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Vibrations of 2024 by Rev. Christine Emmerling DD 1/21/2024

Today I’m sharing about the energies of this new year of 2024 based on the sacred science of numbers known as Numerology. The following are my main resources: Sacred Science of numbers by Corinne Heline and Numerology the Romance in Your Name by Juno Jordon.

The sacred science of numbers is found in the Bible to give deeper spiritual meaning to the stories and give messages for our soul’s unfoldment. A number represents spiritual energies that are archetypal in nature. Meaning each number has its own value and specific meaning assigned to it; it is a group of collective ideas.

In the science of numbers each number has its own assigned vibration, characteristic and experiences. We can be in alignment with these vibrations, in the flow - so to speak, or not. But, we will experience the lesson in the number that it offers. It is all about our progression. It is how we evolve through time on this planet earth. There is a specific work to be accomplished during certain periods of our lives. Numbers tell the story, and they guide us along, but they do not control or create the experiences. We have our free will.

The universe is like a spiral - every year we come to this place in the road of life. A new year of new beginnings with new opportunities, new choices, but like a spiral we meet it at a different plane of energy and vibration. Calling forth for us to unfold more of who we really are - more love, courage, wisdom, understanding, and compassion - with the richness of that which we gained from the prior years; we move forward upward and onward even when it doesn’t seem that way.

The science of numerology is based on cycles consisting of 9 years each. Each year we progress one year and when 9 years are done we start over with the number 1. With each year we have a personal year and the universal year number. The first number we’re looking at today is for the universal year. This number applies to everyone globally. It can be like a gentle nudge, stronger or lesser for some, while our personal numbers take center stage. To find the universal year number for our current year 2024, we add the individual digits together 2+0+2+4=8. This year is a universal 8 year; the 8th year in a 9-year cycle.

The following is the cosmic pattern from Juno Jordon’s book “Numerology; the Romance in Your Name” for the number 8. From the Bible in Genesis 18:26, “And the Lord said, If I find in Sodom fifty righteous people, within the city, I will spare all the place for their sakes.” Then from Matt. 6:8: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Then Matt. 7:1, “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you give, it shall be measured to you again.”

The purpose and divine inheritance of the number 8 is to bring the infinite and the finite into harmonious relationship. The number 8 represents authority and can guide and direct mankind – not as the humanitarian but as the arbitrator, controller, leader, the judge who weighs and balances with wisdom and without prejudice.

The number 8 has charge of the expansion of the works of creation. It provides the order, the knowledge, the supervision and the stability to cement the dreams and visions of all the other numbers, that growth and progress may be even greater than before. Its task is great; it has many burdens. As its righteousness remains true to divine command, it becomes the noble and greatly respected judge and is rewarded from on high. It is the Solomon of numbers.

The 8's watchword is “Judgement.” It’s positive aspects are power, authority, strength, efficiency, and world affairs. Its negative aspects are straining to attain, overaction, tension, ambition, forcefulness, impatience.

Corinne Heline writes in Sacred Science of Numbers: Eight is a cosmic number. While that is true of all numbers, it is applicable to 8 in the sense that the vibratory power of 8 tends to lift one beyond the limitations of the personal environment. It is termed a “free” number; also the resurrection number. Because of the regenerative of 8.

The Book of Exodus is keyed to 8. The paramount message of this Book is found in the words: “I was never disobedient to the heavenly vision.” These words are descriptive of 8. Eight is the number of the resurrection into a higher consciousness and a new manner of living. It is the power of the divinity within which leads man out of bestial bondage to live under the laws of God.

Moses, the primary personality of the Book of Exodus, is an 8 character. Pharaoh, the symbol of unregenerate man, is a 4. Four represents the activity on the outer planes of materialism only. It embraces the realms of the material scientist whose world is bounded by the powers of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon. Moses typifies the 4th dimensional consciousness where those fourfold forces are lifted into the sphere of the 8.

The 8 offers no half-way measures. It is either personal limitation or spiritual freedom, splendor or degradation, the terrestrial or the celestial. Eight holds the secret to balance. The power of polarity is contained within it. Toward its power, the heart of the world is striving, either consciously or unconsciously. To attain its qualities is the great task before humanity at this time.

As we focus on 2024 we see this as a great opportunity for good fortune and spiritual alignment. The 8 is considered a good omen, the rainbow after the storm, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Although, there will be plenty of challenges in 2024, it is a year of hope, growth, expansion, prosperity, and success. It’s time to embrace a new outlook on life and trust our experiences can help carry us through the unknown toward a greater calling.

2023, a 7 year, was a year of introspection and being challenged to re-frame our reality.

Now the energy of the 8 year is inspiring everyone to break free of convention, take action, and bring their dreams to life. We will see old systems crumble while new ones emerge. An 8 can feel hectic and daunting at times. We may need to remind our self often that these changes are necessary in order to pave the way of progress.

An 8 year is about redefining our goals and holding emotional space for the life we’re leaving behind. It requires us to shift away from the reflective lesson of the 7 year, and embrace the rapid changes of the year to come. By identifying the areas of life that are personally dissatisfying or under-developed, we can take the first step toward transforming our life. Release dreams that aren’t realistic or fulfilling for the new improved person.

Eight brings tons of opportunities to expand and reach new heights. Expect to be driven way out of our comfort zone, forced to step up. It is a year of taking charge of our life, believing in oneself, and balancing our God given eternal light with grace.

The most important attribute of the 8 is its shape - an infinity symbol. A continuous flow of energy and power, be it related to money, material wealth, health or wisdom. The link between the two circles which make up the 8 symbol represents our ability to connect with both equally. Balance, self-discipline, and creative imagination keep the currents of light flowing from one loop to the next.

The only way to balance the two and remain fluid is through clear communication. This means, no gossip, sarcasm, hateful speech, lies, and lies of omission if we want to manifest the highest good for our self and others. It is the great karmic equalizer; we reap what we sow. It is the balance between giving and receiving, and the physical and spiritual realms.

We have a choice to entertain the negative aspects, allowing them to take over in our lives, or to rise above and redirect in a positive, life affirming and beneficial way for everyone. The great potential of awakened consciousness, intuition, and greater awareness on the part of both the individual and the collective can go a long way in circumventing and overcoming any problems that may arise. People will actively assist in raising the vibration for all by striving to re-connect themselves to our planet and living in greater harmony with the planet and one another.

Next, we will look at our Personal year number. We find our personal year number by adding the month and day of our birth, plus the current year together, and then reduce to a single digit. For example: Nov. 15, 2024; Nov. is the 11th month which reduces to a 2; the 15th day reduces to a 6; and the year 2024 reduces to an 8. We now add the 2, 6, and 8 together which equals 16, and then to a single digit makes a 7. The personal year for Nov. 15, 2024, is a 7. For some their personal year number is the same as the Universal Number which is supportive for your personal year.

I shall now briefly highlight each number:

1 - This is a year for new beginnings and to take the initiative. It is a new cycle of experiences. Its watchword is Courage. This is a year to have courage to make plans and to avoid inertia or indecision, and the willingness to let go of things having to do with the past. One personal year calls for strength of purpose, clear thinking, executive ability and originality of thought.

2- Its watchword is “Peacemaker.” Results are gained through “Sharing” and willingness to wait for development. You may experience delays, for results cannot come to the surface all at once. Patience and diplomacy must be applied in business and in personal relationships. This is not a year to force results, but to allow the natural flow to unfold in divine timing.

3- Its watchword is “Joygiver.” This is a year to put your best foot forward, and do everything to improve yourself. There is a quickening force operating in your affairs, and now is the time to make use of the creative, inspirational, and imaginative ideas, and ideals which flood your heart. In business, as well as friendships, inspiration and imagination can mean improved finances and happier associations.

4- Its watchword is “Construction.” This is a practical year. There is a work to be done. The plans and inspiration of last year must now be put into more concrete form. This is a year of accomplishment in laying a foundation for security and lasting conditions in the future. Order, system, organization, management and application are important.

5- Its watchword is “Progress.” This is a year of changing conditions and eventful happenings will add new life and color to your undertakings, forcing you into step with progress. Change and new are keynotes to the 5 year. All change should be to the advantage of others as well as yourself. Show versatility of thought and resourcefulness in action. Travel, move, at least do something to freshen up the home, social and business activities.

6- Its watchword is “Humanitarian service.” This is a year of responsibilities to meet, obligations to be paid, and duty to accept business, family, relationships. Service is your keynote to success and happiness this year. You must give more generously than you receive to bring about improvements and more settled conditions.

7- Its watchword is “Understanding.” This is sort of a sabbatical year, and you should spend more time in quiet pursuits as in spiritual and intellectual activities. There is a desire to know more, and to specialize your knowledge and talents. This is a mental house clearing year. You are laying a foundation for inner strength and power, and for soul realization which will make big changes in your life. During the year you may have many interesting and unusual experiences through being left alone.

8- Its watchword is “Judgement.” This year you will feel ambition stirring and a deep desire to better your financial conditions. The call is to be very businesslike, efficient and practical.

There is a big opportunity for advancement and improvement. Organization and reorganization are the keynotes to success and advancement.

9- Its watchword is “Forgiveness.” This year closes a cycle of experiences that began 9 years ago. This year brings many of your affairs to a head. You will realize a completion and also the fulfillment of some dreams. This is a year of letting go of the old and undesirable in your life to make way for the real and worthwhile. Be tolerant, compassionate and forgiving. This is a year of impersonal thought and feelings. Through what you do for others reward is given.

Remember that all numbers are good and have their purpose for our spiritual unfoldment. Success in living out any number is being true to it - allowing ourselves to become it.

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