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Conscious Evolution by Rev. Christine Emmerling 6/11/2023

“Conscious Evolution” by Rev. Christine 6/11/2023

My talk today is on Conscious Evolution. In my prior talk “What Am I, Who Am I?”, I shared about how our soul while in the womb forms its new body for its earthly expression. Our consciousness is always imprinting itself in and as our body. Our body is in a constant state of recreation while unfolding to greater expression depending upon our degree of awaking to our divine nature.

In Divine Science we refer to this process as realization and evolution. As we realize Truth, our connection with the Divine, we also unfold or evolve our divine pattern or blueprint. We refer to our divine blueprint as the Christ Consciousness. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

I also spoke of a 4th strand to the 3-strand silver cord that is of pure spirit. It unfolds naturally as part of a spiritually evolved soul. This 4th strand connects the heart brain directly to the head brain. The direct bridge of knowledge and understanding to true wisdom, unconditional compassionate love and intuition. This marks the Christ Consciousness.

Developing this 4th strand is part of our conscious evolution, the joining of the head brain to the heart brain. This starts to give us a clue to what the new mankind will be like. During the ages of epochs, mankind has been evolving. Many traditional churches do not teach any form of evolution – that this is it for mankind ever since God created Adam and Eve we are at the highest of our evolution.

But, what most people don’t understand is that mankind is destined to be Godkind. That Jesus the Christ came as a forerunner to model for us. He demonstrated exceptional feats such as healing, calming storms, walking on water, multiplying food and raising the dead.

The potential is currently within us and always has been. It is that next step in awakening. Christ Jesus gave us the blue print, the steps to our unfoldment; to develop an understanding heart of compassion and forgiveness balanced with wisdom. He taught and demonstrated the purity of heart required for this next level of unfoldment.

You shall recognize disciples and enlightened ones because they shall follow the Ten Commandments. More than just by the letter of the law, or from fear of punishment, but out of love and understanding, they could not possibly do otherwise. They have a love much greater than of the desire body, a love that expands all people, all races, all politics regardless of what they have done. They know, “What I do to you I am doing to myself.”

This is expressed in Jesus’ teachings: as to turn the other cheek; to pray for our enemies as in “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”; if a man takes your overcoat give him your coat as well; help strangers in need; and to not judge other people.

Even today, this kind of love and forgiveness are not practiced by the masses. Why, because they are not awakened. For this is the law, the new spiritual law for Christ mankind. We have physical laws and then spiritual laws that take us to the next level in consciousness.

As we have found, that reading and speaking the Ten Commandments of “Thou shalt not” does not stop people from doing. Every religion of the world has its laws or rules for living. One that is shared by all is the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them to unto you.” Instead, most are living by the old law of “an eye for an eye.” By taking it literally only perpetuates pain and hate. This is how wars and persecution are justified.

Then we have when Jesus said to those that were about to stone to death the prostitute, “those that have not sinned throw the first rock” and one by one they put down their stone until there were none left to judge her. It is so easy to fall into our fear driven instincts -- a mob consciousness. It takes the reasoning mind and an opened compassionate heart to rise above such behavioral instincts.

A few months prior to my mother’s transition, told me she wanted to clear up her karma. Then one day, she apologized for having been immature and making poor choices. My reply was “Who hasn’t? I certainly have made mine.” Then we embraced. That moment was so healing.

Earlier stages of mankind were not anything physically like we are today. The story of Adam and Eve, and as they were leaving the Garden of Eden, the Lord God made coats of skin and clothed them. Taken literally we assume this to mean skins from animal. When understood metaphysically, this was a way of saying that they now were clothed with a physical body for this new land they were going to. Their actions brought them to a denser form of reality. We still have our light body, in fact even this dense body of skin and bone is made of pure light. We’re various densities of light, of consciousness. We also are multidimensional beings. We just haven’t realized and evolved our full capacities.

We have heard legends or myths of pre-historic advanced civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis. It is said, the Lemurians were the 3rd root race, this was the stage of developing the desire body, or the sympathetic nervous system – it is feminine in nature. They were peaceful people. The 4th root race, the Atlanteans, were developing the cerebro-spinal nervous system - the brain - mental capacity, reasoning analytical mind and creative imagination – masculine in nature. They were aggressive people.

The 5th, current root race, is balancing these two to bring them into a higher and greater expression. Our awakened or evolved senses shall greatly extend. With the development of 4th dimensional vision, we will naturally see auras, the energy field, of people and all life, and see through the density of objects. Sight will eventually extend throughout the entire body. So kids that believed their mothers had eyes behind their heads - have seen nothing yet.

Each of our senses shall undergo refinement or extension from serving us just in the outer world, but the inner world as well. Like the greater sight, we shall have greater smell, hearing, touch, and taste. We shall have the full capacity of intuition. We shall hear the heavenly music of the spheres.

We shall bi-locate, meaning our earth body is in one place while our astral body manifests someplace else. There are stories of Jesus teaching in faraway lands while also still being in his homeland. Once Jesus resurrected he was able to materialize and dematerialize being fully multidimensional at will. We get glimpses of these when we are in higher states of consciousness – or out of our dense body consciousness.

We are also beginning to understand something of the tremendous powers of the mind and how, through its creative function, every individual can literally build a new heaven and a new earth, both within and all around them. Mind is the most important servant of spirit.

When we learn to disengage our self from the shackles of desires based in greed and fear, and to unite it wholly with love and spirit, we will have the key to the Kingdom, and will realize the fulfillment of the Master’s promise: “Whatsoever you shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it to you.” and “You shall do these works and greater works than these.”

The heart is the doorway to spiritual illumination. Work must be done primarily upon the heart wisdom. The supreme spiritual work is an effort to have both waking and sleeping consciousness centered in the heart. This organ and power center is destined to become the regeneration center of the body. Love is the fulfilling of the law.

As we choose a spiritual life, this process of regeneration begins with the atoms attracted into this body vibrating to key-thoughts and key-emotions of purity, love, courage, and reason; and this body is regenerated in the fusing of like with like.

As hatred and fear is overcome by love in mankind’s consciousness, molecules of hate and fear are transformed to love and radiant light. As mankind gradually learns to elevate closer to the Christ ideal in their daily life, at the same time a new soul body is being built – a body of radiant light that sings in every atom.

Spiritual traditions dating back thousands of years have mention of power centers within our light body, or some say connected to the sympathetic nervous system, or ductless glands. The seven vital energy centers are also known as Chakras. They are like flowers waiting to be opened. When fully awakened all gross elements of the body are transmuted by the high potency of its pure radiant light.

Every cell of the body is controlled by our subconscious mind. Besides controlling our automatic functions of the body, the subconscious mind records and stores our thoughts, experiences and beliefs. These can write over our DNA and impact how are body functions.

In regeneration there are twelve pairs of cranial nerves that are an important factor in this process. These nerves pass from under the surface of the brain through openings in the bones of the cranium and distribute their fibers principally to the organs of sense. At present these nerves are concerned largely with the physical well-being of the body.

As the work of our senses are extended through development of clairvoyance, clairaudience and related psychic faculties they will become carriers of light. This will make the body responsive to inner-plane vibrations in a degree entirely unknown to the average person at the present time.

We have this high vision of the next level to strive in becoming, and we are destined to succeed. Know that we are destined to succeed. If we can imagine it, then it must be possible. If not in this life, then in some future life; inching our way along and then leaps and bounds, until that quantum leap of faith and courage takes us to that next level of being.

I’ll close with the following words by Nona Brooks from her book In the Light of Healing: “First the aspiration, then the endeavor; and mind you, aspiration goes out toward something that most frequently has never before been done - certainly not by the one who is endeavoring. First the aspiration; then the repeated endeavor, and then the accomplishment.

There is this great inner urge. Man is ever impelled to find something out, something more wonderful, something more beautiful than he has ever known before; and we, as New Thought people, know that there is no limit to this development, that throughout eternity there is going to be this constant moving forward, the perceiving of new truth, the embodiment of that truth in one’s consciousness and the application of it in every detail.

Remember in our unfoldment that all the time you and I are seeking, all the time we are aspiring and endeavoring, the light, the truth, the knowledge is perfect. You and I see the light partially. It is unfolded within us gradually and that unfoldment within us is the spiritual evolution of man. Having perceived the light perhaps only to a degree, the next thing is to apply it. Make it a vivid, definite power in our daily experiences.

When we put what we know into action, we shall become so established in the Life and Health of God that we shall not need to spend minutes or hours to help others, but our very presence will purify and heal and bless wherever we go. We shall manifest outwardly the Presence of God. The Invisible and Visible shall be one in us.”

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