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Reading & Meditation Thankful by Rev. Christine Emmerling DD, 11/19/2023

Reading & Meditation by Rev. Christine Emmerling, D.D. 11/19/2023

My reading this morning is from Divine Science Daily Studies volume II by Nona L. Brooks titled My Heart is Filled with Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for the open vision which gives me discernment and causes life to grow richer day by day.

I am thankful for the expanse of sky and ocean, of mountain and plain; for the glory of the sunset and the peace of the dawn; for the grandeur of the towering peaks and the dainty beauty of the tiniest expression of God’s creative power.

I am thankful for work; for the demands of the day, which keep me alert, energetic, and wholesome.

I am thankful for the problems that have shown me I was off of the true path, and have prodded me back to the Christ way.

I am thankful for wisdom and power to meet joyously and effectively the experiences of each day.

I am thankful for human companionship, that soul with soul can meet.

I am thankful for God’s companionship; for the openness of God-Mind toward me and for the intimacy of the one Spirit. I rejoice that there can be no loneliness, no heart-hunger, when our minds are stayed on God.


We shall now move into meditation on thankfulness. Let us turn inward to our holy temple. Bring our attention to our breath breathing in deeply and exhale slowly as we ignite love and light within us. Quiet and still all thoughts and listen and take these words in as we abide in the Presence.

O Lord, how manifold are your works! In wisdom have you made them all: the earth is full of your riches. Psalms 104:24

Every moment is a moment in God. Every speck of space is the Presence of God. The ground I walk upon is holy and wholly God. God is everywhere present right here and now and always where I am God is.

I am one with this Divine Presence. Every aspect of my being is alive in Spirit and Spirit is alive in me today and eternally always.

I accept this truth of a living loving Divine Presence within me. (Repeat)

I open my heart to love, thankfulness and gratitude for my life, and for the life of all people everywhere.

I open my heart to love, thankfulness and gratitude for all living creatures keeping everything in a perfect natural balance.

I open my heart to love, thankfulness and gratitude for all vegetation, mountains and valleys, and for the clouds, rain, snow and rainbows.

My heart is so full overflowing with gratitude for all of God’s creations both visible and invisible. God’s blessings just keep on flowing throughout the universe. I am so ever blessed. (Silence)

Thank you Divine Presence for these moments in communion - in oneness.

So it is. Amen.

Let us bring our attention back.

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