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The Sacred Wheel by Rev. Christine Emmerling 4/30/23

“The Sacred Wheel” by Rev. Christine 4/30/23

This week I’m speaking on “The Sacred Wheel” the wheel of creation, of life. The books of Genesis and St. John, and Revelation are the most mystical of the entire Bible. The beginning and the end.

Starting in Genesis, “God created the heavens and the earth in the very beginning. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light; and there was light. And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.”

God went on to create the waters, firmament, and life. All this was the beginning of creation before actual form. It was the elements out of which all life comes forth. Then in John, chapter 1, “The Word was in the beginning, and that very Word was with God, and God was that Word. The same was in the beginning with God. Everything came to be by the hand; and without him not even one thing that was created came to be. The life was in him, and the life is the light of men. And the same light shine in darkness, and the darkness does not overcome it.”

And, out of God’s word, came forth the light and then life. When God created the first plants, trees, and life, he called it all very Good. It was of perfect design. This first form of creation were archetypal patterns, known as spirit, angels and all higher forms of consciousness, out of which came forth as energy patterns which formed the creation we see and touch as life on earth.

How much more sacred can life be, for out of God, Omnipresence, all life has and is coming forth from the invisible to the visible. In Genesis, we are told that the first creations were without form. Here is a lesson in the process of creation. From within consciousness, the love pours forth to create. Some say intelligence, but at this level it is the highest form of mind which is a love so powerful and pure that is at the very core of pre atoms, pre particles and neurons. And is a very high frequency not yet known to mankind, some may call it the “God Particle” and can best described as an invisible radiance out of which all else comes.

Our very thought is vibration; the quality or frequency of the vibration determines the like creation. Jesus told us, that we are responsible for our very thought, that even thinking it, is the same as doing. I’m talking about those thoughts that we focus our attention on; this is giving light and energy to it. And when the focused thought is charged with feeling, for feeling is power, it is set into motion to bear fruit to take form in our world. When things happen to us we may not remember that we had set in motion, in thought and feeling, a like vibration.

The sacred wheel is Love, Light, Life, and Law. Geometrically, I first see this as a triangle of the higher or inner realms as Love, Light, Life. These three are always there; and are of the archetypal world patterns. When we start working with this it becomes our Law, or the Law of Expression of “Like produces like” and “That which is born of Spirit is Spirit.”

Jesus told us that as we believe it is done. The filter of our conscious mind, which is referred to as our subconscious mind, is the storage house of all our experiences, belief’s and such, and these determine the outcome. That is why the quality of our thought is so important. Metaphysically in the Bible, animals represent the quality of our thoughts. The nature of some animals are more gentle, loving while others are vicious and even poisonous. For example, sheep and lambs represent gentle thoughts, birds are fleeting thoughts, snakes and spiders would be sneaky and poisonous thoughts.

Our word is the living Logos. Words are seeds and seeds sprout and become either flowers and fruit or thorns and poisonous plants that infect all those who receive them. But mostly we self inflict upon our self. And, that is the law of our land.

Just think, when our unspoken word is so powerful, then how much more are those that are released to bear fruit. Once a thought is spoken, no matter how hard you might try, it can never be swallowed back. That is why every word needs to be considered with care before speaking and sending it into the world.

Before saying something, ask “Is it kind, helpful, or necessary?” and if it passes this test then it would be harmless to yourself and to the other person that it is directed at. It is good to reflect on why you want to say something. What is the underlying purpose? For some people it makes them feel like they’re in control or better than the other person?

We don’t have to match the other person’s energy. Sometimes it is better to say nothing. Generally speaking it would be better to speak less, and then what is said would be of a higher vibration. Something that will support and lift people. This is taking the higher road.

Using our life to create blessings is why we are here. Think about it, we can be blessing makers. Made in the image and likeness of God we have the power to transform and transmute lower expressions to higher. When we have achieved the transformation from dense matter to radiance, knowing the Tree of Life in the garden of Eden, we will have come full circle, but now as our true multidimensional state as Christ consciousness.

Being a blessing is why we have come here in this plane of expression of denseness. Being in form, is a gift, a blessing, an opportunity to experience our creations – for we are godlings in the making.

Every word has power to create or destroy. How well we choose our words depends on the quality of our inner life. But, it is more than just the words, it is the intent behind them, the feeling and emotion. Breathing is an important factor in determining the vibration or quality of our thoughts.

Breathing the very life and breath of God. Intentional breathing transforms plain air - even polluted – to the life and spirit of God that nourishes the mind, body and soul. We start with our breath, which raises our vibration and clears out lower vibrational thoughts – we rise above the subconscious level of mind truly being conscious in this very moment.

Silent meditation, prayer and contemplation are all tools to living a sacred life. Oxygen clears the way to silencing the ongoing mind chatter. It is in this silence that we connect with the higher vibrational realms of consciousness. We call this our Christ Consciousness or Christ Mind. Here we are connected to the original archetypes that God created in those seven days or stages of creation, of pure thoughts, eternal living creations of very good.

We can live without food for about 30 days. We can live without water for about 2 weeks. And we can live without air for about 5 minutes. This makes the air we breathe the most vital element to living this body. So let us everyday take time out for sacred conscious breathing.

Before eating, bless our food with gratitude and love – we have the power to transform and transmute to its true natural state as our energy source. This also goes for the water we drink, bless it. It does make a difference in how it tastes and how our body assimilates.

Then we carry this blessing to every action we take. Acknowledging the life of God in everything around us; in the plants, ground, our home, and belongings. Yes, both animate and inanimate – all is life. Next bless all the people that come in to our experience. We meet anger with love, compassion and forgiveness “for they know not what they do.” Doing this everyday we will see our life transform from chaos to peace. It doesn’t mean we won’t have challenges and continual change, but it will be handled with more ease and grace.

When conditions seem to be creating stress, remember to breathe deeply, and fully take in the breath of God. This can be done wherever we are; driving on the highway, in a meeting with the boss, responding to social media, or waiting in a long line. And, instead of reacting with some harsh words, we take this time as an opportunity to practice the presence of God. To see God in everyone and all around us everywhere. Now we become the song of God, living the sacred wheel of love, light, life and law.

There is meditation technique that came from the Hawaiian Kahunas called Huna meditation. It is based on taking 40 breaths. These 40 breaths will oxygenate the body and raise its spirit energy. This raised spirit energy is called the “manna” that feeds our spirit light body so we can send it forth in prayer to do good works. I’m going to describe the process for the 40 breaths.

We begin the Huna Meditation by acknowledging the air we breathe as the holy sacred breath or manna. Then we bring our focus to our lower abdomen, then through our nose slowly inhale expanding from our lower abdomen area rising upward to the upper diaphragm. Then we pause our breath for a moment. Then slowly release contracting our chest and abdomen as we completely emptying out. Once empty take the next breath. When a cycle of 4 breaths are completed there is a pause to a count of 4, then continue with the next 4 breaths for a total of 10 cycles or a total of 40 breaths (about 10 minutes). Then rest in the silence for about 10 minutes. Breathing will naturally be more shallow. Close with gratitude.

Now we shall do this together. Do to time constraints, I’ll guide us through just a sampling of 4 breaths.

Before we begin get comfortable sitting with back straight and head forward. We acknowledge, “This air I breathe is the life essence of Divine Spirit - pure love and light.” Now we bring our attention to our lower abdomen, and inhale through our nose taking in that first breath all the way from the lower abdomen expanding as we slowly rise all the way up to the upper diaphragm. Pause for a second. Now slowly release contracting as we completely empty out. Now take the next breath doing this three more times. Now rest in the silence... Thank you Infinite Spirit. Amen.

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