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The Face of God

The face of God by Rev. Mark Stuefloten

If you have ever have asked “what does God look like ?”  you would be asking the question most people have asked. You can read descriptions of God and what God does in many kinds of books and see artists’ illustrations and  paintings of their idea of God. But I know another way. The Bible in the story of creation tells us that we are created in the image of God. Jesus told us that we can do miracles like he did. Healing the sick, raising the dead, creating  an abundance of good for all who came to him. Jesus knew that in truth everyone he met was in perfect health and wholeness, living in the divine flow of Gods abundance of good fortune. Because Jesus knew his true relationship with God, and who God was, he could see no disease, no poverty, only Good. He saw the face of God in each person; he saw only the divine good in them and declared it. You can know God and you can see the face of God in everyone. See everyone as they are, whole and  filled with divine good. Begin by looking into a mirror and you will see the face of God. Feel the good, the abundance of good within you, then see that same reflection in everyone you meet.

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