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Reading & Oneness Meditation by Rev. Christine Emmerling 9/20/20 (text)

Reading & Meditation

by Rev. Christine 9/20/2020

I’m sharing with you today an excerpt from Mysteries by Nona Brooks on the Mystery of God: We are worshiping today a perfect God. Let us keep true to the ideal of perfection in every experience as well as in every thought. It is necessary to see perfection in process and in form, and not to weaken when we see imperfection, for there is no truth in it. Always ask yourself this question, “Is the difficulty in the condition, or is it in my seeing?” “I am looking upon that which is by nature perfect.” It is our responsibility to keep our vision true to what we know. The true vision reveals God-Life everywhere.

I look upon the desk in my study. It has served me well. I was trained to see my desk as something entirely different in substance from myself, and to think of matter and Spirit as separate and distinct. From this point of view I have called my desk lifeless.

It has always seemed to resist my touch; hence I have called it hard–a solid. I look at the desk, and I see with these two eyes an unbeautiful mass, dull, lifeless, static; I say to you, “This is inanimate matter.” In the old way of looking at the outer manifestations there is no connection between this desk and me, a living organism, except that subject to my will it serves me. Through this kind of thinking the misconception, duality, arose.

There comes to me new meaning in the words of Jesus, “According to your faith be it unto you.” Then, the proverb, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” I see my desk in a new light; I see the blade of grass by the wayside with new comprehension. Each is a center of motion, of intelligent activity in the great expanse of universal ether. I no longer perceive deadness but livingness, not matter subject to decay and death, but living substance radiant with the life-principle of universal activity. I see Life as God in action.

We shall now go into meditation. I invite you to get comfortable and begin with some good deep breathing; acknowledging God in every breath as alive, vital, intelligent, and pure love.

God Omnipresent, God Omnipotent, God Omniscient, God Omni-action. Yes, God everywhere present, God all powerful, God All knowledge, God all activity and life. There is only God and God in action. God the creator, God the Creating, God the creation.

Therefore, I am of God. I am a living expression of God; alive, intelligent, and perfect in everywhere. God is expressing in and through me this very moment. God is vitally alive in, through, and as me. Right here and now I am a perfect living expression of God.

I Am a perfect living expression of God Omnipresence. (Repeat 3x)

I am alive in God and God is alive in me. This Divine invisible presence is alive as the birds sing in the morning; as the trees sway in the wind; as the flowers open to the sunshine; as a child laughs and plays; as we smile or reach out to help another we are one; one in and of God. Our light, our love is one... (silence)

Thank you God, for these moments in communion – in Oneness. Amen.

I invite you to bring your attention back to your breath. Now to your body, you may want to wiggle your fingers and toes, and stretch a little. And, now we bring our full attention back to be fully present.

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