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Making the Best of Change by Rev. Christine Emmerling 8/13/2023

“Making the Best of Change”

by Rev. Christine Emmerling 8/13/2023

Today I’m speaking on “Making the Best of Change.” We hear so often about how times are changing. There are those that believe the end of the world is coming. That the Book of Revelation is about the “end times.” It’s true there are endings, but at the same time there are new beginnings. There are cycles in life. Even when there is what we call death, the end to a physical sense of body, the soul takes on a new adventure. Just as the soul took on the new earthly adventure.

I remember all the fear people had around the end to the Mayan Calendar. Dooms day so to speak. But what happened was another new day and life went on. Prior there was all this fear around the beginning of a new millennium. Then what happened, we just turned the calendar over to January 2000, and life went on. But underlying, huge changes are taking place in our society, personal lives and the way we live. It’s an end to the way we have been living to a whole new experience brought on by a shift in paradigm.

When my grandmother was born in the late 1800s, people still used the horse and buggy, by the mid 1950s trains, automobiles and airplanes were being used to travel the country. My grandmother got to experience all that, even flying to New York, plus telephones, radios, television, and including all kinds of electrical household appliances. Her way of life completely changed. I’m sure as a young child that she couldn’t even begin to imagine this new world she was going to be living in.

I had a friend in the late 1970s early 80s that worked for IBM. and the microcomputer had just come out. They envisioned a personal computer in every household. I asked my friend, what would a family use if for. Their answer was for keeping track of bank records. I remember saying they’re going to have to come up with some better reason for people to spend thousands of dollars. Within ten years the laptop came out and personal computers were everywhere, and they just kept on getting smaller and more powerful. Even elementary schools are requiring students to have a computer.

My point is even in my lifetime I’ve seen so much change in technology, and how it has impacted the way we live. The end of the horse and buggy era was the end to the world as people new it. Then with the industrial age everything began to change so much more quickly. What took thousands of years is now in quantum leaps.

When we change our views about life, it impacts our world. When we go back further in history when the popular belief in western Europe was the world being flat. Don’t go out too far out in your boat or ship, or else you may fall off the planet.

Now other parts of the world had already traveled across the Atlantic to the Americas. There are carved rock drawings as evidence of ancient people having traveled from Egypt to Australia. While some people lived a very restricted life through their belief while others were still traveling freely. Two very different paradigms or world views.

The belief has been that we are the only planet in the entire universe that has intelligent life. Science has believed that the speed of light to be the fastest means to travel. Leading to the assumption that it would be preposterous to believe that anyone could travel that far. But what if there is something even faster or a different mode? A means for travel that other intelligent beings have been using all this time to travel from one point in the universe to another.

Recent Congressional hearings are revealing, by credible witnesses, that we have had space travel visitors. Archeology has also shown evidence of such pre-history visits.

I believe that we are coming to a whole new way of life once again. Its inevitable. Although, the shift could bring much resistence by the populace, as it did with any new idea. I remember reading the cotton gin was laughed at, as well as the first automobiles and airplanes.

Just imagine what these new findings could imply. Is there going to be another race of beings joining us on this planet, or maybe they’re just like family that come to visit now and then? Will their technological and super intelligence alter the way we live? Will we be one happy planetary family? Will we soon join them in interstellar space travel?

A belief I have is that we’re not going to be invited to leave this planet to faraway places until we have learned to live peacefully together here. That as long as we have our prejudices we’re not going anywhere. As long as there are people starving, we’re not going anywhere. As long as we are inhumane to anyone or life we’re not going anywhere. As long as we treat our earth disrespectfully, we’re not going anywhere soon. Why would the rest of the universe welcome that kind of behavior to spread like an unwanted virus?

We’ve got some work to do in awakening humanity to become truly spiritually enlightened people. Perfect I’m not, I have my work cut out for me yet. Hopefully I’ve made some strides in this lifetime. I hope that the world will be much different, for the better, in the not too far off distance.

The first step is to have hope and faith knowing there is a better way to live. To make challenges into opportunities to do something better, even great. Today’s challenges are not insurmountable. We just need to see things differently. Such was done when people thought horse manure was a major health problem, and then the automobile was dreamed up. Today its using coal and oil to energize our vehicles and households, and inventors and scientists coming up with various clean alternatives. Our energy problem isn’t solved, but we’re still working on it. The answers are there.

Then it's moving from the concept of a physical material universe to a spiritual universe of energy. Change the frequency of vibration and we discover doorways to explore that will provide new answers.

The second step is accepting the principle idea of Oneness. One God, Spirit as a Divine Intelligent Presence that is all, everywhere and everything both invisible and visible. What would that mean for us as a worldwide civilization? It will be a major step forward for this planet.

Our differences will be set aside for all of humanity. Knowing that what I do to you I am also doing to myself because we are all interconnected. Regardless of what race, species or where we come from, we are connected together in this Divine Presence. Even our planet and the entire universe is within this Divine Presence. As I said we are in the Divine Presence, and it is also in and all of who we are. How different life would look like for all of humanity.

The third step is to consider the good of the whole. Corporations would no longer be driven by the bottom line. Instead, they are driven by how this can improve lives. Individuals are inspired to apply their talents to helping each other live better lives. Instead of time is money, it is time is creativity. Its about people living their full potential as self-realized spiritual beings. The leaders of our world make the quality of life the utmost of importance. Everyone is living and working peacefully together for the greater good of our entire planet and all its inhabitants.

This may sound a bit utopian, but it can all happen when we shift our perspective from fear to love, from limitation to abundance, and most importantly from me and those to we and us.

Where do we begin? Always it starts with having hope, a new vision. Jesus said in John 4:35-36, “Do you not say that after four months comes the harvest? Behold, I say to you, Lift up your eyes and look at the fields which have turned white and have long been ready for the harvest.”

Today I have an envisioning exercise for us. I suggest having paper and pen. Envisioning is an intuitive process in capturing the vision. Let us get comfortable, and begin to breathe slowly and deeply. With each breath release all busy thoughts, judgement and preconceived ideas. Now breath in love, exhale love... Affirm: God Is Love — I Am Love... (repeat)

We bring our consciousness to our heart. Feel the vibration of love filling and opening our heart. This love energy is expanding and radiating out encompassing our whole body. Every cell is tuned to love.

With a heart filled with love we ask for a new vision for civilization and our planet earth. It may come in words, pictures or symbols. We shall now go into a listening state of mind... (Pause)

We give thanks for what has been received. I suggest to write or draw what has come through.

I Thank you for your participation today. Keep your vision close to your heart, look at it often. If you want more clarity, repeat this envisioning exercise, and follow any further guidance.

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