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Reading & Meditation (Transcendent) by Rev. Christine Emmerling (text)

A Transcendent Treatment (Jeffrey) & Meditation 11/20/2022 Rev. Christine

As this is the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving Day, I’ve selected a poem to read by Elizabeth S. Lamb titled “The Giving of Thanks.”

Oh, let the giving of thanks

Flow out with every breath,

Well up again with every

Beat of your heart’s beating!

So is released the tension,

The bitter burden of discord,

The cruel colors of failure.

Give thanks, give thanks!

There comes, in release,

The melody of forgiveness

and then a deep breath

That heralds rebirth of life.

And there comes a new joy

That flows out into living

In a fresh creativity

That bless and that heals

In ever-widening circles.

Oh, let the giving of thanks

Become your way of life --

Today, tomorrow, for all days

And in a multiplicity of ways.

As our meditation this morning I’ve selected one of my favorites to share by H. B. Jeffrey titled “A Transcendent Treatment.” I invite you to get comfortable, close your eyes, and begin to breathe fully and deeply, and take every word and except for yourself.

Beloved of God – greeting!

In my integrity within me, where I know and see as God, I know

and see you, O Beloved, to be free, wise, immortal!

I see you unfettered and unbound! Triumphant! Glorious!


I see you unburdened of human belief in limitation, unweighted of


I see you unharassed, unharmed, undiseased, sparkling, buoyant!

I see you staunch! Sturdy! Forceful! Powerful! Divine!

I see your eye lit with fire from on high!

I see your tongue tipped with inborn celestial instinction!

I behold you bright! Joyous! Radiant!

I see you undaunted! Victorious!

I see you spotless! Chaste! Beautiful!

I see you deathless! Abiding! Sempiternal!

I see you flawless! Fearless! Transcending yourself and all your

affairs – uninfluenced! Independent!

I see you smiling! Sound! Sane! Strong!

I see you to be the mighty Son of God, Brother of Jesus Christ,

and Joint-Heir of the Father to the Kingdom!

I see you alive with God and upheld by His free Spirit forever!

All the world sees you as I see you, now and evermore!

Let us move into the silence...

Thank you, Infinite Spirit, for this expanded awareness of life – the I Am that I Am. Amen!

Let us bring our attention back to our breath, our body. You may want to stretch a little. Become fully present in the here and now and open your eyes.

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