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Reading & Meditation (I Am) by Rev. Christine Emmerling 1/15/23

Reading & Meditation “I Am” by Rev. Christine Emmerling 1/15/2023

Today I’ve selected a reading from Divine Science Its Principle and Practice from the chapter on Unfoldment.

All of us have looked at a full-blown flower and marveled that such beauty could unfold from the tiny, brown seed, or from the lifeless-looking bulb. But we have seen this happen so often that we have come to accept the fact that the complete pattern of the perfected plan and blossom is implanted within the dormant seed or bulb, and that the impulse for growth which will bring it to fruition is also involved within its very nature.

We have not always realized that the same is true in the case of man, that is, that the pattern of his beautifully perfect Christhood is implanted within his innermost nature. That the Spirit of Life within him, as within the seed, sets as law to manifest the fullness of its potentialities. Man’s Christ-like characteristics and nature will unfold through the process of growth and development until the consciousness of the individual brings forth the out-picturing of the Christ, so this is the latent possibility and destiny for the individual – each one will become Christed.

Divine Science acknowledges an infinite Presence and Truth ever present with all creation, but it also acknowledges the process by which the creature grows, unfolds, and comes into a full-blown, conscious realization of himself and his place in the cosmic order of life. This process is called spiritual evolution, unfoldment, increasing awareness of Truth, or the law of spiritual maturity. To substantiate the process of unfoldment is the fact that all creation proceeds from the Infinite, but before visible creation could possibly appear there must have been first the spiritual pattern for it in God-Mind. Thus, we see the greater by far is the God-Idea or prototypal man implanted within us than is our present human expression of it. Man is the Son of God, but as a son of man he has not yet put on that completeness which is latently his in God-Mind.

Within the thought of evolution is the recognition of a persistent urge in all living things to move on, to progress to new things and new experiences. There is an innate urge that speaks in every soul; aspirations in every human heart which indicate the evolutionary tendency of the universe. The indefinable Spirit which keeps us moving onward and upward is the great guardian of humanity. It forwards creation’s spiritual evolution for the purpose of ultimately bringing out all the hidden wonders and beauties of the God-Mind. Meditation “I Am”

We shall now move into meditation. Let us now turn inward to our holy temple.

Imagine this seed idea of the Christhood as within our heart. Imagine it growing brighter and expanding throughout our mind, body and soul. This Divine Presence is ever with us and within us. It is our guiding light, the still small voice within us, and is the stirring within that keeps us seeking knowing we are something greater.

I am ever with you, I am the “I” within you. (Repeat)

I am the joy within you. I am the beauty within you. I am the wisdom and intuition within you. I am the love within you. I am the strength within you. I am the healing power within you. I am all the good within you. I am the ever-unfolding Divine within you.

Let us take a few moments in silence to experience this inner light and presence...

And so it is. As we begin to bring our attention back, we take a few moments to have gratitude. We are grateful for these mindful words of truth. And for these moments knowing our at-one-ment. We give thanks for this expanded awareness. Amen.

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