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Resurrection of the New Race

“Resurrection of the New Race” 4/28/02 by Rev. Christine Today I’m sharing some of my ideas and insights on the resurrection and ascension of the Christ as it means for us today. Beginning with the following Bible verses “Christ in you the hope of Glory,” Col. 1:27, in Matthew 5:14 “You are the Light of the world,”, and in 1 Corinthians 15:22 “For as in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” Jesus the Christ’s message was of a path to eternal life. I so believe that the crucifixion and resurrection was to show mankind that there truly was eternal life. But first we have to change our belief system to accommodate this new way of being. At the time of Jesus there was a belief that when you die you are immediately reborn – we call this reincarnation. This was a method to work out our karma – or misdeeds from the past life. Your life here on earth would eventually get better; finding yourself in a rich family and healthy body. Jesus message was very different for the times. He was speaking of a new kind of life that took you to new levels of beingness beyond the earthly realms which only a life of Spirit and body can bring. Jesus spoke of the many rooms in my Father’s mansion; this to me represents many states of consciousness, dimensions and universes. In the book of Matthew the part known as the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave instruction to assist a sincere disciple to reach the Christ consciousness, to fulfill the new mankind. Jesus was of the first fruits, a blueprint for all to follow. Here are some of the attributes or instruction of one born again of spirit: kind and helpful regardless of race, religion, or nationality; unconditional love; pray for your enemies; peaceful; gentle; wise; heal; manifest; listen to and follow inner guidance; humble; fearless; faithful; judge not, see beyond appearances – in this world but not of it. Its amazing that we have had these teachings for 2000 years and yet we still participate in fear, doubt, hate, war, judgement, conditional love, self serving, slavery to name just a few. Moses some 3000 years ago gave the 10 commandments, and these too are still broken daily by the masses. So it isn’t about time. I also believe that Moses in his 10 commandments was venturing for a new race consciousness, and those that followed were of this new mind. Unfortunately, it lost something when fear was introduced as a means to making one follow the rules – that just doesn’t work. And, we can see that today with our prisons so full of rule breakers. These kinds of changes have to come from the heart – truly born again in spirit – not out of fear of punishment, and banishment into hell. Today we have a new trend going on in the wake of a new race. It is called conscious evolution, and this I believe is what Jesus the Christ’s message was truly about. Mystery schools have been carrying down through the centuries transformative practices, as well as Eastern traditions and Shamanism. Our basic life up to now has been of a physical nature in birth, infant, child, youth, young adult, adult, old age and death. We can mark the years, the physical changes, and responsibilities for family. In early evolution, we extended our caring of family to include our community or tribe which later expanded to nation – which was done out of survival. Yet today our evolution continues, and it may too be out of survival, because what we have been doing just doesn’t work anymore. The earthly plane looks pretty insane, but is also what is pushing us forward to the next step in our unfolding consciousness. Great inventions came out of the need to solve a problem – there was a time that mankind worried about the extensive use of horses and their messes left behind; it was creating a health problem with disease in the cities. Then came the automobile which solved that problem, but now we are facing new problems – traffic, shortage of fuel, and smog to name a few. I’m sure that inventions will come forth to solve these too. But the real changes are inner changes, consciousness changes, and result in physical changes as well. I spoke of transformative practices which many adventurous souls are doing today. These are the new pioneers. New Thought pioneers began around the 1850s which lead to Divine Science and Unity pioneers in the 1880s, and many others since. Divine Science has a systematic teaching that assists one to developing their inner connection with God through affirmative prayer treatment, meditative practices, and prayer of silence. We also include Journaling, dream interpretation, gratitude, forgiveness, and service and giving to others. Which leads to a higher level of consciousness. This higher level of consciousness, also known as Christ consciousness, is more than outer practices, these are real inner changes which also affects the physical vibration. Scientists have more recently given notice to an electrical system that runs through the body; these are recognized as meridians. Beyond this is a spiritual body which was mentioned in the Book of Revelation as the 7 churches and candlesticks known as chakras which is an integral part of the Tree of Life mentioned in the book of Genesis. These are power centers when activated begin our next level of evolution. The core in activation is the purity of unconditional love and our unity in oneness. These Chakras raise our vibratory rate, the very frequency of our existence as we know it. As we rise in frequency we become aware of a very different world. One that is spiritual rather than physical where all is connected in consciousness. In 3rd Dimensional consciousness we are aware of our separateness – interesting that 3D films demonstrate for us how things pop out of a flat service which would be 2D reality. Just imagine if at an earlier evolution that we didn’t see in color, and that we may not of had our senses as we know them today. How different, blah, our life would have been. How limited our creative expressions would have been - like the early cave dwellers. Then how much greater will be our next step in experiencing life? My understanding is that we will experience our creations as extensions of our self, being consciously aware of our connectedness. Our consciousness is already connected to our worldly body – those things that we have created such as, our clothes, home, car and personal possessions. But, so far awareness sees them as separate forms from us, rather than as extensions that we are sustaining in consciousness – and giving life energy to them. Now just imagine for a moment that you can experience being that form. Something like experiencing a bite of watermelon – we can see its color, feel its texture, and taste its sweet juicy flavor. What we don’t see is how it merges with our body once swallowed. But now go in the reverse by merging within the piece of watermelon - being aware of its physical nature. Now go deeper within to the next level in placing ourselves as it were, in the very center of the molecules themselves; living among its atoms. This is known as the higher dimensions 5-7. At this level we will have risen in vibration to the point of atomic vibration. This moves us to the next level of where we actually blend with it, going through its experiences getting an experiential knowledge of an object. We feel just as it feels, we are able to sense its vibration, that is, the vibration that builds up the atom. We are now able to deal with the mental, astral, and physical atoms. Recent research has shown that neurogenesis; the creation of new brain cells in adults, does indeed happen, either to facilitate new kinds of functioning or to support the restoration of capacities lost by injury or disease. Some researchers today believe that transformative practices provide supernormal restructuring of the body, and might entail atomic molecular reformations that transform the look, feel and capacities of tissues and cells. If this is the case, there is no telling what bodily breakthroughs transformative practice might eventually produce. In Christian tradition we call this the glorified body. A spiritual body not limited by space and time.

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