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Spiritual Waters by Rev. Mark Stuefloten 12/16/20(text)

Spiritual Waters

What are we going to do when the well goes dry, is a line from a Ricky Nelson record back in the fifties or early sixties. The wells in the Old Testament in the Hebrew Christian Bible were often fought over. In John 4 Jesus used a well to illustrate to the young Samaritan women who came to draw water from the well spiritual truths. Jesus told her about living waters. He said the water he gives becomes a spring of water, welling up to eternal life.

Jesus speaks of the living water twice in the New Testament, the second time in John 7:38-39. If anyone thirst let them come to me and drink. Those who believe in me, out of their heart will flow rivers of living waters. Jesus is not talking about himself but of the Holy Spirit who would come sometime after his death and resurrection. Out of our heart flow the issues of our life. If we are in the Divine flow, cooperating with the infinite, living waters will flow from our hearts. I interpret that as God’s planned and unplanned good fortune will be our life experience.

Earnest Holmes founder of Science of the Mind explained it this way: God is the fountain that the living waters flow out of. Imagine a spiritual pipe line that living water flows through into our hearts. When our thoughts are in line with God, thoughts that are life affirming, then the living water flow is overflowing with good things; but if thoughts are not life affirming the flow can get blocked. Our thoughts control what amount of the flow of living water we receive.

Earnest Holmes had a saying There is a greater power in the universe for the good and you can learn to cooperate with it. The thoughts that we habitually think about, negative or positive, manifest in some form or other into our life. Change your thinking change your life, We can do that by being attentive to what we are thinking about.

What kind of conversations we are having and what actions are we taking? Are we spending enough time on our spiritual walk? What kinds of books, television, and radio programs we are watching or listening to? Are they optimistic and uplifting? Do they contribute to our spiritual growth?

I, myself, have spent too much time following the game-playing in Washington D C on the news channels. I started watching lighter programs and decided to give myself an early Christmas gift of the Disney plus channel.

Lightening up has improved my health and outlook. I realized by examining my thoughts and feeling that I had become overly involved with the country’s problems, and that God is running the universe not Rev. Mark.

Affirm what you know is true about God. Declare it out loud. Make an affirmation affirming what you know is true. Some examples: I AM ONE IN GOD. I AM IN THE DIVNE FLOW OF GOD’S GOODNESS ALWAYS. IAM IN THE DIVINE GRACES OF GOD’S GOODNESS.

Each time you affirm what you know is true, the stronger your belief and faith will become. If we want to make a life enhancing transformation we have to dive deeper into the living waters, It’s not about learning anything more or giving up anything. Going deeper into your spiritual teaching and practice is about surrender.

Doing meditation twice a day, focusing effortlessly on your breathing, can take you deeper. Just after you meditate, while still being in that quiet moment, pray. Thank God for the life you have. The simple prayer of just saying “thank you” is life enhancing and tells it all. We don’t have to say more than that unless we are moved by our sprit to do so. God already knows our heart’s desires, our visions, dreams and plans.

By staying present, by paying attention, our awareness increases. Staying focused brings clarity to the present moment. Transformation happens in the present moment when we are there alert and open to change.

Some people call it an “Ah-Ha” moment. But what we truly desire is a Transformation that will awaken us, not just for a moment but forever. That is why we do our Divine Science truth study and practice to keep the soil of our being conditioned for the moment when God decides we are ready for transformation to awaken. Then we will be open to receive it. Transformation comes on divine time. Our part is to be open and ready to receive it. That’s the way it works in life. God gives us a purpose in life. We work our plan and God determines the outcome and when it will happen.

But God has lightened our spiritual and daily work in this life. God is present and God has created invisible processes in the universe that work with us to help us accomplish what we need to do to live well and to prepare for our transformation and awakening. Joseph Campbell called them “invisible helping hands.“

Remember our song: “I am a light, you are a light, we are a light in this world; and we shine and we shine and we shine so bright.”

You see, we are already Transformed and awake. What we need is to remember that we are. We have no more to do than to remember who we truly are and what our true relationship to the Infinite is. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Study truth teachings and practice the presence of God. Affirm daily the good in your life. Pray and give thanks to God. Meditate and go deep into your spiritual work. You will have wonderful experience and results that will cause you to go beyond being a believer to a knower.

You want to know for yourself who you are and what your true relationship to the Infinite is.

Prayer Take a deep breath, hold it second and let out slowly. Surrender into the moment. No more hard work, no more struggling, just effortlessly doing the things God intended for you. You are the salt of the earth, the light in this world created in the image and likeness of God. You are spirit. You are an eternal being. You are a unit of pure consciousness. Dive deep into the ocean of Divine waters. Bathe yourself. Let all of your being be drawn into the the deep, clear, rejuvenating Divine water. May those Divine waters fill you with everlasting joy. May you forever rejoice in God in your life. May your life so shine that those in your life and those near you become uplifted and remember their light and let it shine. May the week ahead and all of the days of your life be lived in the presence of Faith, Hope, and Love. May you be happy. May God bless you and give you grace, that you are successful in all the good works you do. And so it is. Amen

Rev. Mark Stuefloten

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