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Reading & Meditation (Wholeness) by Rev. Christine Emmerling 9/18/22 (text)

Reading & Meditation (Wholeness) by Rev. Christine Emmerling 9/18/2022

Today I’m sharing a reading from Divine Science and Healing by Malinda Cramer.

All visible things are Idea or Soul before they are expressed in form and this Idea is in Infinite mind, or this Soul is in Holy Spirit. For this reason, body always senses Divine harmony when thought, the instrument for expressing, pictures forth true Idea. Nothing but effect can be affected by Cause; the Thinker is above and beyond change – at-one with the Infinite source. This is Law, nor ever is it otherwise. This should do away with the sensitiveness beginners have upon hearing that their suffering is not real, but merely a belief; also, upon hearing that their suffering is the result of so-called evil thought or erroneous belief.

“Memory is the only friend that grief can call its own.” To let go of the past and live in the present, and in the Omnipresence of Spirit is to live in life. To let go of the belief of non-possession and acknowledge that all possibility is yours now, is to live in the fullness of Spirit – the Kingdom of Unity. Now is the eternal present within and about us. What we do not recognize as being present and claim as ours we do not enjoy. Then, claim health, power, knowledge, good—in short claim wholeness, that now are you complete in the Infinite Good; and you will enjoy it and have peace and rest. The living God is around you, above you and through you all; so, you are protected and shielded by the perfect Good at all times. This consciousness is above the plane of expression and knows no limitation. Acknowledge or recognize this Truth and it will make you happy and free…

You being the Thinker of true thoughts, can change your way of believing and believe yourself Divine, a son or daughter of God, and that your life is God. Then, think of your life as perfect, unlimited and unending; there is but One Life. This is Truth, that to know, makes free and brings peace that passes understanding. This knowledge is perfect seeing and hearing – the full-grown tree of life consciously being lived.

Meditation - Wholeness

We shall now move into meditation. I invite you to close your eyes as you go inward to your Holy Temple. Bring your attention to your breath, breathing slowly and deeply. With each breath quieting our thoughts, as we go deeper within.

We shall now expand our awareness of truth. God, this living Spirit is all, is everywhere, and is individualized living through me. I am a perfect Idea, the Word expressed is spirit as mind, soul and body.

My very nature and being is Spirit, is God; infinite light, infinite love, infinite life, infinite goodness. I claim my At-One-Ment; I am good, loving, intelligent, wise, creative, whole. This living body is a perfect expression of God’s life, love, and light. Every cell is unified, and made manifest as whole, complete and perfect to its true Idea.

I am whole and complete in God. (repeat)

God’s Wholeness is everywhere present, and is the life that expresses as the tiniest proton, molecule of life to the vast dark space and the bright light of our universe. From our chest beating to the pulsing of our sun; an ocean wave rising and resting; trees growing and leaves falling; sunrise and sunset; one great heartbeat of life – I Am… Let us rest in the silence.

As we move out of the silence let us be in gratitude for these conscious moments of Oneness. Thank you Divine Presence the living I Am. Amen!

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