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Wholeness Prayer Treatment by Rev. Christine Emmerling

Healing Prayer Treatment

All is God, both invisible and visible, perfect, whole and complete. The Earth realm is God in expression: the people, the animals, the mountains, meadows, lakes, rivers and seas, the cities and the countryside, all God in perfect expression.

I am an individualized expression of God, filled with God’s goodness and Divine Love. All other beings are also God in expression, all expressions of Divine Love. All beings are one with God, our creator, and with one another.

Any sense that I am separate from God is false. Any sense that any other person is evil and therefore separate from God is false. Any sense that I am separate from any other being is false. We are all one in our oneness with God. As I see separation, I create separation. As I see oneness, I create oneness. As I see wholeness, I create wholeness.

This Earth realm operates in perfect Divine Order at all times. There is a Divine purpose for all that transpires in this realm. Seeming division is only an error in thinking and perception. When I cannot see the purpose and see separation, I can go within to connect with my Divinity in my Christ consciousness and see wholeness in the Divine plan.

I see beyond politics to the Truth of our oneness. I am grateful to be able to see Truth and Harmony beyond division. I see Love, Peace and Harmony blossoming. I see world leaders promoting policies of kindness, caring, and compassion. I see it coming forth. I know that in consciousness it is already done.

I do my part to see a new Heaven and a new Earth realized. I see it done now! I release this vision of Truth in gratitude and joy! It is so, and so it is!

Rev Teresa Stuefloten, M. Div.

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