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Reading & Meditation - Power by Rev. Christine 8/1/21

Reading & Meditation - Power by Rev. Christine 8/1/21

I was inspired by the 2020 Olympics in my selecting of this reading for you today by Nona Brooks from the Divine Science Studies volume II.

Affirmation: I play the game of life with courage and joy.

I like the expression “The game of life.” I wish we accepted life in that spirit – as a wonderful, interesting game, a game to be played earnestly but joyfully.

However, there is a real difference between ordinary games and this game of life. In the game of life there is no playing “against” others; there is only cooperation, only togetherness. Everyone who is playing fairly is helping the others to play their best too. There exists here no one-person-champion. And there is no possibility of losing the game. Every person who learns how to play, wins.

To be sure, there are many hurdles and high jumps and pitfalls along the path of progress, but they come one at a time and they are not hard to meet if we are in good form. As we meet each obstacle with courage, we gain wisdom and power. The game becomes more alive, more dynamic, more fascinating. The joy of living increases with each victory.

But however great the satisfaction of outer attainment, the blessedness of inner consciousness of God’s presence is far greater. Oh, the wonder of being, of living, of doing, in this illumination!

“Truly I am full of power by the spirit of the Lord.” Micah 3:8

Meditation: Power

Let us move into meditation. I invite us to take a few deep breaths, relax, close our eyes, and quiet our thoughts as we go inward.

Omnipotence, God as the one and only power that is everywhere present. This true power of God is unconditional, compassionate Love. All creation is empowered by God’s love. I am one, in and of God, therefore God is the source of my life. My soul, my spirit is the power of God’s love within, and as the very life I am. My life is an expression of God’s all powerful love. Every desire is an expression of love. Every inspired thought is of love. Every action is empowered by love.

My entire life is guided by the power of God’s love, God’s goodness, and God’s best for me... (repeat)

This same powerful love is the source of all creation both visible and invisible. From the moment an idea, an endeavor is conceived it is nurtured in a womb of consciousness fully established in love and joy. Every challenge is an opportunity to bring forth new life, new ideas, new ways to express the power of love. All creation is of this powerful all sustaining activity of love unfolding its joy into expression. I am the creative, joyous, activity of God in expression. Let us move into silence...

My heart is full, overflowing with gratitude for these moments in recognition of Truth. And so it is.

Let us bring our attention back to our breath, to our body and stretch a little, and open our eyes.

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