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The Cosmic Mary

“The Cosmic Mary” by Rev. Christine 12/1/2019

We are now into the Christmas Season. While many people are busily preparing for Christmas by shopping for presents, decorating their houses and having parties, the deeper meaning of this period of time is in preparing for the birth or rebirth of the inner Christ child.

Every story of the Bible is also a story of our own soul’s journey. Not for some 2000 years ago, but for right here and now. We are every personage, and as we begin the Advent Season we become Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, three wise men, King Herod, and the little Baby Jesus. At this time of year there is much attention on the baby Jesus.

Yet, Mary is the main character of this story. It is her consciousness that has prepared the way for this glorious new kind of child to come forth. Marking the beginning of the New Testament and dispensation of Grace. My talk today is focused on Mary, the Cosmic Mary.

Janice T. Connell, author of Meetings with Mary, Angel Power and Queen of the Cosmos, also wrote an article titled A Spiritual Awakening in Visions of Mary. Connell approaches the Marian apparitions with a combination of faith and science.

Her view is that “the spiritual dark ages” are drawing to an end. The apparitions of the Virgin Mary that have been reported around the world are “one little example, one concrete example, if you will,” of a grand spiritual awakening.” Something is going on, for in the last hundred years there have been an increasing number of these apparitions and weeping Madonna statues, and especially in the late 1980's and 90's. I have two pictures to share with you, that my sister Naomi had brought back with her from Italy in 1987.

According to Connell, Mary’s message is mostly a calling for world peace, care for the earth and each other. Some believe this was just “millennial madness”, yet there’s no evidence indicating a similar outbreak of divine manifestations in any other period of history.

Other’s believe that Mary is back cosmically in preparation of the Second Coming of the Christ. In Divine Science and other New Thought teachings, we believe the second coming is the unfoldment of the Christ Consciousness in all humanity. Mother Mary is indeed here preparing the way just like she did some 2000 years ago. Although, not in physical human form for her message today is on a global scale verses giving birth to a single Christ child.

In the series of books by Corinne Heline “New Age Bible Interpretation”, she explains through astrological ages the development of planetary root races. I won’t go too much into this idea of root races, except there are to be 7, and each covers hundred thousands of years. We are currently the 5th root race of the planet, which shall have 7 sub races. Currently there are 5 sub races, and there is to be two more sub races before we fulfill the 5th root race, and usher in the 6th root race.

It is my understanding that the 6th sub race is the result of our own evolution of the Christ consciousness within all humanity. There is to be the blending of the male and female principles as denoted in the Aquarian Age. The 7th sub race is even more evolved in living universal or Cosmic Consciousness - The soul is no longer just earth bound, but is a fully conscious multi-dimensional being freely moving through dimensions of consciousness.

At this time we are just babes in the manger of the cosmic plan. Yet each of us is absolutely vital in bringing forth the birth of the new race consciousness. According to Heline, Mary is here to call forth the stragglers — there shall be none left behind in this cosmic transition.

Connell as quoted said, “Bernard of Clairvaux had the great grace of breaking through the three-dimensional world and having the experience that St. Augustine wrote about in the 4th century: His inner eye was opened, his inner ear was opened — which means he could hear the spiritual world and see it.” This is absolutely natural when one becomes awakened. These are the spiritual qualities attributed to Mary which gave birth in Jesus Christ; it’s the blending of the masculine and feminine principles of humanity.

Just because women already have some of these qualities naturally doesn’t mean they don’t have their work cut out. Every soul has both male and female principle at work, although some are not as developed. Eve represents the fallen female principle of emotions and desires.

Adam represents the masculine principle of the intellect cultivated at the expense of the heart. We see it as an inconsistent emotional nature, selfish desires for possession, and control. As a result the true love nature of selfless universal compassion remains relatively undeveloped.

The heart contains its own brain cells. It is in the development of the heart brain that we have direct access to true wisdom, love and compassion. And, the theme of the New Testament - the mystical marriage.

In the Bible, the story of Mary begins with her immaculate birth. Her parents Joachim and Hanna, Hanna means “Virgin of Light”, received an angelic announcement of Mary’s coming birth. According to Heline, when conception of a child is done through spiritual preparation of the pending parents, rather than by lust, it is called an immaculate conception of purity or virgin birth.

When Mary was old enough to walk, she was being trained in spiritual matters. At three years of age Mary was brought to the temple to live and prepare for her mission. Joseph was also being prepared from childhood. They were both raised Essences to be master teachers preparing for the coming Christ birth to bring forth the divine pattern into the seed of humanity.

Bringing forth a child in this way of spiritual intention attracts the souls who are of the new race consciousness. The time to just populate the earth, as in the Old Testament, is over. The New Testament is instructing us to carefully prepare ourselves in prayer, meditation, and having pure thoughts and actions for conceiving the highest souls to be born.

We can also see this metaphysically, of our own Christ birth which is the Aquarian Age of the Divine Androgyne; the union of the two Divine Principles in the human soul will be reflected externally in a comradeship between men and women, each being equal. The feminine principle lifted up once more to its rightful place side by side in humanity. A humanity of compassion and Brotherhood in service to all.

This is also known as the “Coming Age of Mary” the divine feminine in humanity. “M” of Mary of the Hebrew alphabet symbolizes “water”, or the feminine aspect of man. The Aquarian Age is represented by a man carrying and pouring a jug of water. Jesus, told his disciples to look for a man carrying a jug of water and he will show the way to the upper room for the last supper. Metaphysically the upper room is a state of higher consciousness - our Christ Consciousness that directly connects us in communion with God.

The virgin Mary represents the cultivation of purity. First and foremost purity is to be developed in mind and soul. Christ said, “Blessed are the Pure in Heart for they shall see God.” Disciples or initiates understand the Advent season as a time for purification and preparation.

Again, we are reminded of Adam and Eve, who through desire was tempted and fell from grace -- the separation of self allowing the intellect, desire and fear to rule. The spiritual attributes of Mary or the female principle, are without selfish desire, but of selfless unconditional and compassionate love in service to humanity, and spiritual gifts of intuition and healing.

It is the feminine principle that sees and hears angels, recognizes the Christ, and heals as Jesus the Christ. It is the intellect tempered with love that shall have the new soul body wearing the wedding garment of golden light.

The time of the ruling intellect void of love, to rule, conquer and possess is coming to an end both inwardly and externally in our world. Heline writes, “For 2000 years the battle between darkness and light, between Christ and anti-Christ, has raged the world in fulfillment of ancient prophecy.” Now at last the forces of light are in ascendant, and the secret powers of creation are emerging from their hiding place under the guiding hand of a new science for the new age.”

This I believe is the awakening of the individual free spirit which will unfold so much more. The time has come for the Age of Mary. The beginning of a Christed Humanity brought forth from all races and nations. This is a global, cosmic event affecting the planet itself, all humanity and forms of life, and as such our Cosmic Mother Mary is here to guide the birth of our Christ within; “Holy Mary full of grace thou art with us.”

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