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Joy Meditation by Rev. Christine Emmerling (text)

Joy Meditation by Rev. Dr. Christine

I invite you to be comfortable, relax, and breathe in slowly and deeply. Take these words I am to speak within, and as I say “I” embody these words for yourself. Let us begin.

Every breath I breathe is the very life and breath of God... the Divine Breath... the Holy Spirit that lives and moves through my whole being; mind, body and soul - all God.

“The Joy of the Lord is my strength”

I now bring my whole attention to the presence of God - the Divine presence that is absolutely everywhere both invisible and visible. God’s kingdom is right here and right now. I now turn my whole attention towards God. I acknowledge God as the joy that is everywhere present. Right here and now I am in the presence of God’s joy. I am in God, and God is expressing joy which reverberates through every aspect of my life.

Therefore, I am joyously living in the Kingdom of God. I am joyously living in the Kingdom of God. I am joyously living in the Kingdom of God.

Joy is the invisible power, the igniting, of every heart beat. Every drop of blood is pure joy pulsing through my veins. Joy is the nucleus of every atom and cell of my body. Divine ideas are expressing and creating joyously through me. The Joy that I am empowers all that think, say and do. I am the activity of God’s joy in expression.

Let us go in to the silence...

I am joyously living in the Kingdom of God. Thank you God. And so it is Amen.

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