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The Spiritual Law of Mind by Rev. Christine Emmerling 10/2/2022 (text)

“The Spiritual Law of Mind” by Rev. Christine 10/2/2022

Today we’re starting a new series based on The Spiritual Laws. In 1998 I took a course at Brooks Divinity School on The Spiritual Laws by the late Dr. Anne Kunath. Today I’ll be speaking on the Spiritual Law of Mind.

Mind is this powerful tool we have that we use to function and create in our lives. Mind is both absolute as The Mind of God, and relative as our individualized expression. Deepak Chopra describes mind as non-local and localized. Nonlocal mind is that absolute everywhere present Spirit energy, and when it becomes localized as us, we experience it as ideas, thoughts and a sense of self.

So many people think of their brain as the mind, but the brain is a tool for the mind to process through. Think of the brain as a receiving station; it receives impressions of ideas. Then gets translated through the brain as our ideas and becomes thoughts and commands. The brain is great for commanding the bodies functions. But it also deciphers what it receives to create, and to manifest in this world.

Briefly, we have three aspects to our localized mind. It's still all one mind, but we have labeled functions at our level of awareness. We have defined the conscious mind, subconscious or unconscious mind, and Christ Mind or Superconscious mind. Our conscious mind is the ordinary state of waking consciousness; observes, thinks, processes, and is the chooser. It is also off the job most of the time leaving most up to our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind daydreams, plays reels in our mind - this is not thinking, but a form of daydreaming. It is our stored memory, and stores our experiences, or at least our perception of them. Everything the conscious mind observes is filtered through a lens from our subconscious mind. Then this filtered experience gets played back to us as our memory, true or false the subconscious mind doesn’t care. But for us it is now our truth, our perception of what we have experienced.

Most people live through these two states of mind until they begin to waken spiritually. Consciously we strive to awake from this hypnotic sleep we’re in. Playing back these old recordings we call our mind chatter that can entertain us for hours making us miserable or if lucky happy. Most of our creating then is through our subconscious mind. This level of creating we call the law of attraction “Like attracts like.” Like thoughts attract like experiences. Like vibrations attract like experiences. The quality of what we manifest and have as life experiences is according to our ability to be conscious or not.

The next aspect of mind is our Christ mind or Super consciousness. This is the direct link between the absolute God Mind, and our localized mind and consciousness. It is an indwelling presence Jesus called the Father within. It is the I am within us. It is the voice of intuition and direct knowing. It is at the Christ Mind that seeming miracles and conscious creation takes place. This aspect is the least known to most people as it requires to be sought after through stillness of thought and mind chatter through the practice of Silent meditation or silent prayer.

When our subconscious is clear of false beliefs and negative painful experiences then what we attract is at a higher level of vibration, or a more desirable experience. What we entertain as our thoughts we attract more of those experiences into our life. Some call this projecting. Our mind is very much like a movie projector. It is projecting out from our subconscious mind, and we get to see it in our 3D world through other people and circumstances. Have you ever been really angry, and then hurt yourself, or had an accident, and then wonder why did that happen to me? Now you know, you ordered it with your anger energy. Pretty powerful stuff!

Now to look at how we can do this consciously without going through all the pain and suffering. As we awaken there will be trial and error, as that is the nature of life. As we become more conscious at creating there will be less and less miscreation, and our life experiences will only get better.

In Divine Science we have various trinities starting with the absolute of Creator, Creative Action, and Creation. At our level we have Idea, thought, thing or the action. First, we receive an idea, we may be meditating or in a contemplative state of mind, it can be while taking a shower or strolling down the street or gazing at the sunset. It just pops in our conscious mind. We have an opportunity to accept and think about or give it no more thought. Now our subconscious mind will kick in giving its opinion - going through its filter or our past experiences. Here we accept, reject, or even misinterpret and can become a miscreation, a missing the mark.

When we are more conscious of our subconscious thoughts, then we can look and evaluate whether its opinions are valid or not. This evaluating process is true thinking. We are giving thought to it. So often we find ourselves having unfocused flittering thoughts. We are to keep a focused mind. Jesus said, “If thine eye be single, they whole body shall be full of light.” To be single eyed is to be single minded, keeping our vision on Truth, on the good, and staying focused to bring life to our new creation.

Once we accept this as a valid idea for us to further explore, then we contemplate and plan; this is furthering our thought processes. When we know we have done everything in the planning stage, then it's time to take action. Or, to release to become a real thing in our 3D world. Releasing is so important. Some people get stuck in the planning stage, or they wither away the creative energy by talking about it, and getting other people’s opinions that may bring doubt, and it then lacks the energy to be created. It is important that in the planning stage of creating that it is held tight within - some say holding close to our heart.

When is it done! Much of this is an intuitive process. Meaning we go within; we contemplate and pray in the silence. Sometimes we have to just stop and let go. An example of a woman in labor, and if she holds too tight, the baby can’t come out. The baby can’t be held in its mother’s arms until it is born. Have you ever worked on a project until it became unrecognizable from the original idea by not stopping. The following poem by Lowell Fillmore is about releasing, titled The Answer:

When for a purpose I had prayed and prayed and prayed

Until my words seemed worn and bare with arduous use.

And I had knocked and asked and knocked

and asked again. And all my fervor and persistence brought no hope,

I paused to give my weary brain a rest

And ceased my anxious human cry.

In that still moment,

After self had tried and failed,

There came a glorious vision of God's power, And, lo, my prayer was answered in that


Our mind is a powerful tool for good, especially when we know how to work with it. First we need to understand that the law of mind is always at work. It never sleeps on the job, although we may. Everything we allow to go into our subconscious mind is there ready to repeat back to us through our thoughts, dreams, actions and projected onto our life experiences.

We have the ability to judge truly or falsely. We are told so many manmade beliefs, opinions and superstitions that have no reality in truth, but can affect our life if we too believe in them. Dr. Anne Kunath said we are to ask our self this question, “By whose authority told you?” Then to center our self in stillness and say, “Reveal the truth to me about this,” and be prepared for an answer.

This is going beyond the appearance, beyond the physical facts, to the invisible dimension of cause, truth and knowledge. Follow this by “Let the truth be revealed through me now!” Now we are tapping our Christ Mind allowing the light of truth to flow through us. Be ready for change – our world will change first inner and then outer. For what we find in truth may be very conflicting to the appearances in our outer world. Just hold on to this inner truth, stay focused in truth, and eventually the outer will follow the inner.

The more we clear out inconsistencies from our belief system, heal our emotional wounds and negative attitudes. The purer we are as a transparent vessel for divine ideas, the truer our creations will be. Every step is vital to a true creation. Otherwise, we get mis creations – those that express chaos, confusion, pain and suffering.

We all have this inner voice that judges, is the critic, fear driven. I remember the first time being aware of this voice. I was about 10 years of age and looking in the mirror when I asked myself, “Will this voice in my head change as I grow up?”, and it has. Just know that we do have control over it as we become more consciously aware of our thoughts and who we are. It can be as a stream of low energy thought patterns that we receive, much like a radio receiver matching our bandwidths. Change our vibration and our receiving channel will change. Lift our thoughts to that which is true, and our vibration will rise. Then it's easy to be happy, kind, grateful, creative and joyous.

Spiritual laws are called law because they work consistently when we work them. So many people will pray for 10 minutes and spend the rest of the day worrying, doubting and complaining about the problem, and expect a good result. We will get what we put into it.

In summery 1. Prepare your consciousness; clear out false limiting beliefs, and painful memories and replace with truth of who you are. Be the watchman of your mind, of what you allow in your subconscious mind.

2. Be open to receiving divine ideas; God is always sending perfect ideas. Prepare your consciousness and listen. Then evaluate if it's yours to do, and if so embrace and nurture with truth by contemplating, silence and affirming prayers. Think it through and see its perfect outcome. Next take appropriate action, and at last, to release and let go knowing it is done.

3. What is produced in mind is experienced through our body and our physical world. Let our creations be a gift to our world.

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