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Understanding the Beatitudes - 7 of 8

Understanding the Beatitudes 7 of 8

“Blessed are the Peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God”

by Rev. Dr. Christine 3/15/2020

This week we are continuing with the Beatitudes that Christ Jesus gave at the beginning of his Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5:1-8. Today we are looking at the 7th of 8 Beatitudes: “Blessed are the Peacemakers; for they shall be called the Sons of God.”

Who are the peacemakers? The dictionary defines peacemaker as “a person who makes peace; as by settling the disagreements or quarrels of others.” At first thought one may think of leaders of countries negotiating for peace at a United Nations meeting. Many times this is only self serving the one that has the greatest political power; money, earthly resources, or scientific inventions or weapons of destruction.

Then one may think of those meeting in the Pentagon; the military leaders of our armed forces and Secret Intelligence. Here they discuss war strategies to enforce peace. Next we have our Peace Officers, also known as Police Officers, carrying firearms throughout our cities and towns to protect its citizens from those that would break the law or do harm to others.

Is this the peacemaking that Jesus was speaking of? I don’t think so, otherwise, there wouldn’t be so much violence, and conflict going on in the world today. And, our jails and prisons wouldn’t be filled to overflowing. These methods revolve around giving up one’s basic God given rights and freedoms so that others may have control. This is not within principle. The principle of equality. True peace is equal freedom for all. Of course with freedom comes responsibility - self-responsibility.

When we look at how humanity has tried being a peacemaker we see that the method has always been working from the outside. Looking at the appearances and giving our power over to them. Then responding in fear and attack.

This kind of peacemaking is stifling to our true nature as loving, creative evolving spiritual beings. Real peace comes through freedom; freedom of mind, heart and actions. The freedom to be true to our self; to be the full and complete creative and loving expression of who we are in Truth.

The following is from the Sai Baba Gita, “There is an old woman who was sewing in her home at night. She was working on her tapestry when she lost her needle. The light being very dim in her house, she went out to the street lamp where the light was bright, to look for her needle.”

Does this make any sense at all, but we are like that old woman. We are looking in all the wrong places to solve our problems, to find our needle of peace, love, abundance and truth. We look out to the world for power, when the greatest power is within us. We look to others for love, while all the time it is within us. We look to getting abundance from the things of the world, when the source is within us. We look outside ourselves for the truth of our being, while all the time it is within us.

We have also lost our needle while working on the tapestry of our life. Our lost needle is the knowledge of our truth, without which we cannot finish our work. After groping through years caught up in illusion, we now know that there is something vital to our existence that we have lost. We go to spiritual teachers and holy places where the spiritual light is intense, hoping to find there what we have lost.

We get great solace being in the light and we gain deeper understanding of what we are looking for, but the final discovery of what we have lost can only happen when we look inside our own heart of hearts. There within, deeper than our body, deeper than our sense of I-ness which stands at the core of our individual self, beyond all sheaths, our subtle and causal light bodies - we find the brightest light of all, the light of our Christ consciousness. When the Christ light, our god-self, is fully realized, and actualized by carry it forth in all we do, the tapestry of our long journey in this world is finally complete.

Its interesting that while Jesus’ message was of peace, love, forgiveness and enlightenment, that many missed the point of his message, and were disappointed in him. As they were looking for a powerful leader to make them free from the Roman rule, and to bring back their national kingdom. Yet, his message dealt with the one true battle of life, our inner battle of Truth verses illusion of our beliefs, and all our negative and fearful thinking.

The battle of Armageddon, in Rev. 16:16, in which people believe is a physical battle that is yet to take place upon the earth. But, this battle is faced daily by every single person, and this battle goes on within us as we struggle with our thoughts, our fears and doubts. Armageddon is the battle that goes on as we struggle to free ourselves from our self imposed bondage to ignorance and illusion. The illusion that power is outside of our self. That God is separate from us.

Malinda Cramer, founder of Divine Science, says that, “Love is Power; that great Omnipotence that is Omnipresent, being everywhere present is Love.” When we get that we are that – then the illusion is gone; all fear breaks down, the ego of separation is gone, Babylon is no longer. The ancient city of Babylon represents our senses, thoughts, and our many beliefs that betray us.

We believe our thoughts have power, but in truth the only one power is knowing the Truth of God as Love. All those busy thoughts give not peace, but create more discord, and more illusion. Truth is only discovered in the silence of mind. True peace is in the silence of mind. When we go deep within to the core of our being, of our holy temple, then we find true peace, the peace that Jesus spoke about in John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you: not as the world gives, give I to you...”

The world cannot give peace. In meditation we can reach a place in consciousness where there are no thoughts, or between thoughts there is a silence while still being fully present. It is in this silence that we touch the hem of the garment of the Christ within, a great peace and joy comes from being in communion with God - the Christ Self within.

This is the Kingdom that Christ Jesus spoke of as “my kingdom is not of this world.” His kingdom, is the inner realm of consciousness where the true power and activity resides. Peace is a living, moving, intensely active power as it is the result of love which is of God and is the only true power. A person without love in their heart cannot know peace. For where there is love, there is peace.

In Matt. 10:34, Jesus says, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” This statement is very confusing because we think of a sword as a weapon to kill. But, instead think of it as a tool that divides and separates as in cutting a sandwich. Here the sword is used to cut the false from the truth. He didn’t come to make the world of illusion more peaceful, but to wake us from this falsehood, and thus the sword is the Truth to awaken us from our hypnotic sleep.

During the celebration of Passover, or Holy Week, you may recall the story of Jesus entering the temple showing anger towards the merchants and money changers. Symbolically the temple is our inner holy temple of Christ consciousness. The money changers and merchants are our worldly thoughts, concerns, fears, unresolved relationships that have taken over the entrance to our inner sacred temple.

Prayer then becomes a pleading or bargaining, such as, “If you make me rich, I’ll promise to give to the poor. If you get me out of this mess, I’ll be good, I promise.

Jesus is telling us that we can’t take these problems into our prayer or meditation. The heart and mind must be pure, undefiled with anger, guilt, resentment, or filled with problems; for the mind will not be still, instead it will rehearse over and over the seeming injustice – the battle and war going on in our mind. And, it is also true that what goes on in the mind, is extended or projected into our world of experience – adding to the great illusion.

Imagine for a moment that the Christ within you is speaking to your many thoughts. “Get out, You have no place here - get out. There is no place here for your problems - only love resides here. Put aside all concerns, forgive, and offer your love. Be fully present here and now. Be still and know I am God. Peace, my peace I give unto you.”

Now we are being a true peacemaker, as was Krishna, Buddha, Christ Jesus – all teaching the path of harmlessness and helpfulness. Gandhi too gave a message of peace through the practice of nonviolence. He inspired great change for his people without the use of war or violence. Martin Luther King, had a dream for his people of equality and freedom and peace, and his too was a path of nonviolence. And today includes the Dalai Lama who spreads his message of love and peace.

There is also the book “Nonviolent Communication; the book of life” by Marshall Rosenburg, to learn compassionate communication. Marshall teaches a process that allows each person to really hear and be heard. It is a great process for conflict resolution, a method towards peacemaking.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” Now for the last part “for they shall be called the children of God.” In some Bible translations the word “sons” is used in place of children. I like to use the original form of the word son as s-u-n, sun or light. For Jesus said, we are the light of the world.

What is to be our experience as the light of God? Because we are in harmony with all the powers and forces in our environment, everyday is transformed, made new, a rebirth. We are set free from the crippling emotions of hostility, resentment, and jealousy. We are released from limiting attitudes of lack, death and disease. We live in an abundance of life, love, joy, and peace.

As a light of Infinite Spirit we are identified with a spiritual family. Infinite Spirit, God, the Creator and Power Source, is the head of our Spiritual household. Infinite Spirit expressing in through and as us. The Presence is our light our Power Source. We are one in spirit with our Power source. Just as Jesus knew his identification with the one Source of All. So we too, as spiritual beings, have a Divine Heritage. Paul expressed this when he said, in Romans 8:14, “Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.”

As spiritual heir to the fullness of God, we know and live our life in purpose and joy. As a light of Infinite Spirit, God, we are filled with rich knowledge that Spirit is all around. and is us, and is all life everywhere. Like a flower traveling through its phases of budding, blooming, and decay, we know, as a light of God, that we travel through life in conditions that are always changing, but the Infinite Spirit of God in us is eternally fresh, alive and vital.

Let us take a moment to go within, breathe, clear our temple - our mind, and take these words within. My holy temple is cleared, I am ready in full presence of mind, to be in the conscious awareness of the Christ Light and Love that fills me, and radiates forth as peace - healing transforming peace. I am a light unto the world, and I let my light so shine. So it is. Amen!

I shall now rewrite today’s Beatitude from “Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God” to “Joyful am I, to receive my true inheritance of the peace that passes all understanding; for now I am the light, love and peace of God in action.”

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