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Reading & Prayer Treatment by Rev. Christine Emmerling 11/29/2020

Opening Reading & Healing Prayer

Rev. Dr. Christine 11/29/2020

Divine Science Its Principle and Practice page 98

Healing goes much deeper than the getting rid of a particular illness or complaint. It is a process of whole-making, a process which is always at work within us if we will but recognize it and cooperate with it.

Infinite Intelligence has brought forth every soul filled with the fullness of its nature. As we think of this truth, we open our thought to receive not more – we have already received all – but to understand more and more of the truth of what we are. All Truth is. Seeing and knowing it are necessary to our joy and satisfaction. The more we think of it the better we see and know it. Divine Science teaches us that our natural state is health, and to be conscious of Truth is to be conscious of health.

False thinking with its consequent emotional disturbances manifests discord in the body. Sickness arises from thinking based upon sense testimony; it appears when thought becomes separated or alienated from the truth of Life’s wholeness and it is then that perplexity, duality, and anxiety work their havoc in soul and body. When some outer condition dominates our thinking, we lose sight of our spiritual nature and invite unpleasant experiences.

Healing consists of getting back into the right relation to Life, the original creative order. The purpose of Divine Science is to teach the individual so to think and live that he is ever conscious of the Presence which is unfailingly surrounding him, permeating his very being, and is the truth of his substance. When this consciousness is attained, health will be evident. The clearer the light of understanding, the greater the certainty of health. Better far is it to see steadily and be healthy because we are health, than to believe that we can be healed. To be health is more desirable than a healing.

Healing Prayer Treatment

Creator of all life, we call God, is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent; Infinite Presence, Infinite Life, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Power, Infinite Love, peace and harmony, and so much more. And, this I am, as God is expressing life in through and as my mind, body and soul. Whole holy perfect in every way.

How could it be otherwise? No matter what I call it, sickness, disease, or lack of any kind, is not the Truth of God, nor of its creation. What God didn’t create has no power of its own to do harm. My false thinking is powerless to Truth.

The Truth is, I am One in and of God. Therefore, I am whole, perfect and complete in every way. Goodness abounds in every aspect of my life. I am vibrant with life. I give thanks for this life to experience God’s love and to express God’s love in all I do and say. Life is good, so good to me. I accept these words of truth, and release this prayer knowing it is already fulfilled. Thanks be to God from whom all blessings flow. And, so it is. Amen.

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