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The Power of Your Faith

“The Power of Your Faith”

by Rev. Christine 7/26/2020

Today’s talk is about the Power of Your Faith. I thought it best to begin with the Webster dictionary definition of the word faith: “Faith is unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence. Complete trust, confidence or reliance.”

There are many who would say “I only believe in what I can see with my own two eyes.” Yet our eyes can give us faulty information. Studies have shown that one must believe before actually seeing. It is said, that at first the indigenous people could not see the Spanish ships off shore, until a shaman saw them, and pointed out the ships to others. Because sailing ships had not been part of their prior experience, it was beyond their comprehension to understand and their ability to see them.

What we can conceive is that which we will see. There is a psychological ink blot test in which the patient will be asked what they see in this blot of ink. What will be seen is dependent upon their experience. If they were traumatized let’s say in the battle field, they may see blood. While a child may see melted ice cream. Some people may see a spotted cow or a house. The mind will always try to make sense out of what it sees. When something so strange or different happens, that just doesn’t fit in our normal world of events, the mind will make something up to fit, or the mind might just go blank by totally forgetting what had been experienced until ready to know.

A common test is to have a group of people witness an event, and then ask each one what they saw. The results will be as different as the number of people being asked.

Dr. Wayne Dyer once coined the phrase “Believing is seeing.” There is a whole other world that is unseen to the naked eye. Such as, energy or the air we breathe. Yet it exists. Those with a natural gift or trained eye can see energy or light known as auras around people, animals, plant life and objects. There is said to be seven energetic layers to our body. The body we actually see is just one of those layers. Behind all manifestation there is this spiritual substance, energy or consciousness. The Omnipresence of God; both invisible and visible, and being everywhere present.

What about our thoughts? How real are they? Each thought has an energy of its own, and is the foundation of manifestation and experience. Faith is this invisible power that is actually a God given inherited power that we all have. Faith is our ability to create something out of the seeming nothingness.

Have you ever watched a baby learning to turn over? They will begin with rocking side to side, until they make it. Then they attempt to crawl, first by getting up on all fours, and then rocking until propelled forward, or maybe backwards. Then as strength is built, the baby is able to start moving the legs in coordination with the hands and crawling throughout the house

Next the big step for a baby is to pull itself up to standing, and then letting go testing the waters so to speak. They are so proud with them self as they take that first step towards you. The baby had faith from the point when it couldn’t even turn over that it would someday be walking. Each point in development was building the strength and faith to continue on. Never doubting regardless the number of times the baby may have fallen. Can you imagine a baby falling and just never getting up again?

What is it that we are putting our faith in today, this very moment? Yes, I trust and have the faith to take my next breath, knowing there is air to breathe. We are exercising our faith with every breath we take.

Our mind is easily receptive to suggestion, and we are told there are germs in the air that can make us sick, and give us the flu or COVID-19. We put our faith in medicine to heal, and on the road that drivers will follow the laws of the road.

We have our negative mind talk. It takes just as much faith to believe in the positive and good, as it does the negative and bad. Ask yourself, where am I empowering my faith or investing my thoughts in? Is it what I want to experience?

In the Bible there are many stories about people and their faith. Abraham, considered a patriarch of 3 religions including Christianity. He is known for his obedience and faith. First we listen, we get direction, and then it is up to us to decide to follow and do, or not to do. Abraham trusted his inner guidance, and in faith moved his family. Later, he was willing to surrender his most loved son, Isaac. Believing he was being asked to sacrifice his son, Abraham was prepared to follow through. Then he suddenly looked up and saw a ram and realized that could be sacrificed in place of his child. Abraham realized that all that was needed was his willingness to give up his most precious possession. Nothing is to be dearer to us than our relationship to God.

Peter, Jesus’ disciple, was known for his faith. When Jesus walked upon the water, Peter stepped off the boat upon the water, remembering the promise, knowing that he too could do these works. Then when the wind came up, and doubt and fear came over him, he lost faith and began to sink. But, then his faith was restored which carried him to Jesus. Peter was the first to recognize the Christ consciousness that Jesus was expressing and demonstrating in his works.

The world is our mirror reflecting back all that we are conscious of being. What we are conscious of being, is being projected or created in our world. Our thoughts, our beliefs, become our faith, and results in our world of experience. In scripture Mark 22-24, And Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God. Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” The feeling of gratitude of having received, now that is having faith in the unseen.

I have had students tell me, “But I’ve tried affirmations, and things just never work out the way I wanted it to happen.” Affirmations are a powerful tool to changing our life. Affirmations remind us of what is already true. They strengthen our faith in Truth. Yet, saying God is all and God is Good, while at the same time feeling separation as in fear, anger, guilt, or doubt. This then nullifies the affirmation. It is cancelled out by our feeling. The feeling must match the thought. Persistency is then prescribed. To continue with the affirmation until the feeling matches, and you can say with conviction YES!

Jesus said to his disciples, that where two or more are in agreement it is done to you. On a soul level this means, where two or more states of consciousness are in agreement it is done unto us. Such as, our thoughts and emotions, or conscious and subconscious mind is in agreement. Better yet, our conscious, subconscious and superconscious or Christ Consciousness is in agreement. The internal battle is over, and it is done accordingly.

In Glenn Clark’s book “I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes,” explains faith as a turning point to answered prayer. He describes a vine as a ladder having eight rungs or steps. We begin at the first rung with opinion, rung two is conception, three is belief, four is trust, five is faith, six is conviction, seven is realization, and eight is knowing.

Early in childhood we turn our sensations and perceptions into opinions. Opinion, after being carefully examined and thought upon, becomes a conception. As the conception grows firmer and clearer in our mind we accept it as a belief.

Next comes trust. A person can believe a parachute will open, and still not have the trust to jump. When a person arrives at trust, this is when thinking begins to be converted into action. When we trust our belief, we are at the threshold of true faith. When faith becomes settled and permanent we call it conviction. Then dawns realization and we begin to function in the multidimensional realm of heaven - of creation.

Finally we reach the state of absolute knowing. We step out upon the promises of God with the same assurance that we take our next breath. We take our next step, we don’t stop and question or doubt that there will be solid ground to walk on. We don’t think about it, or have to analyze the body’s process to move. There is no thought, anymore than we think about how to make our heart beat. This is Knowing!

Faith is like a muscle that needs to be exercised to build strength, otherwise it gets weak and lazy, and we fall down the rungs of our ladder. The assignment for this week is to ask yourself, “where am I putting my faith?” “What do I believe about me to be true?” “What are my Convictions?” How are these serving me? Then do something new that will exercise your faith. Then record the results in a notebook.

We’re going to do an exercise based on Charles Fillmore’s work in the “Twelve Powers of Man.” Fillmore associated each of the 12 powers to a disciple and gland. The power of faith is associated to Peter and the Pineal gland. The Pineal gland opens our mind to spiritual faith. The Pineal gland is also associated with the 3rd eye Chakra, and is located at the forehead between the brow; in the center top portion of the head.

I invite you to get comfortable and relax. Now focus your attention to this area between the brow, and see it with your inner eye as a glowing indigo. Merely affirming the activity of this power will quicken it in consciousness.

Now we shall affirm, and I’ll say it first, and then repeat it with you: “The Christ of God is awakened in me.” “Christ in me is quickening my faculty of Faith.” “I Am grateful that the Christ in me is awakened and quickening my faculty of Faith.” So it is.

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