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Reading & Meditation (Power) by Rev. Dr. Christine Emmerling (text)

Reading & Meditation (Power) by Rev. Christine 1/2/2022

Today’s reading is from “The Cosmic Mind Within You” by Joseph Murphy, a Divine Science Minister.

You will be given courage, faith, and hope when you realize that you are a medium for the transmission of the Cosmic Power of God. Paul said: There is no power but of God: the power that be are ordained of God. (Romans 13:1)

For example, atomic power is of God; man may use it any way he wishes. Electrical energy is of god. The mighty gusts of wind represent the power of God. The power that turns the earth on its axis and moves the planets and the galaxies in space–all these mirror the Cosmic Power.

You are one with this Infinite Power, and you can contact It through your thought. God indwells you, walks and talks in you, and is the very life of you. Acknowledge this Power, unite with this Presence and become this moment a potential transmitter of wisdom, power, love, light, and truth.

Don’t ever say, “I can’t overcome these difficulties. I can’t rise above this problem or challenge.” Actually, what you are saying is that God can’t meet the problem or reveal the solution, which is atheism and a denial of Omnipotence.

Affirm boldly: I can do all things through the Cosmic Power which responds to me and strengthens me in all ways. Wonders will happen in your life.


Now let us go into meditation. Get comfortable, close your eyes as you turn your attention inward. Take in some good deep breaths as you go deeper within.

God is the only true power of this universe, earth and all life including mine. We can call it Cosmic Mind, Omnipotence. It doesn’t matter what I call It. It is what I know of It, and my relationship to It that matters. It is Creator and Source of all that is. This invisible Substance is of everything invisible and visible. It is a living intelligence of pure light and pure love that knows all and is all.

I am one with this infinite Cosmic Power of light and love. (Repeat)

God as my source is the life that I am. God is the life of our planet earth and all that resides within, upon, and extending out throughout our universe, every dimension, and beyond all concept of space. And, I am one with it all; both invisible Spirit and as visible Spirit Substance. All is life, for all is God and God is life, and God is my life. I am one with this Divine Infinite Consciousness. I am now receptive as I quietly listen to this soft inner voice; be still and know... (silence)

I give thanks for these moments in silent communion, and for all that has been received. Thank you God! Amen.

I invite to bring your attention back to your breathing, to your surrounds, and you may want to stretch a little.

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