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"Cultivate Well Being" by Rev. Mark Stuefloten 2/14/21 text

Cultivate Well Binging by Rev. Mark Stuefloten 2/14/2021

As Divine Scientists, we know that, at the core of our being, we are perfect divine expressions of God. Our well-being is secured and is our true condition. But until we have awakened to this truth, we maintain the thought that our well-being shifts from better to worse, back and forth.

Well-being is a skill that can be learned and improved upon. A group of psychologists have done a study on “the four constituents of well-being” Dr. Richard Davidson, founder of the Center for Healthy Minds, tells us the four constituents of well-being are determined by first creating a baseline for well-being.

Your well-being is measured by your resilience:

How well and how quickly do you come back from some kind of fall, mistake or tragedy?

How is your outlook; is it positive?

Do you believe people are good, and can you see the good qualities in a person?

How compassionate or kind are you toward other people?

Your well-being is also determined by where you put your attention:

How well do you focus on the task at hand? Studies show that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.

Generosity fosters well-being. Gratitude can re-wire your mind for greater well-being.

I am a fan of the story Polly Anna. She played the Glad Game, asking herself, “How can I see this differently?”

All of these skills can be learned and improved upon. These skill are like any other skills. The more you practice the skill the better you will get at it.

Practice is a major part of Divine Science. Divine Science greatly encourages students to test the principles for yourself.

I have said many times that the testing and practicing of the principles of Divine Science and the universal laws is the most enjoyable and enlivening part of my spiritual journey.

Being clear on what enhances your life and the lives of those you are involved with is the first step in making your life what you what it to be, and it will add to your well-being.

Use your creative abilities to enhance your life. Visualize what people, situations, events and circumstances are desirable for you.

Write them down, and create an positive affirmation like:

My well-being is enhanced by my positive outlook.

My greater good enhances and supports my well-being.

Meditate, contemplate what enhances your life, and ask yourself better questions:

How can I see this differently?

Am I seeing the good that is on my plate, the good in other people and things?

Am I focused on the things I desire to enhance in my life?

Is my attention on the task in front of me?

Am I generous and compassionate to those in need outside my circle?

The Bible tells us that everyone gives good things to those they love, no big thing. Be like God who gives good things to the just and the unjust.

Are you regularly studying Truth studies, and regularly practicing testing the principles of Divine Science and the universal laws?

Another question to ask yourself: Are you really doing all you know and can do to enhance your well-being and spiritual awaking?

It does not have to be time consuming. - Before you get out of bed, tell God thank you for the new day.

Have a positive affirmation taped to the mirror in your bathroom or taped somewhere where you will see it:

“ I affirm That God’s goodness and grace is mine.”

Have a sentence written down next to it from a Scripture or Truth study, and read it.

Take a moment before you leave for the day, one moment of silence. Close your eyes and acknowledge again the Divine presence in you and in others.

On your way to work practice the presence of God. Talk to God about what’s on your mind.

Congratulations, you got your practice in today!

Don’t be concerned with what’s not working in your life. Only put your attention on what is working and what is enhancing your life.

The more you focus on something, the more you get of that something.

I say focus on God. God is who you want to consume your life, because God is your life, your good.

A few last things to ask yourself:

“What can I let go of? What have I hung onto too long?”

“Have I put off something that, if I did it, would release me, free me in someway?”

Don’t pour over these questions or feel you have to answer them in any certain time. Just ask them and in time they will give you the answer.

Just by searching your soul, asking questions will cause the universe to respond with answers and supportive events to enhance your life and well-being.


God loves you,

the Christ in you, your hope and glory!

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