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Shift from the Mind to the Heart

“Shift from the Mind to the Heart” Rev. Christine 5/13/18 Today being Mother’s Day, I’ll be speaking on the Feminine Principle. Let us start at the beginning with the Bible in Genesis, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve are symbolic to the one soul (our soul). Adam representing the masculine energetic aspects of wisdom, understanding, knowledge and will, in the higher aspects. And, in the fallen state of separation, mental, ego, willfulness, and control over the world we live in. Eve, mother of the world, is the feminine energetic principle of love, compassion, intuition in its higher aspects. And, in the fallen state it is desire, emotions, and the five senses for experiencing the world we live in. We, all humanity, have both male and female aspects and energies. Since the so called fall from grace, of Adam and Eve, we have lived in a patriarchal world ruled by the masculine energies of the mental, ego, and control while being tempted by our desires and emotions. The heart being over ruled by the mental portion of the brain. Then we have the heart brain that science has discovered to have brain tissue. While fear can dominate the mental brain, love dominates the heart brain. The Bible is also a book about humanity’s evolution of the mind, brain and heart connection. The male and female aspects are designated as our left and right brain respectively. One story of creation leaves us to believe that original man, Adam, was androgynes, both male and female. He was put into a deep sleep and Eve was created from his rib. This story leaves Adam in a deep sleep for God never woke him up. Also, the story of the Tree of Knowledge in Good and Evil, in which they partook of its fruit after having been told not to do so. They had disobeyed their God. They now felt shame, hid, when questioned, and denied having eaten of the forbidden fruit. They were now dishonest. They went from an innocent pure state of mind, to now knowing fear, shame, and suffering. The result removed them from the Garden of Eden - all bounty of goodness and peace. This is a representation of being in a hypnotic state of duality of good and evil. The rest of the Bible is about getting back to the Garden of Eden to the other tree, the Tree of Life, eternal life in Oneness. We now move forward in time to the New Testament, beginning with Mary and Joseph. Mary is the primary character, while in the Old Testament, Adam was. Mary represents the risen Eve. She is represented by love, compassion, purity and intuition. Mary listens and obeys her inner guidance, which is represented by the angel as God’s messenger. Joseph, Mary’s fiancé, represents the risen Adam of wisdom, understanding, intelligence and will. When Joseph first hears of Mary being with child, he goes into doubt and fear. But, then during a dream, he is visited by angels, and is given the message that she is carrying a Divine Child, and that she didn’t betray him. He is to love and marry her, and care for them both, and he obeys his inner guidance. There is another message here, that all children are Divine, are of the One God. The idea is for the parents to spiritually prepare their consciousness prior to bringing forth a child into their lives. This conscious intent will draw forth a soul of a higher spiritual consciousness. Jesus later said, to call no man on earth your Father but the One God that is Father of all life. Mary and Joseph represent this spiritual union of the heart and mind. True wisdom comes from a connection with the heart. This union of Mary and Joseph brings forth the new child as Jesus. Jesus is the new Divine Pattern for all mankind - the awakened and fully integrated, and balanced, male and female energies of our Divine aspects. Jesus is in this world but not of it - he is consciously awake, and has a direct connection to the Father within. He is no longer hypnotized by this world of appearances. In our body, this is represented by both sides of the brain being utilized equally. The right side of the brain, controls the left portion of the body, and it is the visual, in receiving images, intuition, creative portion of the brain. While the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, and it is language, reading, analytical mental portion of the brain. Many believe that we are moving into a matriarchal world, a world dominated or controlled by women. We’ve been there, done that. Instead this is about women and men being equal, standing side by side; the male and female aspects being in perfect balance within and without. The real change is not so much in the outer world, although it will be reflected in our world of experience. Because its an inside out world. All change begins in consciousness, and then is revealed in the physical; our body and experiences. This new age, I call it the Age of the Heart - Mind, Brain, Heart connection. Mind, the Universal Mind of God, functioning through the heart and brain. The brain is an organ, a tool to execute commands given by the Universal Mind. The heart as an organ, has its own brain cells to be receptive to the higher intelligence. Some scientists say, that the brain cells of the heart are used in the development of the fetus prior to the organ of the brain being developed. So what’s next? Some say a giant leap in evolution. Some prophecies say the Pineal gland that is in the center of the brain, will flip. The Pineal gland represents wisdom, allows us to see our dreams, and clairvoyance. It has eye tissue - interesting what science is learning about our body. Some say that we will be able to see the 5th dimension that is here. We will perceive the world in a whole new way through spiritual vision. Since mankind began, the mental portion of the brain has been the focus of evolution. The last being the brain’s frontal lobe, of the reasoning mind. Continuing this evolution, there is to be a golden cord developed in mankind that makes a direct connection from the brain to the heart. This is part of mankind’s evolution. The shift, I believe, is about the heart energy. The turning of the focus of evolution from the brain to the heart. To balance the energies within us and our world. Will all of humanity one day magically awaken the heart energy or flip the Pineal gland? Or, are there steps for us to take to prepare us? Jesus gave the disciples steps to take, and many of which are in our Bible if rightly understood and followed. Evolving our heart requires: Daily silent communion with Divine Spirit, God, in prayer, meditation, contemplation; being loving or kind in our thoughts and speech; being self responsible, honest, non judgmental, and forgiving; being compassionate and caring through our actions in selfless service; praying for others including our enemies, and doing good to those that have harmed us. People quickly stop and question Jesus’ teaching to do good to those that have harmed us. It seems such a stretch, but when rightly understood about this being an inside out world. Then we would understand that our own thoughts and actions are attacking us; we first created in thought and then manifested in our world to experience. Actually there is only one self. That we are truly One in God. So who are we trying to punish or get even with, and what will that accomplish - only more suffering. When we serve selflessly, to do that which needs to be done, with nothing expected or desired in return, we are then truly serving God. Practice changing our thoughts from separation to oneness. Namaskar or Namaste, a Hindu word meaning “The divinity in me beholds the divinity in you.” are salutations in greeting one another. A similar practice is to greet the Christ within another, “The Christ in me greets the Christ in you.” Daily practices of silently blessing others; silently saying something as simple as “God bless you” to everyone you see, or think about. These are just small reminders of our oneness with each other. Also, to change our vocabulary. You did this to me, or you made me, the Adam and Eve blame syndrom. Instead to say something that starts with how you feel, such as “I feel hurt when...” Have you ever noticed how often the words “Them or those” are used for people that we are on opposing sides of an issue - a way of dehumanizing and separating. We have a song we sing, “There is only one of us, in your eyes its me I see. There is only one of us, You are my reflection. There is only one.” There are meditation practices to connect and expand the heart energy. One is visualizing the Divine Energy like an “L”, coming down through the top of the head, and out through the heart center and extending and expanding out into the world. There are chakra meditations for balancing and awakening the body’s energetic system. In the unifying chakra meditation we breathe love in through the heart; expanding our love energy to encompass our entire being. Also, we have the meditation of silence in deep communion with God within us, this too balances our chakras, and expands our consciousness. Then there is taking action; the golden rule, do to others as you would have them do to you. By doing compassionate acts as in being kind to someone in need. Surprising someone with a kind word, deed, or gift. Showing appreciation. Truly selfless actions. Forgiving others and our self; it is in forgiving that we are also forgiven. As in Jesus words, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” We can only give what we have within us. These are just a few examples, there are many ways to be and show our love. Let us close now by taking a few moments to extend our heart energy with the “L” exercise. Begin by taking in deep full breaths, and acknowledging the Divine Presence in every breath we breathe. We will now bring our focus to about 6 to 10 inches above our head. There is a golden ball of light, and now we will bring a shaft of this golden light down filling our head, and continues down through our throat. Next we bring this shaft of light down into our heart, breathe it in, and now as we exhale release this love to freely flow forth into the world, surrounding the entire planet, lifting the hearts and minds of all mankind, of all life, and breathe, and repeat. Thank You!

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