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Reading & Meditation (One) by Rev. Christine Emmerling

Reading & Meditation (One) by Rev. Christine 7/9/2023

Today’s reading is from the book Divine Science and Healing by founder Malinda Cramer.

No man knoweth the things of God, save the Spirit of God within him. The Spirit of God expressed, in man, is he who understands Truth. We have found the Parent Source, as did Christ Jesus, and are at-one with it. We have not the spirit of the world, but of God, that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. As like comprehends like, it is necessary that the ear be opened to understand the silence – the fount of knowledge and wisdom, that we may hear the voice of the Supreme and enlighten the senses. To remove all belief of limitation, take on and believe in the limitless, is to realize that we are in the Infinite ocean of absolute and unfailing good.

In the beginning of your studies practice transferring the thought daily from the creature to the Creator, and think that which represents the Creator. Think life, love, intelligence, knowledge, power and presence of All Good. Practice thinking what it would be like to be present everywhere at the same time, sustaining, embracing and pervading all that live. What it means to be all of power, all of substance, all of law and all of love; yesterday, today, and forever the same.

Just in proportion as you succeed will you comprehend the all-pervading Spirit and be rewarded with Divine knowledge. Extend your thought beyond limitation, out-pass form, enter the Source of all form, traverse all time, become eternity in thought, live in the present. Lift the thought above the heights, descend below all depths, that you may conceive of and know the Omnipresent Spirit and the true relationship existing between the Creator and creation; and that what is perceived is contained within the Perceiver. To thus perceive and think is freedom.

In order to demonstrate self, it is necessary to know what our nature is like. If we perceive ourselves to be as closely related to the Supreme Being or Parent Source, as idea, which is inherent in Mind, is to Mind, then we may comprehend all that Being is and has expressed. If we perceive ourselves to be self-existing Spirit, one with the whole Parent Source, we have a truthful apprehension of self and the Parent Source.

Meditation - One

We shall now move into a meditation on Oneness. Let us turn inward to our holy temple. Bring our attention to our breath breathing in deeply and exhale slowly as we bring our attention to our heart. We quiet and still our thoughts as we listen and take these words in.

“That which is born of spirit is spirit” John 3:6

I am born of spirit, the Infinite Spirit of God. God is everywhere present, therefore I too am everywhere present. God is visible and invisible spirit, therefore I too am visible and invisible spirit. God is life, therefore I too am life. God is intelligence, therefore I too am intelligence. God is power, therefore I too am power. God is love, therefore I too am love. God is good, therefore I too am good.

I am One with the Infinite Spirit of God. (Repeat)

As a living expression of God, I am one with the air I breathe. I am one with the food I eat. I am one with the water I drink. I am one with the sun that shines its light upon me. I am one with every soul. I am one with every living creature. I am one with flowers, trees and all vegetation. I am one with all minerals and elements of the earth. I expand my awareness to include our solar system, our galaxy, our entire universe, and all cosmic life. I am one with it all, here now and eternally. (Silence)

Let us take a moment to let the joy of gratitude fill our hearts. Thank you Divine Presence for this deep sense of Oneness. So it is, Amen.

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