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Spirit Speaks by Rev. Christine Emmerling DD, 5/19/24

Today’s talk is “Spirit Speaks.” This is the celebrated Day of Pentecost, a Christian holy day celebrated 50 days after Easter Sunday. This represents when Jesus the Christ’s disciples were baptized by the Holy spirit about 2000 years ago. It was during the Jewish festival of the “First Fruits.” Also known as the “Festival of Weeks” which is held fifty days after Passover.

In Greek, Pentecost means 50; the 50 days after Passover to reach Mt. Sinai, and when Moses received the 10 Commandments and gave the Torah to the people. The sacred number 50 means transformation. It was also 7 weeks after Passover representing the 7 days of creation. As a sacred number 7 means spiritually complete. Day of Pentecost became a Feast Day to celebrate the first harvest of wheat which today in Christianity this harvest represents the first disciples to have received the Holy Spirit.

The 12 disciples metaphysically represent the 12 powers, or faculties of mind within all humanity as: Faith, Strength, Wisdom, Love, Power, Imagination, Understanding, Will, Order, Zeal, Release and Life. Mary represents the soul and Divine Motherhood of unconditional and compassionate love, purity, and the intuitive senses.

Just prior to his ascension Jesus tells his disciples in Luke 24:49, “And I will send upon you the promise of my Father; but remain in the city of Jerusalem until you are clothed with power from on high.” According to Scripture Acts 1:14, “They continued together in prayer with one accord.”

Metaphysically Jerusalem means “The City of Peace.”

The disciples remained together in prayer, meditation, and contemplation, and speaking of the things they had seen and experienced with Christ Jesus. Also, the women, and Mary the Mother of Jesus, and his brothers were with them. During this time Judas’ position was filled by Matthias. Matthias represents the lifting up of the Life faculty through the Christ within.

During this time, Peter spoke to 120 disciples in all. The number 12 is now increased by the power of 10. Meaning the 12 powers, the faculties of mind, were all empowered working together in one accord. The mind, body and soul were all lifted into a high state of spiritual consciousness, being prepared for the next level of in their transformation.

The 40 days between the resurrection and ascension was preparation, the laying of a foundation for a new work to be done. Basically we’re talking about another 10 days that the disciples waited for the Holy Spirit. The number 10 itself represents unity. The 12 disciples were increased by the power of 10 to the number of 120. Another way of saying they were prepared, their 12 faculties were fully empowered and unified, and now ready for the Holy Spirit of the Christ - the 2nd coming of the Christ.

In Acts 2:1-8, we are told, “And when the day of Pentecost was fulfilled, while they were assembled together, Suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared to them tongues which were divided like flames of fire; and they rested upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they began to speak in various languages, according to whatever the Spirit gave them to speak.

Now there dwelt at Jerusalem devout men and Jews from every nation under heaven. And as the sound took place, all the people gathered together, and they were confused because every man heard them speak in his own language. And they were all amazed and marveled, saying one to another, Behold, are not all these who speak Galileans? How is it that we hear every man in our own native language?”

This is such a wonderful, exciting story of their extraordinary experience. This is also our story. There is a principle of Spirit transforming within us as we reach a high state of consciousness in complete union with God. We prepare ourselves in mind, body and soul for the next level of spiritual unfoldment by having our daily spiritual practices of study, prayer and meditation, and actions demonstrating our faith.

Then the day comes of the long awaited fulfillment of the promise “You too can do these works, and even greater works than these shall you do..” The Baptism by Spirit brings the power of the Christ within us to do these mighty works.

The sound heard by the disciples sometimes comes just prior to an out of body experience; the soul is temporarily whisked or freed from the dense body, and travels with its spirit body. Were the disciples really bi-locating in spirit body when they spoke to all the people of different nations in their native language? Or, were they simply able to communicate intuitively so it was received in their native language? They also baptized some 3,000 people that day. Its not clear where all these people came from while they were in the upper room.

Spirit spoke to and through the disciples that day. Spirit speaking Truth, wisdom and guidance is received intuitively. Those hearing the disciples speak were also in a lifted state of consciousness. A large group of people in a receptive state of consciousness is greater than the sum of the people present. Spirit intensifies by the power of 10 meaning they were lifted in unified consciousness where receptivity is heightened to Truth and healing.

Emmet Fox writes, “Christ is not Jesus, but Jesus was the man who expressed the Christ more fully than anyone else. He recognized the Christ power. The Christ is the active Presence of God – the incarnation of God – in living men and women. This is the Christ and it is eternal. However, in this New Age, the Cosmic Christ will come into millions of men and women who are ready to receive it. This will be the 2nd coming of the Christ for them.

In a very real sense, the Christ already lies dormant in the minds and hearts of men and women everywhere, waiting for the burst of recognition which we call the second coming of the Christ. In the meantime, every time we salute the Christ in another we are bringing that day closer in ourselves.”

The receiving of the Holy Spirit or Christ consciousness is possible for each and every one of us on this planet today. The experience of It may be as different as there are people. Sometimes when meditating people can feel spirit energy or light move right through the body and all around it. Information may be imparted; some may hear a voice while for others it is just a knowing, or several days later new information is known and have answers to questions, a transformation in personality or healing takes place.

One thing I know for sure that when Spirit speaks to me, it is always wise and lovingly supportive, and mostly in a very soft voice. I say mostly, because there was a time when it literally screamed out of my chest saying “Get out now!” and I did. You see, I had been working at a very demanding job while serving as a part-time minister. Having quit that job, the very next day I began working as a full-time minister, and have been ever since.

To me its an intuitive voice, that doesn’t always make sense to the analytical mind. The analytical mind will many times out shout it, and then I say “Why didn’t I listen?” But, actually its not the listening, nearly as much as taking action on what is heard “obedience” to the still small voice.

The path of a disciple is said to be straight and narrow. The keeping of the single eye focused on the target, the Divine Presence, the Christ Consciousness. Meditation, contemplation, prayer all on the Divine Presence until the Silence takes over in a state of communion an

At-One-Ment. Daily practice prepares the student’s consciousness for expanded awareness of the intuitive senses. Some will develop a teacher’s consciousness, others a healing consciousness, and for others a ministry of service. Each will be called according to their unfolded consciousness.

When we are in deep meditation - in the Silence, we really don’t know what our soul may be doing. Our soul could be one of those glowing lights moving in the sky to do God’s work. We could be the whispering voice that inspires a troubled, lonely person, or inspires to help another. Or helps those in crossing over. We barely know who we truly are and our potential. We are just touching the hem of Christ’s garment.

Shortly after the Day of Pentecost, Peter and John representing the “Faith and Love” faculties of mind, came across a man lame since birth. The lame man is brought daily to the gate of the temple to ask alms from those entering into the temple. He begged Peter and John who said, “Look at us.” Then Peter said to him, Gold and silver have I none; but what I have I give to you. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. And, he took him by the right hand and lifted him up; and in that hour his legs and his feet received strength.” Acts 3:3-7.

The words “Look at us” is key to this healing. Look up, turn our thoughts away from the appearances, and see the power of the Holy Presence that is before us - truly see, and turn to faith, love and truth. In the name of Jesus Christ, means in the nature of, or in the same consciousness of Christ Jesus where all things are possible in the Oneness of God.

I’m going to close with the following from Divine Science and Healing by Malinda Cramer titled Baptism by the Spirit.

“Take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” Ephesians 6:17

“Infinite Spirit’s instruction to the individual: Thou art my very self manifest. I am the life, power and substance; I live in you, and you by Me, and we can never be separated.. You have not at any time fallen or wandered away from Me. My being your life is, and you have no other life or being; for I am everywhere, and include all within Myself.

You are good, because I am goodness; you are living, because I am Life; you are loving, for I am Love; you are true, for I am Truth; you are impersonal, for I am Infinite and no respecter of persons; you are created in righteousness and true holiness, for you are created within Myself, and are Myself expressed.

Dear child of My being! Speak My word for yourself, by claiming wholeness.. Awake from the dream of sense, and know that you are within My kingdom at this time, and know that you are radiant within and without with My Being; you are clothed with the Sun of Truth now. Make your eye single to Me, and you will know that you are full of light. Believe in Me, and manifest Me in all your ways, and I will direct your path. Recognize absolute Goodness and see nothing but Goodness, and you shall have dominion over all manifestation; for he that does My will comes to Me, and shall do the things that I do, and realize the peace which passes understanding, which I alone possess. You are at this time whole and complete and lack nothing, for I am your sufficiency.” And so it is!

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