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Reading & Meditation (Transcendence) by Rev. Christine Emmerling 7/3/22 (text)

Reading & Meditation (Transcendence)

By Rev. Christine Emmerling 7/3/22

Today I’ve selected to reading for you by H.B. Jeffery titled “A Transcendent Treatment.” As I read this know that the divine in me is speaking to the divine in you. I invite you to close your eyes and take it in.

Beloved of God – greeting!

In my integrity within me, where I know and see as God, I know and see you, O Beloved, to be free, wise, immortal.

I see you unfettered and unbound! Triumphant! Glorious! Splendid!

I see you unburdened to human belief in limitation, unweighted of matter!

I see you unharassed, unharmed, undiseased, sparkling, buoyant!

I see you staunch! Sturdy! Forceful! Powerful! Divine!

I see your eye lit with fire from on high!

I see your tongue tipped with inborn celestial instinction!

I behold you bright! Joyous! Radiant!

I see you undaunted! Victorious!

I see you spotless! Chaste! Beautiful!

I see you deathless! Abiding! Sempiternal!

I see you flawless! Fearless! Transcending yourself and all your affairs – uninfluenced! Independent!

I see you smiling! Sound! Sane! Strong!

I see you to be the mighty Son of God, Brother of Jesus Christ, and Joint-Heir of the Father to the Kingdom!

I see you alive with God and upheld by His free Spirit forever!

All the world see you as I see you, now and evermore! Amen!


We will now move into meditation.

Omnipresence! Omnipotence! Omniscience! Omni-Action! All descriptions of what we call God. God is right here and everywhere present. God is all powerful and is everywhere present. God is all intelligence and is everywhere present. God is the only action and is everywhere present. This Everywhere Presence is intelligence, goodness and love. This Divine Presence is Infinite Spirit; It is Spirit as substance - as matter; It is invisible and visible; it is alive in this very moment and every moment. All there is, is God and God in action -- pure goodness, all powerful love, all perfect creation.

I am at-one with this eternal, everywhere Presence of love, intelligence and goodness. Just as a drop of water is at-one with the ocean.

I am the beloved of God! (Repeat)

I am free to be as I was created to be. I am deathless! I am flawless! I am strong! I am healthy! I am wise! I am joyous! I am loving! I am kind! I am generous! I am prosperous! I am powerful! I am gentle! I am creative! I am victorious! I am peaceful! I am the beloved of God! (Silence)

As we bring our attention back, let us be in gratitude for these moments in silent at-one-ment. My beloved I thank you. So it is, Amen!

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