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Spiritual Law of Multiplication by Rev. Christine Emmerling 10/16/2022 (text)

“Spiritual Law of Multiplication” by Rev. Christine 10/16/22

Today we’re continuing the Spiritual Laws series with “The Spiritual law of multiplication.” The spiritual law of multiplication is also called the Law of Expansion and Increase. Increase and expansion is what all people are seeking. The urge of God within them is seeking fuller expression in all phases of their lives. Your desire to grow wealthy, to expand, unfold, and be creative is a fundamental impulse of our being. In short, we want to live a life that is fulfilling and more abundant in all ways.

The principle behind expansion is love. That which we love grows. What we focus upon increases. So we praise, bless, have gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness as these are all expressions of love. Love ignites the spiritual law of multiplication.

Establish and maintain an attitude of rich increase toward everything and everybody. In other words, let your main thought when thinking of yourself and others be the thought of prosperity, success, healthy, peaceful, loving and all good. Just by thinking of yourself and others as rich, successful, healthy and happy you help to make it so.

The law of multiplication is based on already having and knowing its source is unlimited just by calling it forth by acknowledging this principle. Knowing we already have is the first step. We are not coming from lack for we have and we know there is infinitely more. Some looking out to the appearances of our world would say your being foolish to believe in the infinite, the facts say there is a shortage of oil, or food, or water. The earth only has so many resources. And, when used up they are gone for millions of years.

I am not implying to waste for that is not in the principle of love. What I am saying is that our source is not based on the facts of appearances. The true source is a principle, and principles are not limited by anything. Principle is Cause, and creates and sustains life and the physical structure. God is a living principle expressing and creating through and as us all. Meaning the source is within us, all around us and everywhere. Everything in our worldly experience has come from consciousness, individually and collectively. This is the inside out world.

When we have put our faith in the effect as our source, on that which is impermanent, we shall experience disharmony, disappointment, lack or limitation. For it is not the Source, but the effect and it is only temporary. The source is the life principle behind the appearance. The life principle within a tree, is always at work, and it will continue to bare fruit. But the fruit is not the principle. The Principle Love is what gives and sustains life.

There is the saying, “Only brush the teeth you want to keep.” Science has proven that ignoring a plant will kill it faster than yelling hateful words at it. When we take our attention away from something we might as well be cursing. Curse the tree and watch it shrivel up and die. When we criticize ourselves or another person, or anything in our lives we are also cursing and condemning ourselves to some form of limitation.

Avoid hurry. Go as fast as you can, but do not hurry. The moment we begin to hurry, we cease to be prosperous in our thinking and become fearful, which is the prologue to failure. Feeling hurried is an underlying belief in a lack of time. At such times mentally declare, “Peace be still, all is in Divine Timing,” and observe the atmosphere all around calm down to a reasonable pace. Then we fix our attention on the thing we are working towards, and begin to give thanks that we are accomplishing it in God’s own wonderful way.

How many times have I left late knowing it could make me late to an appointment, and get all stressed out while driving there. Then the traffic would be backed up, and every green light would turn red right before my eyes. By the time I arrived to my doctors office I’d rush in to discover I’m just in time, but my blood pressure was way up. A restriction in my blood flow because of my belief in not having enough time. Another way, is to relax and declare that “All is flowing, and I’m in the flow.” And watch the cars and lights flow.

Limitation or lack is more than just not having something, it is the life force within us being restricted. Restricted life force affects all areas of our life; our health and wealth, our relationships and peace of mind, and our creative expression.

According to H.B. Jeffrey we have five levels of bodies that make up our being. We have our spiritual body, emotional body, mental body, physical body, and the material body. The material body consists of things: our clothes, home, toys, jewelry, cars, all our possessions. Our possessions are part of us. We created them into our lives, we own them, and they are part of us. Part of our consciousness and energy field, and these draw upon our life force energy to sustain.

Sometimes in my life I have felt that my belongings have also owned me. They take my energy to sustain with my awareness of them. They take physical space to store. If I am well pleased with them, then they serve me well. If I begin to feel discontent, they will soon break apart or disappear from my world. Costing me to fix, replace or take to the dumps.

We can look around in our world and see where we need to show more appreciation. Yes, we appreciate. Instead of focusing on the problem we switch to praising and blessing. The key to the law of multiplication is praise, appreciation, gratitude, blessing, love, and then having faith knowing it is done accordingly.

To bless is to make holy by acknowledging its true origin and substance as Divine. We lift our thoughts from the physical object to the true source and substance of that object. Knowing it is pure Divine Spirit Substance. We praise giving thanks and appreciation for what we already have, and for what is to come. Then we share with others. Sharing opens the life force principle to flow, this is faith in action.

We are told to ask and we shall receive. Jesus the Christ said in Mat. 21:22, “and everything that you will ask in prayer believing, you shall receive.” We are not talking of the kind of asking where one is begging or pleading God to give. It is more as if we are sitting at a banquet table overflowing with dishes of food, and we ask, “Please pass the potatoes.” We expect the one sitting across the table to pass the potatoes on to us. Do we not? Expectation sets in motion. We are asking for what is rightfully ours to have. We thank the person for passing the plate to us, and then we take our share.

Our thankfulness is before we have taken or received on our own plate knowing we shall have and we know it is good. And, then we eat our food. This is invoking the law of multiplication. Our food then continues to serve us by nourishing and restoring.

Imagine asking God to provide our next breath. We breathe by taking our next breath, we expect the air shall be there for us to take in. For Jesus also said that God already knows the things we need, but to pray by “Our Father which are in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name.” Or, translated as “Our Creator which is in consciousness, Holy is your nature.” Acknowledge the holiness of all life, its true Divine Nature – this is blessing it. Daily bless the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and everything we enjoy having.

From the Bible in the book of Genesis we have the first teaching in the law of multiplication in the seven days of creation. Everyday God created and then called it “good and very good.” God created the living principles of perpetual creation that are still at work today, and it is all very good.

Then Jesus the Christ gave us the spiritual law in the multiplying of the loaves and fish. In Luke 9:14-17, there were about 5,000 men. And he said to his disciples to make them sit down in groups of fifty which they did. Then he took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, he blessed them, and broke, and gave to the disciples to feed the multitude. And they did eat, and were all filled. And there was 12 baskets of remaining fragments. What faith! Can you imagine for a moment being one of the disciples caring a basket knowing what you put in there. Then watching the fish and bread never grow less, but to actually increase.

First Jesus prepared the peoples consciousness with healing and teaching spiritual truth. Then he put them in groups stirring up their faith and expectation. Jesus then looked up to heaven and blessed the food. Looking up Jesus acknowledges their true source as the Divine Substance of God. This is the act of lifting up in consciousness, the looking beyond the appearance. Blessing is the knowing it is good, being thankful and full of praise for what is at hand and knowing it is done. Jesus then broke the bread and fish. The breaking stirs into action, in consciousness, of the inner spirit substance of bread. The law of multiplication in manifestation is now set in motion, and the disciples go forth in faith serving the food. They are serving the deeper lessons of spiritual truth, and eating represents the digestive process in learning.

The 12 baskets full. Metaphysically baskets represent fullness and completeness in consciousness. The power of 12 may be applied to all concepts which deal with extension, expansion, elevation, regeneration and spiritually transformed. Twelve transcends the three dimensional world.

The following is a suggested list of what to bless and praise that Dr. Ann Kunath provided to her students of the Spiritual Law course:

1. Praise your income and it will increase.

2. Praise your relationships and they get better.

3. Bless your car and it runs better.

4. Bless your business, and it brings in greater cash flow.

5. Bless your co-workers, and they are much more harmonious.

6. Bless your children, and they behave better.

7. Praise your mind, and you have more inspiration.

8. Bless your inner Christ, and it provides inner wealth.

9. Praise your phone, and you hear good news.

10. Praise your body, and you have better health.

11. Bless the world, and name it as good as God created it to be.

12. Bless your home, and it brings great peace.

13. Praise your life, and it gets longer and better.

14. Bless God, and God blesses you.

Write down your own areas of desired increase, and then bless it by writing blessings and praises. Make it a practice to bless and praise everything and everyone in your life including yourself, and watch your good multiplying back to you.

I’ll close with the following affirmation: “Praise God! I am so blessed that my good is overflowing blessing others.”

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