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Reading & Prayer for Guidance by Rev. Christine Emmerling 11/1/20 (text)

Reading Divine Science and Healing

& Prayer for Guidance by Rev. Christine Emmerling, D.D., 11/1/2020

November 1st being All Saints Day is a day to acknowledge those people who lived by their faith and demonstrated a life of service. Today we include our spiritual teachers. I have chosen to acknowledge Malinda Cramer the founder of Divine Science.

Malinda had moved to San Francisco by recommendation of her doctors that the climate may be the answer to her health condition. After moving to San Francisco and found no relief, Malinda declared to her friends she was done with doctors. Shortly thereafter while in deep meditation and prayer she experienced a great light. Malinda now knew, if she was to be healed, it would be by Spirit. This began her healing and teaching. It was 1885.

The following is the original Statement of Being from her book Divine Science and Healing.

“There can be but one all. This all in all is God and God manifest. One is the number of unity. Unity is forever the state or nature of one.

God being Infinite, there is no finite. God is all of Being, creative action, and creation. ‘I and my Father are one.’

God is Spirit, all of Life, Love, Truth, Substance, Soul and Intelligence; all of Knowledge, all of Power, all of Presence. Like expresses like; hence, man is Spirit, life, love, truth, substance, soul, intelligence, knowledge, power and Presence, the exact image and likeness of God, co-eternal and co-equal with God.

Nothing can be manifested that is not before it is manifested. As God alone is, it is God who is manifested in an ever-present creation.

That which is begotten of Spirit is spirit. I am before I am manifested. Man is potential in God, and is expressor, co-worker and capable of doing God’s will, demonstrating the nature of Spirit.

Man is Being and existence, created in the image of God’s eternity and wholeness. There is one Spirit and one body. Individually, we are inseparable.” So it is.

“Prayer for Guidance”

I thought I’d share with you today a prayer for guidance, as so many people are still voting. This prayer is good for any decisions, or choices a person is about to make.

I invite you to relax and get comfortable. Close your eyes, going into your holy temple within, and begin some good deep breathing. Acknowledging the Holy Sacred Breath of God as every breath we breathe. Take these words within and embody for yourself.

From scripture Ephesians 4:6, “ One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.” Nona Brooks said, “God is everywhere, therefore God is here. What God is is everywhere, therefore what God is is here.”

Thus where ever I am the fullness of God is here now! I now see beyond the appearance of separation, and know that I am One with this Holy Divine Presence, and that I am an expression thereof. Just as everyone everywhere is also an expression of God.

Whatever I need to know comes from the Divine Presence within me. God knows the answer. As I open my mind and heart, I quietly listen, and become receptive for that still small voice within. The voice of guidance, of inspiration, of wisdom, of love and compassion. I recognize the lead which comes into my conscious reasoning mind. It is impossible for me to miss it.

I affirm the perfect answers are made known to me now. Infinite Intelligence and Divine wisdom make all decisions through me. There is only right action and right decision taking place in my life. I am truly guided in all I do.

I live life in full faith, confidence, and trust. I am grateful for the activity of God’s Divine plan unfolding into perfect expression as Divine Right Action and Outcome. I now let go and let God! I give thanks it is done. And so it is. Amen! We’ll now go into the silence...

I invite you to bring your attention back to your breathing. To stretch a little, moving your fingers and toes. Become fully conscious of your body and surroundings. Now bring your full attention back to this service.

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