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Reading & Meditation (Oneness) Rev. Christine Emmerling 9/3/2023

Opening Reading & Meditation (Oneness) Rev. Christine Emmerling 9/3/2023. Today I’m sharing from the Divine Science Daily Studies volume II. This reading is written by Vida Reed Stone.

“There is one body, and one Spirit...One Lord, one faith...One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.” Eph. 4:4-6

We could not have a more definite statement of the oneness of all life than in these words of Paul. The lines are like a hymn or poem, with their reiteration of “one, one” and “all, all.”

As we let these words sink into our consciousness, we become more deeply aware of the feeling of this oneness of all life. Gradually our daily living comes more and more into alignment with the truth of oneness.

What are some of the keynotes of a way of life based upon acceptance of this truth? First, we delight in expressing universal love toward all people. In every experience of life, every decision that faces us, we choose the way of love. We desire the highest good for all concerned. We do not judge others but wait for time to reveal that which is righteous and true. To judge “righteous judgment” is to judge on the basis of spiritual understanding rather than prejudice or limited views. We do not criticize or condemn – even in thought - but seek only to let God’s love live in and through us.

We walk humbly with Thee, O God, and reverence the Christ-Self in our fellow mankind.


We shall now move into a meditation on Oneness. Let us turn inward to our holy temple. Now bringing our attention to our breath breathing in deeply and exhale slowly as we focus our attention from our head to our heart - connecting mind and heart. We still our thoughts as we listen and take these words in.

Infinite Spirit is all presence, all power, all knowledge, and all action. This All Presence is good, is love, is joy, is life, and is Spirit or God. Then I too am of this infinite everywhere Presence. My true nature is Infinite Spirit. My true nature is good, is love, is wisdom and is life.

I am a living expression of Infinite Spirit. (Repeat)

As I contemplate all that this Infinite Spirit is, my sense of self continues to expand. I am both invisible and visible Spirit. As invisible I am infinite, everywhere and eternal. I am one with all universes, all dimensions, all creation and all life. As visible Spirit I partake of air, water, sun and earth. I express goodness, love, wisdom, power, creativity and joy. Now let us be still and know I am One... (silence)

Let us take a moment to let the joy of gratitude fill our hearts. Thank you, Divine Presence, for these moments of Oneness. So it is, Amen.

I invite you to bring your attention back to your breath, to your breathing.

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