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Reading & Meditation (Wholeness) Rev. Christine Emmerling DD 6/16/2024

Today my reading is from Studies in Health by Nona Brooks an early leader of Divine Science.

The universe is maintained by the presence and power of God; and the great truth of God’s infinite presence is wholeness here and now. Wholeness means the perfection of the universe at every point. It means health and power. We realize wholeness through a conscious knowledge of God. Let us bring this truth into personal application: I, the individual, live in wholeness now. I live by the power of wholeness; I live because of it. My normal estate is abundant life, beauty, and goodness.

In Divine Science we affirm our power to realize wholeness. We can realize it because of the constitution of the universe as a living organism. We can realize wholeness because we are what we are – Sons of God. God is Wholeness itself.

Love! Love! Love! The best definition of love I have ever heard is: “Love is sharing your life with others.” This is God’s way, for He is always sharing His life with us. It is the fulfilling of all law. All the law and all the prophets are fulfilled in the practice of the presence of love. Within each one of us is the power that heals the inner man; it is love divine and universal.

Love casts out all fear, all envy, and all hatred. And the man who loves stands forth in the glory of his consciousness of resurrection and ascension, for the resurrection and ascension consciousness is the consciousness of perfect love. Love is the way of wholeness. There is no other way.

The Divine Scientist responds to Jesus’ question, “Wilt thou be made whole?” by deciding to know Truth, and by persistent faith in standing true to Truth. Thought training is our method – love, our way – wholeness, our goal.


We shall now move into meditation on “Wholeness” Let us turn inward to our holy temple, breathe deeply and slowly, and quiet our thoughts. As I speak to take these words within for yourself.

God is Infinite Spirit, an everywhere Divine Presence that is all, oneness and wholeness. That means I too am at-one with this Infinite Divine Presence of God; my true nature is wholeness; I am eternally whole and complete in God. This very moment I am a living expression of God.

I am wholly alive in God. (Repeat)

This living presence of God’s love is the creator and life of our entire universe. Our universe is whole and complete. Every aspect of every star, planet and cosmic body and all the vastness in-between is perfect according to its divine purpose. Just as every living creature is whole and perfect according to its divine purpose. As an individualized expression of God’s love, I am God’s whole, perfect, creation. (Silence)

We give thanks for these moments in silence. We are grateful for this truth and in our expanded awareness of At-one-ment. Thank you, Divine Presence of God. Amen.

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