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Today's Resurrection & Guided Meditation

Today’s Resurrection & Guided Meditation 4/21/19 by Rev. Christine Today is the day we acknowledge when Christ Jesus was resurrected following his crucifixion, and we celebrate it as Easter Sunday. The resurrection that took place in Jesus Christ, some 2000 years ago, is just as alive today. It is a daily living process that transforms our entire body, mind, and our lives. The Bible Scriptures give us clues for our personal resurrection. We are told in Romans 8:11, “If the Spirit of him who raised our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead dwells within you, so he who raised up Jesus Christ from the dead will also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwells within you.” And, in 8:14, “Those that are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.” In 1 Cor. 15:21-22, 51, “By man came death, and by man came also the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive... We shall not die, but we shall be changed.” The resurrection consciousness is the consciousness that raises the body from a belief in mortality to a certainty of Life Eternal. Resurrection is the lifting up of the whole person into the Christ Consciousness. The whole person, mind, body and soul, is Spirit. The resurrection lifts up all the faculties of mind until they conform to the absolute ideas of Divine Consciousness, and this renewal of the mind makes a complete transformation of the body so that every function works in Divine order and every cell becomes incorruptible and immortal. The resurrection is an organic change that takes place daily in all who are conforming their lives to the regenerating Truth of Christ Jesus. The resurrection takes place here and now in all who consecrate their heart and mind which says as Jesus, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Then we shall know “The Kingdom of God is at hand.” This morning we are having a resurrection meditation and rock ceremony. As part of this process we, will be going into a guided meditation which will take us through releasing of the old limiting beliefs about our self. And, to reveal our true nature of the new mankind; or taking off the mortality of false beliefs and putting on our immortality of the Christ nature. Releasing shall be a three stage process; 1st releasing of shame, guilt, pain or fear attached to a memory, 2nd releasing an unhealthy behavior or habit, and 3rd releasing a limiting belief about self. By releasing all attached negative emotion from it, the memory will still be there, but it is risen in vibration from darkness to light. Prior to each stage you will have an opportunity to select one thing to release; It is important for each stage in release, that we focus on just one thing. Meaning that altogether it may be 3 different areas to release. We shall take several minutes for each step, and at the end of each, I will ring a bell. Following the releasing we shall go into the silence as we restore our new nature. This shall take about 7-10 minutes. We will close with a rock ceremony which will later be explained. 1. This being springtime we are reminded of the caterpillar that makes its cocoon, its protective shelter, for its transformation. For this morning imagine that you are like the caterpillar, that makes its cocoon. So I ask you to get comfortable. Now begin to make this your own sacred space with 3 OMs. As I say “I”, internalize for yourself. Say silently within, “I acknowledge the Holy Divine Presence and Divine Beings that are here to guide and assist me through this transforming process.” And, “I acknowledge the Holy Light and Love of God that completely encompasses all of me.” We will begin to build this cocoon of Holy Light and Love. This being a transparent cocoon of holy light the air flows freely, and it is flexible to move within it. We now become aware of a strand of light that has come out of the heavens, and connects at the top of our head. Taking in deep breaths, and fully exhaling through our mouth the strand of light begins to weave around us. Breathe.... Now feel its gentle vibration and warmth beginning to surround you. It feels like a blanket of light. Breathe... Silently say, “I am being wrapped gently in love; from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, surrounding all around me. I am now completely protected in the Holy Light of Love. A) We are now ready for the next step of shedding off our old self. Declare silently, “Before God’s holy alter within me, I ignite my willingness... Before God’s holy alter within me, I ignite my faith... Before God’s holy alter within me, I ignite my strength... Before God’s holy alter within me, I ignite my wisdom... Before God’s holy alter within me, I ignite my love.... Before God’s holy alter within me, I ignite my freedom.” We now check within for a memory that is connected to pain, shame, guilt or fear, that is holding us back from our full sense of worthiness. Select just one to work on... Once held in mind, ask if it is ready to be transformed, if not choose another... We shall use our breath; this time from deep in our belly, take in a deep breath and forcefully blow it out, and with it the attachment.... Imagine it releasing through your breath, And, if necessary shake it off. Continue to forcefully breathe your way through it, as it begins to fade in appearance and feeling, and transforms to light. Bell. B) Now check within for an unhealthy, limiting or uncontrolled behavior, emotion or habit, that you are ready to release at this time.... Again, we shall use our breathe, breathing deeply from the belly, and blow it out, and if necessary shake it off. Realizing that it has no power of its own. Its hold grows weak, until it dissolves, and transforms into the light... Bell C) Now for the final releasing process, that of a belief in our humanness, a belief that limits who we can become and are already in Truth. Again check within for an untruth about you, that you are ready to release at this time. Such as, sick, weak, limited or lacking.... Again, begin to breathe deeply from your belly, and blowing out the false belief, and if necessary shake it off. Knowing that this was never the truth, it is now released into the nothingness from which it came. The space is now transformed with love and light. Bell and Ending. 2. Now breathe softly, and gently rest in silence, just feel all the love that surrounds you and now fills you... We are now ready for the next step in which we transform like a caterpillar into a radiant butterfly, we break free to be our true radiant Divine or Christ Self. A) The next step is to raise our energetic light vibration. Now feel your vibration of light, softly vibrating radiating from the heart center, and as you become aware of its sensation, a gentle warmth or a tingling feeling. You can see it with your inner eye, radiating through every atom and cell of your being, from your toes to top of head. Silence.... B) Continuing to breathe gently, now feel the light moving from the top of your head down the front of your body, around your feet and back up the backside to the top of your head... Now reverse it going down the backside of your head, around your feet and up the front of the body to the top of your head... Your light is becoming more brilliant. Silence... C) We step up our vibration, this time swirling down the left side and up the right... Now reverse down the right side and up the left side... Feel the quickening, the brightness, swirling through every atom and cell. Silence... D) Its time to boost up its intensity, now run the light around the body like a ribbon, spiraling from the top to bottom and back up. There is a sense of lightness, as if rising and being suspended in light... E) Now the vibration is running so high, that if feels like stillness in all its glory and radiance. Your body all aglow like a star, a 5 pointed Christ star – radiating ever so bright. “I Am That, I Am!” Silence.... Bell The cocoon now dissolves, and we are free to be that glorious person we came into this world to express. Take a few moments to rest in this state of peace and bliss realizing “I am the resurrection and the life.”... Bell. Three OMs.

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