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Reading & Meditation (Whole) by Rev. Christine Emmerling DD, 3/10/2024

Today my reading is from the Come unto Me series volume 3 The Christ by Malinda Cramer from articles in Harmony Magazine 1888-1906.

“Where we look for the demonstration of faith, we find it. Where there is the belief in separation from God, we find unbelief. It is said that Jesus found more unbelief in his own town of Nazareth than he did in the cities of semi-pagan Samaria. It is said that the High Priest and other rulers crucified him - and those who were called publicans and harlots received him. A blind beggar recognized him as the Son of God, while the Pharisees saw him as an imposter and blasphemer.

We often see wonderful demonstrations of faith, where people say they have no faith. Yet, often where people say they have faith, their words and deeds are faithless. We love to think of this truth of God being manifest with us and of the voluntary death unto all sin and of the resurrection unto all life - as the salvation of the whole world.

In this Truth we all can realize that we are the royally born, with all power in heaven and in earth already given unto us; and in the consciousness of at-one-ment (that I and my Father are one), we have power to rule over heaven and earth within ourselves. Yet few comprehend; few see both Saviour and King within themselves...

When we find that the salvation of God already includes the outer man; and in so doing, we worship him in the spirit of wholeness. The same spirit of Wholeness, in which all things are created, is the one which is salvation from all separation, limitation, sickness, and death.”

Meditation - Wholeness

We shall now move into meditation on “Wholeness.” Let us turn inward to our holy temple, breathe deeply and slowly, and quiet our thoughts. As I speak to take these words within.

1st Corinthians 3:16, Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you?

God, Divine Infinite Spirit is here and now. There is only One - One Life, One Spirit, One All, that is everywhere present. Right where I am God is. God is the very life that I am. This One Spirit is expressing in, though, and as my very life and being, and equally present as all life everywhere.

This Infinite Spirit is my whole being. I am a living vessel of the Spirit of God. Therefore, every aspect of my being is whole and complete. From the atoms and cells of my body to every thought, word and action is the life of God expressing through and as me.

I am whole, complete and holy one with God. (Repeat)

Divine Infinite Spirit is the wholeness and integrity of our entire universe. And is all encompassing intelligence, power, and love that sustains all life both visible and invisible. All creation is divinely perfect.

I see this Oneness of life in each petal that makes a whole beautiful flower. When I look deep into the eyes of another being or creature I see their soul their God life looking back. I am a living witness to God’s creation. We shall now rest in the silence...

We give thanks for these moments in silence. We are grateful for this truth and in our expanded awareness of At-one-ment. Thank you Divine Presence. Amen.

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