cars, trucks, everything, and even the stuff and utensils you have in the drawers, or hidden in the closet, attic, or basement, yard statues, everything.

Write it all down on paper. Got it? Now go down that list and bless everything and everyone on that list and declare it all good. GOT IT? You have just declared your creation “Good.” It can only be good, because at the core of your being. you are whole, complete, perfect. You are loved.

Re-discover and declare that your life is all good and very good.

Stay in the present moment. In the present moment all is good. The Divine presence is there. Everything we need is in the present moment, right where you are.

The Divine light shines brightly, and is on 24/7. The more we focus on the good people and good things in our lives, the more good people and good possibilities we drawn into our lives, and we realize it’s all good. When we realize there is only good in our lives, we see more of the good that is present all around us. In this new year let’s rediscover the good in our lives and discover the new possibilities for good that are presently unseen. You can do a visualization, using your imagination to create and draw to your attention that all you need and desire to create the life you truly were intended to live. It is here in the present moment, not only for ourselves, but for all beings.

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