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Reading & Meditation (Immortality) by Rev. Christine Emmerling 4/9/2023

Reading & Meditation (Immortality) by Rev. Christine 4/9/2023

Today I’m sharing from the book The Christ which is a collection of articles from Harmony Magazine by Malinda Cramer 1887-1906. This one is titled “Putting on the New Man.”

Since God is infinite and unalterable goodness, then all goodness must be eternal; and the opposite must be false appearance...

Since that which is eternal is truth, temporary appearances are false. Since that which is eternal is real, temporary appearances must be unreal. Since that which is eternal is substance, temporary appearances must be shadow...

To put off the old man is to cease thinking death, falsehood, ignorance, hate or weakness; to put on the new man is to think life, truth and understanding, love and strength. To put off the old man is to cease thinking fear, doubt or prejudice or aversion; to put on the new man is thinking knowledge, faith and universal love - without respect to person. To put off the old man is to cease thinking revenge or cruelty, disease or evil; to put on the new man is thinking justice, mercy, harmony and charity. To put off the old man is to refrain from judging according to the senses; to put on the new man is to judge according to the Spirit.

To put away lying is to put away all conversation about being temporary. To speak the truth with each other is to converse about being that which is eternal. To be in error is to believe that we are mortal. To be in truth is to know that we are immortal.

To express the truth is to express immortality. This is the permanent remedy for all disease. It is this TRUTH which was the immortality of Jesus. It is this truth which is the Christ of us all. And according to the measure of our truth have we expressed the Christ as it was in Jesus.

Meditation - Immortality

We shall now move into meditation. Let us turn inward to our holy temple. Now breathe in deeply and exhale slowly as we bring our attention to our heart.

God is eternal, always has been and will always be. This immortal Infinite Spirit everywhere present, is here and now as a living presence of Love, Intelligence and life. This Infinite Presence is the very life that I am from moment to moment. Therefore, I am a living being of love, intelligence and immortal life.

I now go deeper within - touching the hem of Christ’s garment. In the Spirit of Christ I am made anew. Moment to moment I am eternally made anew.

I am immortal. (Repeat)

Divine Spirit is living through me now expressing as my very soul. This cellular body I now know is Holy Spirit expressing as visible substance. Every aspect of my being is the living Christ Spirit as love, intelligence and life. Every true thought, emotion and feeling I have is loving, intelligent and life giving. All actions and creations are now blessings. I am the beloved. A blessing unto the world. Now silence...

Let us take a moment to let the joy of gratitude fill our hearts. Thank you Divine Presence. So it is, Amen.

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