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Reading & Meditation (Freedom) by Rev. Christine Emmerling 1/24/24

Reading & Meditation (Freedom) by Rev. Christine Emmerling 1/28/2024

Today I’ve selected a reading from the Divine Science Daily Studies volume II. It is by Martha Dawson.

“I have chosen the way of truth.” Psalms 119:30

Freedom is the result of choosing the way of Truth. The Lord always leads me on the path that I should tread. He knows this path and goes before me. His Plan is not only good but holds great growth for me.

I trust my Father-God, for I know that everything in my life’s experience will be properly adjusted by Him. No matter how complicated or inharmonious a situation may be, God will make the crooked places straight. Personality cannot change the Father’s Plan. Opinions carry no weight when I keep my mind stayed on Him in unwavering trust.

He leads me on the right path and cares for my loved ones, as well. We are all His children, and He points out the pathway of Truth for each one. Now we are free in His love.

I can only be free when the fetters of fear drop away. Only my trusting in my Father-God can bring me true freedom. As I am free, God can shine through me. I become as a clear crystal through which His beautiful light can radiate. I give thanks as I choose the way of Truth and Freedom.

Meditation “Freedom”

We shall now move into meditation on “Freedom.” Let us turn inward to our holy temple, breathe deeply and slowly, and quiet our thoughts. As I speak to take these words within.

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

God, Infinite Spirit is all there is. Everywhere present, within and throughout all creation God is. In truth, I am dwelling in God - Divine Spirit, and this Divine Spirit of God is all that I am.

I am living in the Kingdom of God. (Repeat)

I am living in the kingdom of goodness.

I am living in the kingdom of love.

I am living in the kingdom of knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

I am living in the kingdom of creativity and beauty.

I am living in the kingdom of free will.

I open my mind and heart accepting this truth. Truly I am set free to know - I am One with God. I am a living expression of God. My very life is of God.

Everyone everywhere is also one with God, the living light of God expressing life. I am one with all life.

I now rest in the silence while receiving the blessings of God... And so it is.

As we begin to bring our attention back, let us take a few moments to have gratitude. We are grateful for this truth. And for these moments knowing our at-one-ment. We give thanks for this expanded awareness. Amen.

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