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"Releasing What No Longer Serves" by Rev. Dr. Christine Emmerling 12/26/21 (text)

“Releasing What No Longer Serves”

by Rev. Christine 12/26/2021

Today is the last Sunday of 2021, and makes this a good time to look back at what we would like to release, and not carry forth into 2022. We will have a meditative exercise to release, and a healing prayer treatment to lift and transform into the light of Truth.

We have a tendency to carry our emotional baggage from our past into this day and then our tomorrow. What is this past baggage made of; to name a few: our choices we have called mistakes; our fears of the known and unknown; the labels we own; the people who have hurt us, and our own self limiting beliefs. When these are released we stop our punishing of self and others. This allows us to express our true self. This new freed up energy can now be used in a conscious way to enhance our life.

Have you ever faced a fear, and discovered how great you felt afterwards. Conquering our fears is freeing and empowering. Forgiving our self and others is so healing to the soul - truly grace. Letting go of those limiting beliefs and labels we have adopted allows us to explore talents, and things we never before thought possible, and be our true authentic self.

We will now begin our release exercise. Get comfortable, close your eyes, and free your imagination.

Imagine that you are standing in a room with four walls. Each wall is built with layers of bricks. The only way out is to tear down the walls brick by brick. Each brick represents a belief that limits your freedom. When we’re done today you may pick back up any brick you wish, but know that you will be consciously choosing to do so.

Imagine the first wall of bricks you’re facing is labeled with all of your worldly possession; your physical body with all its limitations and seeming imperfections, and your beliefs regarding our planet earth and all that is of physical matter - your home, furnishings, clothing, car, bank account. Release all that attaches you to this physical world for a world and body of Spirit, Divine Substance. Brick by brick, look and see the label on it, and release your attachments. We will take a few moments in silence....

You now realize that you are in this world but not of it; You forgive yourself for making gods out of this world of form... Now take a deep breath and exhale, and as you do watch all the bricks before you crumbling.

Next turn to the right to face the next wall built of bricks. These bricks are built with memories of guilt, shame, blame, and all failures and weaknesses. Forgiveness and love is the only way to break down these bricks. Now forgive your misperceptions of your worldly experiences of lack, illness, limitation, and of any attack and harmfulness that you ever occurred on anyone or anything. Also forgive everyone for everything that you believed hurt you.

Release all from your condemnation, and in return you are also released from any of their condemnation. You now forgive the world and break the spell of harmfulness. We will take a few moments in silence as we release.... You now watch all the bricks before you crumble down.

Now turn to the right, and face the next wall of bricks. These bricks are labeled with all your worries, stresses and fears of the future. They include your fears about money, career, health, relationships, worldly events, and all your insecurities.

You now realize that these are just your imaginings with no truth to sustain them. You forgive yourself for dreaming all these up and buying in to the dreams of other’s. We will take a few moments in silence.... Take a deep breath and exhale releasing all as you watch the bricks before you crumble down.

We now turn to the right, and face our last wall of bricks. This wall is built of all the labels of who you think you are, and how you are known in this world. The titles we use, such as mother, father, aunt, uncle, daughter, son, sister, brother, wife, husband, career, position at work, unemployed or retired are but roles that you have taken on, individual masks that you are known by and wear in this world.

Now release these labels, these false images for the true self - a soul of holy spirit. We will take a few moments in silence.... Take a deep breath, and watch the bricks crumble down before you.

Song: I Release What No Longer Serves Me. By Rev. Donna Michael

Now look around you with all the walls down. Now look up. There is no ceiling - it was all but an illusion held up by the four surrounding walls. Your true self is now free to soar as an eagle, and just be. Take a few moments now to experience your Divine free self...

We will now move into a prayer treatment: Let us begin to expand our consciousness of God: God is Mind filling all space... God is Spirit filling all space... God is Substance filling all space... God is Life filling all space... God is Love filling all space... God is Power filling all space... God is Intelligence filling all space... God is all filling all space, everywhere present.

There is no place where God is not, therefore there cannot be lack, imperfection, failure, illness or disharmony of any kind. The only lack is in our belief of duality as in evil verses good, fear verses love, ignorance verses wisdom, limitation verses abundance, weakness verses strength, sickness verses health, death verses life.

There is only one power, and that power is love, it is all goodness. All else is a non power for it is not of God. God is the only true power, and God is and appears as everything, all is Divinely good...

I no longer give power to appearances and false beliefs. I now go to the truth within, to the ever living presence within me. “I live; yet not I, but the Christ lives in me.” “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Through the living truth within me, right here and now, all false appearances fall way, My faith is made strong.

I now lift my mind to the heights of the Christ Consciousness. I now offer a cleansed consciousness for the activity of Spirit to live and move freely in and as my life.

I am a divine free agent of the universe, I am now free to claim my perfect body made in the image and likeness of God. I am now free to create my new world of experiences, and attract to me loved ones, friends, prosperity, and all that creates a purposeful and joyous life.

Now feel within your heart center a radiant light that acts like a magnet drawing forth from the universe of spirit to bring your desires into form, and say within: I am free to have, to live, and to be all that I came here to be. I am fulfilled, I am happy, I am blessed in every good way. Goodness now flows through me out into my world being a blessing to all.

I let this truth work in through and as me now making all necessary adjustments in my life... I have faith - unshakeable faith in the activity of the Divine Presence expressing in, through and as me... I am whole and complete in God right here and now. All is good!

I now lift this prayer unto Spirit realizing that this is also the truth of everyone everywhere. I praise my Divine Source from whom all blessings flow. I rejoice knowing that this prayer is already fulfilled in the Mind of God. I now gratefully accept my good in full measure. And, I give thanks for all the blessings received, and for those yet to come. I release this prayer in Spirit knowing it goes forth to bless everyone everywhere. So it is! Amen.

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